What are Mutual Funds- Types of Mutual Funds in India, Examples of Mutual Funds, Investment Procedure of Mutual Funds in India

May 29, 2012 in Financial Services

A Mutual fund is an institutional device through which the investors pool their funds to invest in a diversified investment portfolio. This gives them the benefit of spreading and reducing risks. Mutual funds can be classified into three categories i) Open-end mutual Funds ii) Close-end Mutual Funds iii) Interval or Mixed Mutual Funds

What are Mutual Funds, Mutual Fund Returns, Mutual Funds India

Types of Mutual Fund in India

Open-ended mutual Funds

In case of Open-ended mutual funds, the fund itself is ready to buy back the shares surrendered and sell new shares. Thus there is no fix number of outstanding shares. Ordinarily, the transaction of purchase or sale is made at the net assets value calculated every now and then. The repurchase price is usually slightly lower than the selling price. The net assets value of the mutual finds increase or decreases depending upon the performance of securities in the portfolio of the mutual fund. Most of the mutual funds started by the commercial banks in India in this category.

Close-ended Mutual Funds

In case of close-ended mutual funds, the mutual fund management sells a limited number of shares. It does not stand ready to redeem or re-purchase these shares. Primary example of close-end mutual fund is UTI’s master-share. The shares of close-end mutual fund are purchased and sold in the secondary markets.

Interval or Mixed Mutual Funds

Interval Mutual Funds or Mixed Mutual Funds are those mutual funds that is mix of Open-end mutual Funds and Close-end Mutual Funds. Interval Mutual Funds have mix features and characteristics of Open-end mutual Funds and Close-end Mutual Funds.

Types of Mutual Fund in India, Kinds of Mutual Fund, Open-end mututal Funds, Close-end Mutual Funds, Interval or Mixed Mutual Funds

Types of Mutual Fund in India

Examples of Mutual Funds

Several Commercial banks in India have recently entered into the field of mutual funds viz. SBI Mutual Fund-Magnum, Canshare of Indian Bank, BOI Mutual fund of Canara Bank, Swarnpushpa Mutual Fund of Indian Bank, etc. Besides UTI, GIC, Life Insurance Corporation of India have also entered this area. Some other banks are also likely to enter this market.

Investment Procedure in Mutual Funds India

The investment procedure in Mutual Funds India is very simple.
1. Investors Pool their money with Fund Manager (Mutual Funds Company in India)
2. Fund Manager of Mutual Fund company in India invests in securities
3. Investment in Security generates returns which is passed back to Investors after deducting mutual fund manager investment fee and fund management fee

Investment Procedure in Mutual Funds India, how to invest in mutual funds

Investment Procedure in Mutual Funds India

IBPS po result dec 2011 is declared now and ibps cut off marks for Clerks and PO is 151

February 23, 2012 in Bank Examination

IBPS po result dec 2011 is declared now by IBPS CWE exam governing body. The result of IBPS PO bank exam result is out and now available on IBPS official result website. IBPS po result was much awaited and we can expect fast ibps po result declaration in future and IBPS cut off marks for clerks is expected to be around 151 marks. Click link below to know your IBPS bank exam result for PO and clerical posts.
To know your IBPS result, IBPS CWE exam candidates need to know their IBPS exam registration number or IBPS Roll No along with Password or Date of birth.

IBPS cut off marks for clerks is high due to very tough competition in 2011. IBPS Result was much awaited and it will fulfill hope of candidates looking for IBPS clerical bank exam. IBPS po result out, ibps clerk exam result date and ibps clerk exam result was most searched term on Google India since early 2012 but finally much awaited ibps result of po is declared now.

SEO 2012 Advanced Keyword Research Strategies for New Web-Page and Existing Web-Page 2012

February 20, 2012 in Search Engine Optimization 2012

How to do keyword research for SEO to get most of revenue is possible with only Advanced Keyword Research Strategies for New Web-Page and Existing Web-Page in 2012. Search engine optimization in 2012 is certainly cannot be effective if SEO expert focus on non-related or non-competitive keywords. Seo 2012 can certainly be very easy and effective with advance keyword strategies for both new and existing web-pages. Here is Step by Step SEO advance keyword research guide to make most out of your spending

Advanced Keyword Research SEO Guide

Following are steps for advanced SEO keyword research for new and existing website or webpage

1. Published Pages- Check all published pages by Google site operator ie site:domain.com. For advance keyword research it is important to check all existing published pages crawled by Google crawler or spider. Best steps to begin SEO keyword research would

a) Monitor Google Analytics to determine pages that are rising, falling and holding their own. Make Archive of Pages and Traffic Ratings of all existing website page in excel spreadsheet to monitor which pages are making most on Google and other search engines.

b) Combine Traffic, Term and Coverage scores to improve score

c) SEO content coverage analysis – What content is covered for SEO by search engine and google is again very important to do SEO and advanced keyword research. (SEO content coverage analysis can be controlled to certain extent by Meta Descriptions)

d) Re-Scored Page list and ranking- We would recommend to recheck above Keyword Analysis after a period of 20 days.

Advanced Keyword Research,  Advanced Keyword Research Strategies,  Step by Step SEO advance keyword research, Best Keyword tool SEO 2012,  Effective advance keyword strategy

SEO 2012 Advanced Keyword Research Strategies

2. Monitor Customer Site Text Data to Find New terms or names- On-Page SEO is certainly very effective when keywords are added as per data available on

a) Comparison with current pages to determine overlap of SEO and keywords

b) SEO term analysis- It is very important to analyze SEO term on search engine and Website Internal Pages

c) SEO content coverage analysis- How much SEO text covers the content given on client’s website is again very important to rank high on search results.

d) Re-Scored Page list and ranking- Record score or position of web-page after period of 20 days.

3. Updated Consumer Multimedia collection- Multimedia collection is key to rank on top search results. Multimedia SEO analysis includes Images, Videos, MP3, Files and other related content. Add keywords, description and alt text to all sorts of multimedia available on website.

4. Query Lists Internal Google, Web- Collect all results from above three methods and record them in Excel Spreadsheet to generate Keyword report and Keyword Position on Google and other search engine.

5. Name Lists- Research for synonyms of keyword and add them to website content and meta description. The best way to do keyword synonym research is adding (~) to term and search in google. Example synonym keyword research on Google ~woman

Synonym keyword research will give results for above query

woman, wife, female

6. Editorial List- Make a list of edits that have to made on existing website page or new website page in order to overcome any keyword overlap, over optimization of keywords and keyword spamming issues.

There is no such way to determine potential and effective advance keyword strategy without deep and longer research. No SEO expert is exactly sure of which potential keyword will rank on search engine, only after advance and deep analysis of SEO keywords can lead to success.

Best Keyword tool SEO 2012 are

1. Google

2. MSN

3. Google Trends 

4. Twitter Trends

5. Facebook Lexicon

6. SEMrush

IBPS Admit Card 2012 download for specialist officers & Download ibps challan form 2012

January 24, 2012 in Bank Examination

IBPS Challan form 2012 for specialist officer and IBPS Admit Card 2012 is now available and you can download IBPS specialist officer challan from here. IBPS clerk exam 2011 challan form is also now available, both IBPS specialist officers and IBPS Clerical exams have same challan which is now available. There is same ibps challan for clerk 2012 and ibps specialist officer challan form. IBPS CBS Challan form is divided into two copies, first copy of IBPS CBS Challan form is for bank where fee is deposited and other copy of IBPS CBS Challan form is for candidate who is applying for clerical exams or IBPS Specialist officer exam 2012.

IBPS CBS Challan can be deposited at one of the following Banks
1. Bank of Baroda
2. United Bank of India
3. Bank of India
4. Indian Overseas Bank
5. Central Bank of India
6. Punjab National Bank

IBPS CBS Challan form fees is Rs. 450 for General Candidate and for SC & ST IBPS challan fees is Rs. 50. IBPS Admit Card 2012 is also your IBPS CBS Challan form which is essential to carry at time of IBPS written Test. IBPS Admit Card 2012 and IBPS Roll no 2012 is your REGISTRATION NO (Online application) and IBPS Challan Candidate copy which is essential to carry for IBPS bank Exam. IBPS challan for clerical exam and IBPS specialist officer challan form are same & you can download it from

ibps challan for clerical exam, Download ibps challan form 2012 , ibps challan for clerk 2012, ibps specialist officer challan form, IBPS Roll No 2012

Click to enlarge full size of IBPS CBS Challan Form

Step by Step procedure to apply for IBPS Bank Exam after Download ibps challan form 2012

1. IBPS exam applicants have to apply online on http://ibps.in/html/CWE_SPL.htm
2. Fill all details about IBPS applicant on website
3. Attach and upload all scanned documents such as a) Color Photograph b) Signature
Note- Only Color Photograph is allowed for IBPS bank exam form Size between (20kb to 50kb) and Signature must be only with Black pen of Size between (10kb to 20kb)
4. Take printout of IBPS Aplication Invoice form

5. IBPS exam result will be declared on May 2012
In case if you have lost IBPS admit card you can get detailed about IBPS registeration number from

Website category lookup for Keyword Targeting and SEO by google website categories list

January 21, 2012 in List of google website category

Website category lookup is helpful for SEO experts can master keyword target for both initial stage SEO and advance stage SEO through google website categories. Google crawler identifies website into different categories such as Business, Finance, Search engine and other categories during its crawling process through a set of links which helps in identfication of website categories.

Website category lookup, website categories list, different categories of websites, categories of websites, what are the categories of websites, Keyword Targeting, major categories of websites, websites categories list, business categories, most popular websites categories, website subcategories, website categories check, website categories in websense

Website Categories by Google

List of website categories by Google

Main website categories by Google are bold and website subcategories of google are under them

Arts & Entertainment- Celebrities & Entertainment, NewsComics & Animation, Entertainment Industry, Events & Listings, Fun & Trivia, Humor, Movies, Music & Audio, Offbeat, Online Media, Performing Arts, TV & Video, Visual Art & Design

Autos & Vehicles- Bicycles & Accessories, Boats & Watercraft, Campers & RVs, Classic Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Custom & Performance Vehicles, Hybrid & Alternative Vehicles, Microcars & City Cars, Motorcycles, Off-Road Vehicles, Personal Aircraft, Scooters & Mopeds, Trucks & SUVs, Vehicle Brands, Vehicle Licensing & Registration, Vehicle Maintenance, Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Vehicle Shopping, Vehicle Shows

Beauty & Fitness- Beauty Pageants, Body Art, Cosmetic Procedures, Cosmetology & Beauty Professionals, Face & Body Care, Fashion & Style, Fitness, Hair Care, Spas & Beauty Services, Weight Loss

Books & Literature- Book Retailers, Children’s Literature, E-Books, Fan Fiction, Literary, Classics, Magazines, Poetry, Writers Resources

Business & Industrial- Advertising & Marketing, Aerospace & Defense, Agriculture & Forestry, Automotive Industry, Business Education, Business Finance, Business Operations, Business Services, Chemicals Industry, Construction & Maintenance, Energy & Utilities, Hospitality Industry, Industrial Materials & Equipment, Manufacturing, Metals & Mining, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, Printing & Publishing, Professional & Trade Associations, Retail Trade, Small Business, Textiles & Nonwovens, Transportation & Logistics

Computers & Electronics- CAD & CAM, Computer Hardware, Computer Security, Consumer Electronics, Electronics & Electrical, Enterprise Technology, Networking, Programming, Software

Finance- Accounting & Auditing, Banking, Credit & Lending, Currencies & Foreign Exchange, Financial Planning, Grants & Financial Assistance, Insurance, Investing, Retirement & Pension

Food & Drink- Candy & Sweets, Cooking & Recipes, Culinary Training, Grocery & Food Retailers, Non-Alcoholic, Beverages, Restaurants

Games- Arcade & Coin-Op Games, Board Games, Card Games, Computer & Video Games, Family-Oriented Games & Activities, Online GamesParty Games, Puzzles & Brainteasers, Roleplaying Games, Table Games

Health- Aging & Geriatrics, Alternative & Natural Medicine, Health Conditions, Health Education & Medical Training, Health Foundations & Medical Research, Medical Devices & Equipment, Medical Facilities & Services, Medical Literature & Resources, Men’s Health, Mental Health, Nursing, Nutrition, Oral & Dental Care, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Public Health, Reproductive Health, Substance Abuse, Vision Care, Women’s Health

Hobbies & Leisure- Clubs & Organizations, Contests, Awards & Prizes, Crafts, Outdoors, Paintball, Radio Control & Modeling, Recreational Aviation, Special Occasions, Water Activities

Home & Garden- Bed & Bath, Domestic Services, Gardening & Landscaping, HVAC & Climate Control, Home Appliances, Home Furnishings, Home Improvement, Home Storage & Shelving, Homemaking & Interior Decor, Kitchen & Dining, Laundry, Nursery & Playroom, Pest Control, Swimming Pools & Spas, Yard & Patio

Internet & Telecom- Communications Equipment, Radio Equipment, Email & Messaging, Text & Instant Messaging, Voice & Video Chat, Mobile & Wireless, Mobile & Wireless Accessories, Mobile Apps & Add-Ons, Mobile Phones, Search Engines, Service Providers, Cable & Satellite Providers, ISPs, Phone Service Providers, Teleconferencing, Web Apps & Online Tools, Web Portals, Web Services

Jobs & Education- Education, Jobs

Law & Government- Government, Legal, Military, Public Safety, Social Services

News- Broadcast & Network News, Business News, Gossip & Tabloid News, Health News, Journalism & News Industry, Local News, Newspapers, Politics, Sports News, Technology News, Weather, World News

Online Communities- Blogging Resources & Services, Dating & Personals, File Sharing & Hosting, Forum & Chat Providers, Online Goodies, Online Journals & Personal Sites, Photo & Video Sharing, Social Networks, Virtual Worlds

People & Society- Disabled & Special Needs, Ethnic & Identity Groups, Family & Relationships, Men’s Interests, Religion & Belief, Seniors & Retirement, Social Issues & Advocacy, Social Sciences, Subcultures & Niche Interests, Women’s Interests

Pets & Animals- Animal Products & Services, Pets, Wildlife

Real Estate- Apartments & Residential Rentals, Commercial & Investment Real Estate, Property Development, Property Inspections & Appraisals, Property Management, Real Estate Agencies, Real Estate Listings, Timeshares & Vacation Properties

Reference- Directories & Listings, General Reference, Geographic Reference, Humanities, Language Resources, Libraries & Museums, Technical Reference

Science- Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Ecology & Environment, Engineering & Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Scientific Equipment, Scientific Institutions

Shopping- Antiques & Collectibles, Apparel, Auctions, Classifieds, Consumer Resources, Entertainment Media, Gifts & Special Event Items, Luxury Goods, Mass Merchants & Department Stores, Photo & Video Services, Shopping Portals & Search Engines, Swap Meets & Outdoor Markets, Toys, Wholesalers & Liquidators

Sports- College Sports, Combat Sports, Extreme Sports, Fantasy Sports, Individual Sports, Motor Sports, Sporting Goods, Sports Coaching & Training, Team Sports, Water Sports, Winter Sports, World Sports Competitions

Travel- Air Travel, Bus & Rail, Car Rental & Taxi Services, Carpooling & Ridesharing, Cruises & Charters, Hotels & Accommodations, Luggage & Travel Accessories, Specialty Travel, Tourist Destinations, Travel Agencies & Services, Travel Guides & Travelogues

World Localities- Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Polar Regions


Key factors helpful in identifying website categories by search engines are

1. Content Management Services- Several content management systems such as wordpress, pligg, joomla, drupal also aids in identification of website categories.

2. Website Template or Website Design- Website design is one of key factor in determining website category.

3. Code Language- Language also indicates website category to search engine.

4. User location and IP Address- It is also sign of website category

5. Frequency of Visit- Frequency of visit on particular website for certain set of keywords also helps in identfication of website category.

6. Set of Keywords on homepage- Keywords on any website indicate what website is about such as “arthritis cure” for website cure2arthritis.com

7. Meta Title and Meta Description- Meta data is one of the prime factors which determines category of website for search engine like google.

8. Login and Web 2.0- Login information and web 2.0 also factors which helps in identfying what are the categories of websites.

What people search for website categories

website categories list

different categories of websites

categories of websites

what are the categories of websites

major categories of websites

websites categories list

most popular websites categories

website subcategories

website categories check

website categories in websense

Rtu mba previous year question papers 3rd Semester- Advertising Management

January 17, 2012 in MBA previous year papers

Rtu mba previous year question papers of 3rd Semester- Advertising Management. RTU MBA 3rd sem paper consists of two sections- Section A and Section B. Student has to attempt 4 questions from section A and 1 question from Section B (Section B is compulsary)
Section A
1. What are elements of promtional mix? Compare FCB model with AIDAS model and crticially evaluate them.
2. Explain the steps involved in advertising planning process using some hypothetical example.
3. Explain the different types of advertising apppeals and formats. Elucidate them with examples.
4. Write Short Notes on
a) Political Advertising
b) Cyber Advertising
c) Television Advertising
d) Transit Advertising
5. What do you mean by advertising effectiveness? Explain pre and post campaign measures to evaluate effectivesness.
6. “Spending on advertising is like searching for a black cat  in a dark rooom where the cat exist or not, you many not know”. Crtically evaluate the statement.

7. Read the case study of Amul Advertising Campaign given below and answers the questions:

Rtu mba previous year question papers, 3rd Semester mba previous year question papers, Advertising Management previous year question papers, Advertising Management MBA case study, Advertising Management case study, Advertising Management Amul case study

Advertising Management MBA question paper

Related Keywords to find Rtu mba previous year question papers are

Rtu mba previous year question papers,

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Advertising Management case study,

Advertising Management Amul case study

http to https, How slow uploading speed of https will affect Search algorithm Google 2012

December 16, 2011 in Learn SEO

For SEO 2012, can you consider https or SSL certificate when Google has focus on fast uploading speed of website? Since https or secured SSL certificate is known for slow uploading speed will secure certificate it is important to know effect of https on search algorithm of Google in 2012. Switching from http to https secure mode is certainly a question for any SEO strategist in 2012.

If your SEO expert tells you that “Google will penalize your website if you have switched from http to much more secured https”, than he is lying to you because of much certain reason “lack of practical SEO experience”. World’s top websites in 2012 use secure mode whether it is top social networking website of the world, Facebook or most secured online payment wire PayPal.

Switching to https design will be very good idea for search engine optimization in 2012. Https or SSL is secured version of http that encrypts things between browser and web server so that https can keep your boss, ISP or government from slipping away what is happening from connection from webserver to another.

By design https is slower than http, so there is certain amount of encryption over hand has to happen as http is encrypted. But there is lot of unnecessary slowness of https, so a lot of people on Google Chrome team have been working on different protocols, of which speed is one. False start might also be another protocol of Google Chrome Team, instead of set up connection with web server than having acknowledgement and set up connection in order to send data in encrypted ways, you can send data encrypted way immediately.

So there is lot of work going on, however people had not really paid attention how to make SSL or how to make https fast. There is a lot of fruit hanging out there, some of might there would fair amount of work but probably making https faster is worth doing. So website owners should be worried about penalized by Google Panda update due to slow uploading speed, only 1 in 100 searches or 1 in 1000 websites is so low on Page Speed that it actually affects its ranking on search engines in 2012. Whereas https can be really good thing for users, let’s take an example – Search for Paypal, you will find that Paypal also uses https version.

Google has looked through its indexing code and make sure that anytime where users might wants to use https version of their website they won’t be disappointed. Google Engineers are going to make sure that everything runs smooth on their search algorithm side. So if you as website owner is going to think about starting your website from beginning using SS certificate, it is certainly not a bad time to make that switch from http to https.

Google just recommends to looking for ways to make https works faster, share best search engine practices, look at the ways such as Smarty Php which was an Apache Plugin and there was also Google’s Page Speed Service which has recently started to roll out in 2012. With Google’s Page Speed Service when someone comes to your content you set your DNS to be handled by Google and Google can rewrite all in-line images and minify the JavaScript for website to handle and reduce the website uploading speed-time by 25 to 60 percent through handling PHP.

So website owners should try to use and make https faster as well as try to make web faster to get on top search results of Google 2012 by perfect SEO strategy 2012.