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Cisco Security Wheel | CCIE Security Training

August 8, 2012 in CCIE Free Training

Cisco defines a Security Wheel concept that outlines the critical steps to ensuring that data and networks are secured correctly. The Security Wheel revolves around a strong, well-defined corporate policy. The Security Wheel consists of the following:
•    Secure —After defining a strong corporate policy, you should secure your network by deploying the products necessary in the appropriate places to achieve your corporate    [ security goals.
•    Monitor and respond —Continuously monitor using NetRanger tools at strategic points in the network to discover new vulnerabilities.
•    Test On a regular and formal basis, test all network components.
•    Manage and improve Analyze all the reports and metrics supplied by NetSonar and continue to cycle through the Security Wheel by going through all these steps continuously.
Figure 6-6 displays the Cisco Security Wheel graphically

Cisco Security Wheel