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Learn Link Strategies for Advance SEO techniques 2012

September 30, 2011 in Learn SEO, Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo Udaipur

Link strategies for advance seo techniques 2012 or next level seo which little bit more work which involves building seo network for website. Just to start with advance level seo, there are tons of things that your seo expert can do for advance seo. Generally seo expert is caught up while building his own seo network, just things like own domain name hosted on different hosting account and seo expert wants them to be registered under different domain names, so that website appear to be made by different people which very essential for organic advance seo practices.

The seo expert needs to point out different advance seo practices class C blogs versus other different seo practices, there are so many different seo things that you can caught up during complete process when seo expert tries to separate different seo networks. To a certain extent depending upon what your seo expert is looking to do for building seo network but effort that requires to get return on time spent isn’t generally there for majority of seo experts. suggests to start advance seo techniques with just making 5 to 7 websites and usually what our seo team likes to do this early in advance seo piece. Lets say, If we are going on in the market than we need to enter strong in the market, what we can do is to get seo brainstorm before starting any seo project. Seo expert needs to plan what keywords and link building strategies he is going after over the next year.

In Initial Advance SEO strategy we are first going to register 5 domain names, seo expert might not use these registered domain initially. He needs to register them so that domains have some age, seo expert do not necessarily need to add content on these newly registered domain. If seo expert wants, he can just register a piece of content which is relevant to what you have thought for seo initially and get one or two links on them from web 2.0 blogs such as blogspot or others. We should links website with web 2.0 blogs so that these newly registered domains can get easily indexed by search engine and starts with some aging process for seo. Yes old domains ranks faster on search engine results and are easy to do for advance level search engine optimization.

Seo experts now have some domain names that ranks fantastically on some low rated keywords. Now seo expert can put some article up and after 2 years we can see some first page listings for some reasonably good keywords that is good way to start advance seo techniques. Get some domain names up for now do seo process such as blog network, article submission, article distribution, directory submission and web 2.0 seo practices after 3 months of domain registration. Now you can again come back after sometime and start building your own seo link network while thinking what you are looking to do with seo in future.

We recommend for advance seo strategy, is to just build 5 and 10 websites.’s SEO Expert like to use software which can make advance seo process easy and fast so that we can focus on the target seo website page from which we can actually make money. If we use automatic software for link building advance seo process, seo expert can focus on other seo things such as building money website, marketing and seo things like video submission. Another area on which seo expert should not spend time is building of these 5 to 10 websites, a little bit more automated software to build websites could help you in making these website faster and save time for little bit more seo. Seo Ninja can put content from amazon, ebay to find a automated way to build these websites and help them growing over time. These automated website should be web 2.0 based and not like any static website which actually cannot do anything.

Seo expert can use trackbacks to pull content automatically from other blogs and put on their websites. The focus of this advance seo techniques is to build supportive 5 to 10 websites and to grow them with a focus of organic advance seo. The best thing what can we do is to start linking these websites to our targeted seo website. Seo expert should also check these supportive websites built for seo should not look like spam-my websites. Seo Ninja should check that they should look quality website specially for one obvious reason that we are linking these supportive websites to our money making website or targeted seo website.

Seo expert should also send some links to web 2.0 supportive pages, ezine articles and videos page that were built during initial seo techniques. Remember these website are independent and focus to build links for advance seo of primary website page. For organic seo, seo expert should build these supportive seo websites over time so that is really the advance seo techniques that our seo expert to rank and our client’s website. These advance seo techniques seo expert is using to build some competitive website for dominating competitive keywords. One website have picked first page listing on 100 and 100 keywords from middle tail keywords to long tail keywords that are buying phrases that is all because our seo expert has focused little bit focus before hand rather than throwing things for sake of throwing up stuff for seo and first page listing on search engine. seo expert think well in advance what he is doing, why he is doing for starting laying the ground work to really starting to see untouchable advance seo techniques for niche seo. If your seo expert wants to take seo to next level he needs to do all of this stuff and take website to first page of Google. You do not necessarily do all seo steps that we have discussed here but your seo expert needs to put one step further on seo than what your competitor is doing whom you are trying to beat on seo.

We know that your seo ninja would start getting results and your seo ninja might say that I am happy with that until the competition for seo starts building on that seo targeted keyword. But recommends to use this complete process step by step to start building these complete seo process if you want to dominate first page of Google by taking advance level seo. Apply stage 1 seo than second and finally the advance seo techniques that we talked about in this article.

The best part about building own seo network is that seo expert can control whole seo process and network. The other things your first page ranking expert can do is to monetize supportive seo websites so that you can extra money from these external resources. Your website expert is not hiding the fact that your search engine expert is putting a line between your money making website and other external websites. When you start stage 1 seo or initial seo you are starting process to get Google Page Rank and that it is very quick and easy way to start getting the revenue that you thought what you were doing on initial seo process. The seo techniques that use is much more organic advance seo techniques which gives results for longer run than short term on search engine. is website development and seo expert company based in Udaipur, Rajasthan which focus to provide best web development service to people all around globe. You can visit to try our services or email us on

Advance Seo Methods 2012 & Advance SEO Strategies

Advance Seo Methods 2012 and Advance SEO Strategies

Advanced seo strategies 2012 for best Social Bookmarking practices to get first page ranking on Google

September 27, 2011 in Learn SEO, Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo Udaipur

For Advanced seo strategies 2012, Social Bookmarking is fantastic way to getting quick and easy links. For Social Bookmarking seo, variety of good services are available to make it easy and we are now going to talk about seo leverage. Social Bookmarking is the only seo strategy for which we use automated seo tools to speed up the complete process, Social Bookmarking is the process of marking website favorites on some bookmarking websites, computer, internet explorer or any other related Internet browser.

Now the new concept of seo bookmarking is social booking, which is more effective just bookmarking on website. In seo social bookmarking instead of just bookmarking on your computer, you bookmark your website on some social networks and benefit you get them from is “Inbound links”.‘s SEO expert suggest you to outsource social bookmarking process to stress on other SEO projects. suggest social bookmarking for website between a range of 100-150, SEO expert should begin social bookmarking after when you have completed article bookmarking, blog network, directory submission and Web 2.0 seo completion.

Social bookmarking is further down seo process as directory submission, blog network, article submission and web 2.0 are starting to get established and can display initial SEO results. What’s SEO export do now is working with junior seo assistants, seo assistants will provide url of different seo blog network where blogs were published such as which blogs were submit and where were they submitted. All the details of url of seo blog network, seo directory submissions and other initial seo work’s url is provided to’s SEO export in a excel sheet.

SEO expert than provides details to the seo social bookmarking person, he will mix up the blog networks and pages of websites. Seo social bookmarking person will use just basic keywords in the title of social bookmarks with details of what article was all about for basic rules of the search engine optimization.

For seo social bookmarking there are several services but seo expert needs to select best 15-20 different social bookmarking services to complete target of 150 social bookmarks for seo. The SEO expert need to fire social bookmarks at few places rather than firing them everywhere such as web 2.0, blog network, some to targeted seo website page. This seo job you are going to ask your seo assistant to bookmark each page to 10 different social bookmarking websites every day and seo expert has to spread structure of social bookmarking at time.

Whatever seo expert is going to bookmark, he has to give a look at what keyword you are going to rank for. Use targeted seo keyword as anchor text and also try to use that seo targeted keyword in URL.

Best social bookmarking practices


The next part of social bookmarking services is about the services that we should use for seo bookmarking. The best social bookmarking services are Bookmarking demon, Immediate edge (Immediate edge has network apart from their doing automated social bookmarking, seo expert has to just load seo targeted website page and links are automatically pushed out to social bookmarking websites). There are also several social bookmarking services which bookmarks each other’s website which seo expert do not consider to be of more worth. We really want to automate whole seo bookmarking process, so our primarily bookmarking focus in on Bookmarking demon, Imidiate edge and social marker. There are lots of bookmarking services, it is just a matter of with whole seo process when we recommend some of these seo services don’t let your seo process caught up in the which to choose. If earn1money is recommending any automated seo services, it means that we have used them and checked their seo services out.

Even for doing seo of website you are going to apply even 50% or half of what we tell you in the entire seo process, your website will be noticed and able to start see results. Your seo expert need not to absolutely everything unless you are going for keywords such as credit card, mortgages and other seo targeted keywords that are more competitive in the market.

This is all about social bookmarking and if you are looking for seo services in india, you can hire us to do seo for your company website. Our SEO team can be reached on +91-9828083985 or email us at, also offers web development services and seo services in udaipur and all across the globe.

Social Bookmarking services for seo

Best social bookmarking practices



Best seo methods 2012 and learn how to run successful seo campaign 2012

September 22, 2011 in Learn SEO, Seo tips 2012, Seo Udaipur

In this article seo experts are going to know more about the initial seo methods that we use to rank website high on search engine results. The step by step seo process to help website, how to climb up on the search engines whether it is your eCommerce website, Blogging website, corporate profile website or Information products websites. Your seo expert 2012 will know about seo tools that we use for targeted seo keywords and as well as non targeted secondary keywords. There are quite different range of optimization tools that are recommended paid seo tools but once you get used to these seo tools the whole seo process would be automated.

The automated seo tools are useful when you are going to use website at large scale, it is not possible to do seo process hand by hand especially advanced seo techniques when you are running a bigger seo campaign on big website. The actual seo strategy and seo method that we are going to use is the idea of seo focus “Why we are doin and why it is done”. It is very easy to see a whole bunch of websites and whole Google network for seo, even social bookmarking and distributing article for higher seo rank do not work unless you don’t have seo focus Why this you are doing. It is of no point unless for seo expert until he knows why he is doing some social booking and putting some web-page for targeted seo keywords on search engine.

For doing seo for website, website owner need to understand that this is an money making website and that what this seo article is all about. believe that you have pre existing business that works to get most money out of your website . The initial step to look for starting seo of website is to understand what are basic keywords for website seo and primary seo keywords for website that you are targeting to rank high on search engine and as well as consideration of secondary keywords for seo of website.

The website consists of internal pages that are associated with some secondary keywords which are related to primary seo. The best seo method 2012 is to start publishing articles to, we recommend to publish some high quality targeted keyword articles on ezine articles and bookmarking some hundred of websites. There is no particular way in which search engine works and there is no rule of thumbs for search engine ranking. We are going to replicate search engine’s nature in the following deo steps.

Steps of seo method 2012 and SEO Campaign 2012

1. Ezinearticles- Ezinearticles is one of the premier article publishing website that publishes original articles. Ezinearticles is the place where website seo startegists should be submitting their best article stuff there. When you have published 20 articles on Ezinearticles, each article will be redirecting a link to your website. The best way to utilize to put relevant keywords on webpage from articles written on and hyperlink anchor text on articles of Ezinearticles for best seo practices.

2. Article Distribution- Submit article to other article directories such articlemark, unique articles and other article distribution services. These article distribution website do not requires premium articles what Ezinearticles requires, the article distribution websites again provide multiple link to your websites with primary keywords and secondary keywords. recommends to give seo link not just to targeted seo homepage but also to some internal pages for onsite seo so that appropriate seo link pass through one page to required secondary seo page.

3. Choose Primary keywords for homepage and secondary keywords for internal pages for best onsite seo practices. Just write 10 to 12 articles on ezinearticles and republish them to other article distribution services which can be used to create maximum links. We recommend to republish each of 10 to 12 articles on 25 article distribution services to get (25 article distribution services * 10 articles) 250 unique links from internet web to create a perfect seo link building 2012.

4. Use Blog Networks- Your seo expert need to sign up to the different network of blogs and post different articles on these blog websites. The blog networks are supposed to be grey seo marketing techniques but they are not black seo techniques. The blog networks are more aggressive seo marketing style, the blog networks are second seo marketing tier whereas Article Distribution services are first seo marketing tier. recommends to choose a wise blog network service so that you are not dropped out of search engine results, so it is important to pick a good blog network. Remember that your seo expert do not link all directories and blog network to same page, we recommend blog networks to be linked on the internal pages of website that have secondary keywords. The internal pages of websites should be again linked up to the homepage or targeted seo webs-page, these are good seo practices and good seo thumbs rule.

The whole process depends on what keywords are you looking forward, say for an example if you looking for mortgages, debt management and credit card, seo experts have to be more specific and aggressive on selection of keywords. You have to optimize each article for specific keyword which links to internal pages with secondary keywords. The secondary page or internal pages of website should homepage or targeted seo page should be linked by primary keyword which are looking for search engine optimization. The blog networks are very good for optimizing second tier website internal pages which are again re-targted to your targeted seo website page.

Seo method 2012, SEO Camapaign 2012, seo link building 2012

Seo method 2012 and search engine strategies 2012









If the quality of blog network is extremely well and your seo engine expert is confident in linking on right keyword on money making website page the seo method 2012 will be successfully achieved. Connected each of article to at-least 150 blog network websites, you can also break articles into small pieces and publish them to blog networks. recommends not to use any automated article submission services as automated article submission is considered as spam practices by all major search engines when it comes to seo.

Seo method 2012 is all posting low quality articles to the internal pages of the website and high quality articles to the primary page of website or targeted seo page in the website. These are the best initial steps to run SEO Campaign 2012 and search engine strategies 2012, these best steps for successful seo in 2012.

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What is Search engine optimization or Seo in 2012? Answer by Udaipur SEO expert(India)

June 21, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, SEO Services India, Seo tips 2012, Seo Udaipur

Seo Udaipur company describes Search engine optimization or Seo 2012

is the process of making web-page correct in order to get better visibility by search engines on keyword search, this whole process is called Search engine optimization or Seo. According to Udaipur SEO Expert, Seo is much more than optimizing a web page, it is about analyzing behavior of Google bots and Google crawler towards the web page for keywords search.

India Udaipur SEO expert Search engine optimization process includes

Correction of webpage, meta keywords for seo, images, meta title, meta description seo, meta linking seo, Image Search optimization, video optimization for seo, meta headings, Keyword linking structure, meta link title, XML Site-map optimization correction, Robots.txt Optimization, Directory Submission, Article Writing & Submission for seo optimization, Press Release Writing & Submission Search engine optimization , 404 error pages redirection, search engine submission, traffic analysis, bold tags content, competitor analysis, Social media marketing, link building blogging optimization in 2012and analytics. These complete services makes your website rank on Google, we are best Search engine optimizators in India and we call ourself India Seo experts in Udaipur

India Seo experts provide Search engine optimization and seo services online to all industries. We are udaipur based seo company  and have worked on several website which ranks on first page on 200+ keywords.

India Seo experts have experience in seo or Search engine optimization, we have association with Google employees who regularly guide us to correct website Search engine optimization.

How to rank your website on SEO or top Google ranking and Earn Money by SEO

Get in touch with us to rank your website on first result on Google. India Seo experts also provide Search engine optimization training classes or SEO training classes in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. If you want to learn what is seo you can email India Seo experts at or call me on +91-9828083985.

India Seo experts provide professional Search engine optimization services or SEO services for your company.

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Search engine optimization and seo services online India,

SEO friendly website development in India

India SEO experts also provide seo friendly website development in Udaipur India, along with seo services in Udaipur, Rajasthan in India. Choose us for seo udaipur and rank your website on top keywords at affordable price in India and overseas.