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What is Search Engine 2012? Learn Search Engine Market Analysis for top seo 2012

June 29, 2011 in List of top 10 websites, Search Engine Market Analysis, Search Engine Optimization 2012, SEO Services India, Seo trends

Search engine 2012 is a computer based program that regains data and files from network based data base known as Internet. Search engine 2012 is an industry sector that is related to gather internet content and information followed with ranking based on relevance of searcher. The five main search engine giants in 2012 are,,, and These top five search engine of 2012 covers 99% of searches on the internet.

Search Engine Market Capital and Financial Report

The total market capitalization of all search engines is $196.9 billion. holds the highest search engine market capitalization share that is $159.1 billion and China INS Online Corp. is lowest among Search Engine Market Capital with just $1.035 million. The Earning per Share (EPS) of whole Search Engine Market Capital stands at +$.007 whereas stands at hishest with +$26.12 and lowest was for again China INS Online Corp. with negative $26.00.

S.No. Company Name (Tickr) Return
1 HealthStream (HSTML) 390.50%
2 Sina (SINAL) 231.70%
3 (REDFL) 231.40%
4 HSW International, Inc. (HSWIL) 177.00%
5 Vetro,Inc. (VTROL) 147.80%
6 Autobytel (ABTLL) 144.20%
7 IAC InterActiveCorp (IACIL) 132.30%
8 Geeknet,Inc. (GKNTL) 124.20%
9 Tucows (TCXL) 93.02%
10 TechTarget,Inc. (TTGTL) 88.86%
11 WebMD (WBMDL) 51.73%
12 (TSCML) 44.93%
13 InfoSpace (INSPL) 32.89%
14 Global Sources (GSOLL) 32.49%
15 LookSmart (LOOKL) 24.59%
16 Knot (KNOTL) 20.73%
17 Google (GOOGL) 16.39%
18 Market Leader, Inc. (LEDRL) 14.74%
19 (SOHUL) 9.83%
20 Move (MOVEL) -0.47%

Search engine in 2012 are going to be more based on Financial data and Social data. The one of the best example of social data is Facebook, the facebook has complete analysis of social data such as what people like and dislike. Search Engine market Analysis are going to be a serious matter for financial analyst in 2012.

Search engine in 2012 can also survive by analyzing financial data of various companies to provide right search results. The financial data is going to be highest searched keyword in 2012, as job, career, loans and Investment all are part of finance.

Highest search engine market capitalization share

Search Engine Financial Market Capitalization Report

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What are Local Search engines? 2012 Local Search engine’s role in SEO, Case study of local search engines in India

June 25, 2011 in Local search engines, Local search engines India, Search Engine Optimization 2012, SEO Services India

Local search engines are specific geographic based websites or location search engine that acknowledge online user to find product or service in specific local area. Local search engines in 2012 are more used for search engine optimization or SEO purpose to help website to rank on top google results in 2012. These Local search engines in India also offers call centre services, people can call them to know about available product and services in thir local area.
Local search engines in India are primarily used to find products and services such as movie, restaurants, garments and other consumer based product on local search engines in India. The scope of local search India is very wide, the local search engines can be used to find industrial products such as heavy machineries, wire-saw accessories and many other industrial products on local search engines in India.

Use of Local Search Engines in India and Connection with search engine optimization

2012 Scope of local search engine in India is very wide, there is vast population with multiple industries such as consumer based, industry based, B2B local search engines and service based industries. If search engine marketing strategy is utilized properly by companies on search engine there are fairly high chances to rank on Google top search results in 2012.

People of India also have tendency to travel places which widens the scope of local search engine in India. People are eager to know about the products and hotels available in the area they are looking to travel and stay. This practice of traveling widens scope of local search engine in India.

List of local search engines in India or location based search engines India list

There are many search engines in India, but Best local search engine in India list or top local search engine in India list are


Case Study of local search engine in Udaipur

Even there is local search engine in Udaipur that is also operating with

Local search engine optimization

What are local search engines

success, Arya-Infoline Arya-Infoline is local search engine in Udaipur that provides list of companies that operates in various industries all over Rajasthan. The only problem with local search engine in Udaipur is the number of people searching on Internet currently. The future of local search engine is good in future but the only problem is surviving present situation. specializes in search engine optimization services for local search engine. We help local search engine to rank on top Google results and We are Udaipur based SEO company at and you can contact us on +91-9828083985 and

2012 Seo navigation structure tips for website and web pages to Inter links for top google rankings2012 Seo navigation structure tips for website and web pages to Inter links for top google rankings

June 22, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo navigation, SEO Services India, Seo tips 2012

Seo navigation friendly website navigation structure in 2012 is very important for search engine optimization process. The search engine optimization navigation labels are important with seo navigation links for every website or webpage. The seo navigation design 2012 is a structure of website that helps google crawlers to index web page on google search results in 2012 and 2013. ALT attributes and tags which we also call meta attributes and meta tags are important in website navigation structure for search engine optimization. These ALT attributes and tags are also called navigation labels that are considered by search engine crawlers for top indexing website 2012.


The search engine optimization website structure 2012 is well defined by website’s navigation site map that allow users and search engine crawler to give correct meaning what the website is about, this is the best SEO tip 2012 to categorize your website by search engines. For example, it is because CSS style sheet in wordpress guides google crawler to rate wordpress as blog in 2012.


In 2012 only navigation structure of website gives meaning to google search bots and visitors. Navigation structure of well structures seo friendly website give hierarchy of pages to search engine bots.


Best Search engine optimization navigation tip 2012 is to use CSS Navigation Arrays with Javascript. Remember pure flash and pure javascript are worst practice for search engine optimizing website in 2012 and 2013.

The best seo navigation tips 2012 are

  1. Broad line of subjects with detailed internal linked pages step by step for seo 2012.
  2. Use text links all around website, it helps search engine crawlers to read java scripts and flash for perfect seo navigation 2012.
  3. Do not use all down side menus for seo navigation, it harms and frustrates visitors.
  4. SEO Navigation Internal Links 2012 also doesnt mean to inter link every page. Internal linking between webpages should be well defined and justified for Search engine optimization navigation 2012.
  5. Use Css based navigation arrays in 2012 for seo.

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What is Search engine optimization or Seo in 2012? Answer by Udaipur SEO expert(India)

June 21, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, SEO Services India, Seo tips 2012, Seo Udaipur

Seo Udaipur company describes Search engine optimization or Seo 2012

is the process of making web-page correct in order to get better visibility by search engines on keyword search, this whole process is called Search engine optimization or Seo. According to Udaipur SEO Expert, Seo is much more than optimizing a web page, it is about analyzing behavior of Google bots and Google crawler towards the web page for keywords search.

India Udaipur SEO expert Search engine optimization process includes

Correction of webpage, meta keywords for seo, images, meta title, meta description seo, meta linking seo, Image Search optimization, video optimization for seo, meta headings, Keyword linking structure, meta link title, XML Site-map optimization correction, Robots.txt Optimization, Directory Submission, Article Writing & Submission for seo optimization, Press Release Writing & Submission Search engine optimization , 404 error pages redirection, search engine submission, traffic analysis, bold tags content, competitor analysis, Social media marketing, link building blogging optimization in 2012and analytics. These complete services makes your website rank on Google, we are best Search engine optimizators in India and we call ourself India Seo experts in Udaipur

India Seo experts provide Search engine optimization and seo services online to all industries. We are udaipur based seo company  and have worked on several website which ranks on first page on 200+ keywords.

India Seo experts have experience in seo or Search engine optimization, we have association with Google employees who regularly guide us to correct website Search engine optimization.

How to rank your website on SEO or top Google ranking and Earn Money by SEO

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