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Google plus Button new Social Media Marketing tool 2012 and SEO with Google +1 button

July 5, 2011 in Learn SEO, Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo trends, Social Media Marketing tools

Google +1 button or Google plus Button is the best tool for social media marketing 2012 and search engine optimization 2012. Google +1 button or Google plus gives social recommendations to people about website or URL directly on search results. People in social networks can directly view and check who have recommended website and products.

New Social Media Marketing and Google SEO Tool 2011

Google 1 button or Google plus button is about social data 2012 or future years. Imagine searching for every product or service with a recommendation would increase chances of sales for every business and customers would get social recommendations from people around the globe. Google plus button is the best Social Media Marketing tool 2012 or future, business who will build social recommendation will get social media marketing 2012 for free. Business in 2012 would have to rely only on quality of their products and services in 2012 in order to gain social media influence with google plus button.
Google +1 button will also play major effect on SEO, as Google is going to include social recommendation or Google plus button in their search engine algorithm. So website and online business with most plus from Google plus button are going to be winner of new search engine optimization 2012 process.

Google plus +1 button

Google plus +1 button, answer to facebook



We would recommend social media optimizers 2012 to ready and load their guns with New & powerful tool for Social Media Marketing 2012 Google Plus button or Google +1 button.

What is Search Engine 2012? Learn Search Engine Market Analysis for top seo 2012

June 29, 2011 in List of top 10 websites, Search Engine Market Analysis, Search Engine Optimization 2012, SEO Services India, Seo trends

Search engine 2012 is a computer based program that regains data and files from network based data base known as Internet. Search engine 2012 is an industry sector that is related to gather internet content and information followed with ranking based on relevance of searcher. The five main search engine giants in 2012 are,,, and These top five search engine of 2012 covers 99% of searches on the internet.

Search Engine Market Capital and Financial Report

The total market capitalization of all search engines is $196.9 billion. holds the highest search engine market capitalization share that is $159.1 billion and China INS Online Corp. is lowest among Search Engine Market Capital with just $1.035 million. The Earning per Share (EPS) of whole Search Engine Market Capital stands at +$.007 whereas stands at hishest with +$26.12 and lowest was for again China INS Online Corp. with negative $26.00.

S.No. Company Name (Tickr) Return
1 HealthStream (HSTML) 390.50%
2 Sina (SINAL) 231.70%
3 (REDFL) 231.40%
4 HSW International, Inc. (HSWIL) 177.00%
5 Vetro,Inc. (VTROL) 147.80%
6 Autobytel (ABTLL) 144.20%
7 IAC InterActiveCorp (IACIL) 132.30%
8 Geeknet,Inc. (GKNTL) 124.20%
9 Tucows (TCXL) 93.02%
10 TechTarget,Inc. (TTGTL) 88.86%
11 WebMD (WBMDL) 51.73%
12 (TSCML) 44.93%
13 InfoSpace (INSPL) 32.89%
14 Global Sources (GSOLL) 32.49%
15 LookSmart (LOOKL) 24.59%
16 Knot (KNOTL) 20.73%
17 Google (GOOGL) 16.39%
18 Market Leader, Inc. (LEDRL) 14.74%
19 (SOHUL) 9.83%
20 Move (MOVEL) -0.47%

Search engine in 2012 are going to be more based on Financial data and Social data. The one of the best example of social data is Facebook, the facebook has complete analysis of social data such as what people like and dislike. Search Engine market Analysis are going to be a serious matter for financial analyst in 2012.

Search engine in 2012 can also survive by analyzing financial data of various companies to provide right search results. The financial data is going to be highest searched keyword in 2012, as job, career, loans and Investment all are part of finance.

Highest search engine market capitalization share

Search Engine Financial Market Capitalization Report

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Seo trends 2012- Learn google seo and recent trends in seo

June 28, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo tips 2012, Seo trends

Latest Seo trends 2012 for SEO optimization with Google search results and prediction of recent trends in SEO 2012 are

1. Google Local Search- Google places are one of the latest trends in seo by Google is high ranking to website listed on Google places. The results of website rank high on google search results.

2. Social search- Website pages active on social network website such as Facebook and Twitter rank much higher than their competitors. It leads to rise of Social Media Marketing 2012 along with Search Engine optimization 2012.

3. Mobile Search Optimization 2012- Mobile devices now works exactly same as any Firefox browser, Internet explorer or Google Chrome in 2012. With the introduction of 3G technology in 2011, it is very essential to optimize websites for mobile search optimization 2012.

4. User Profile- The profile of company and individuals are going to play major role in 2012 search results. We know that google search engine in 2011 do not deliver right search results, the google search engine is biased from SEO and SEM results. The google search engine is going to give high ranking to verified websites and user profiles in 2012.

5. Knowledge- Knowledge farms such as Google knowledge are going to rank much higher than website and digital news media.

6. Different Search results from every IP address- Since results will be

website seo trends

Latest Seo trends 2012 for seo optimzation with google places

based on locations, so every IP address will display a different result. The best example would to search news on and

7. Spamming- Spamming would persist as one of the biggest problem for google seo analysis. Google need to check spamming issues and check for original content and images.

8. Videos- Videos Seo trends are going to new source for goole search with improved Meta Tags, Meta description and Meta analysis are going to take SEO on a new level and with a complete new stream. We have seen youtube and bing & yahoo are both ready for making new youtube with better feature and technology.


These will SEO Trends 2012 and new challenges for SEO optmizers and companies.