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Zynga Ready with Google Plus Games, Google plus game features

July 18, 2011 in Google Plus

Zynga is ready with Google Plus Games. Google plus’s social game “Ocean Plus” is ready to be launched by Zynga. This Google plus’s first game “Ocean Plus” is about creating home for fishes under water and feeding them.

Google plus’s first game is equipped with all social game feature to connect users. the main feature of Google Plus social gaming can be seen with graphic card which are going to provide you 3D effects.

Google plus game features

“Ocean Plus” is Google plus game to feed fishes and their family. The most healthy fish will be awarded recognition on Zynga and Google plus gamer will be featured as leader on game on Google Plus gaming zone. The best performer on Google plus games will be also awarded with prize which is not disclosed now.

Google Plus Games, Google plus game features

Google Plus's first social Games

Hope game lovers will enjoy gaming experience on Google Plus Game zone.

Games for google plus, Google plus social games

July 9, 2011 in Google plus +1 vs Facebook

Games for google plus are equipped with for social games features. Google plus social games are also available in 3D Technology which gives google plus gamers a live experience of google plus games.


Games for google plus can be shared with users and can be passed to other users if you are not able to clear one stage. Google plus gamers would need help of google plus users to complete games.   Free Download Google Plus Android Apps


Scores of google plus games would be shared between users. Really google plus social games have killer features with 3D technology and graphic card support. Google Plus social games application are ready to kill other online games. There are lost and lots of top games on google plus which would take gamers to next level.


Google has not compromised on quality of games on google plus social network. These are really top class games which will involve and allow a better social games interaction between google plus game players.

Google plus games, Best google plus games, Google plus social games

July 9, 2011 in Google plus +1 vs Facebook

Google plus games are far better than its social network competitor facebook. Google plus games are multiplayer games with all social game features. Games for google plus are 3D games with latest graphic technology to give users better experience.


Best Google plus games list are


1. Age of Armor

2. Allods Online

3. Dragon Fable              Free Download Google Plus Android Apps

4. Dragon Nest

5. Need for speed

6. Black and white

7. Dreamland Online

8. City Creator

9. Empire Craft

10. FreeWorld


These are top 10 games for google plus and games lover would find a far better experience while playing games on google plus.