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Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Media Marketing strategy explained for Facebook 2012

July 7, 2011 in Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing tools

Mark Zuckerberg provided Social Media Marketing 2012 strategy to social media optimizers in 2012. Mark Zuckerberg formula is C *2^X which states that any information or link on facebook could be shared more than 1 million times. Where C represents constant and X number of times shared.

Social Media Marketing Example for Mark Zuckerberg formula
This social data of sharing seems weared but think of a social data shared on facebook of your profile with 2000 friends.

You shared a link on your news feed with 2000 friends
say 1200 friends viewd it and 150 friends liked it or commented on it.

150 might have 500 connections and 60% of their facebook connection viewed

= 150*300= 45000 views

This link is again shared and copied, lets say 10 times. So this whole Social Media calculation theory will repeat again and again. So this calculation could easily reach 1 million people, only if you have shared right link on your news feed, group or Facebook page.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Media Marketing formula is a reality and provided a new ¬†Social Media Marketing strategy for 2012.¬† Just imagine of free

Social Media Marketing theory

Mark Zuckerberg's Social Media Marketing theory

marketing oppurtunities on social media rather spending time and money on paid marketing which do not guarantee results. Social Media Marketing is free and very effective for increasing online sales 2012 and building reputation.

People tend to purchase new products and services after getting recommendations.