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SEO URL Tricks to increase visibility in Google URL SEO algorithm 2012, SEO CODE

July 8, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo navigation, Seo tips 2012

Google URL SEO algorithm 2012 is changed from july 2012 and Google URL characters are now limited to 65 characters, so it is very important to change code in PHP script of your website to rank high on google search results.

Free SEO code for PHP or PHP seo code script website will be as follows

SEO code for PHP script

Free SEO Code PHP







This PHP code will change your URL structure for website and will help seo for google in 2012 by increase visibilty to Google search bot. This is SEO code 2012 for website made in PHP script and it will help website in coping with current google seo change 2012. This will help you to increase your website URL structure visibility bu four characters.

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This is best SEO URL Tricks to rank your website on top google result.

Google URL SEO algorithm 2012, Google URL characters, SEO code for PHP, free SEO code

Best Seo Internal linking 2012 process for better Google Pagerank in 2012, top seo Internal linking Anchor Text explained for beginners to experts

June 24, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo navigation, Seo tips 2012

SEO Company UdaipurSeo internal links in 2012 refer to internal links in html on website pages. Seo internal linking structure is very important for search algorithm calculations to give page rank in 2012 to website page. Seo internal linking strategy guides search engines about the important pages of website such as product category and sub product category.


SEO internal linking process can be explained in following points


  1. Anchor Text- Anchor Text in 2012 would guide search engine where you are linking web-page and why. Anchor text should be used for document seo 2012 to get on top results in the documents search. A very Descriptive Anchor text is useful for search engine optimization and use keywords targeted in anchor text for better search engine visibility in 2012. Click here anchor text or go to Anchor Text are one of the best anchor text for 2012 search engine optimization internal linking of web-pages.
  2. Image internal linking for SEO- Images are the best sources for
    know what is seo friendly linking process

    Best internal linking seo tips 2012 for ranking your web-page on top google search results ranking

    internal linking website for seo and image search. A very Descriptive Alt text is very useful for both search engine and visitors to check relevancy of pages. Be-aware of Image Alt Text Spamming issues, do not use words repeatedly and do not repeat content already written in text. Use Page Anchor text for better image internal linking for SEO in 2012.

  3. Broken Internal Links seo- Broken links displays poor internal link management for seo purpose, the links should be checked regularly for better search engine results 2012.
  4. Use only perfect links do not use any keyword that are not relevant to website. Use canonical links for better search engine visibility and even when content is copied it is reflected in search engine results.
  5. Optimize web-page for contextual links rather than keywords. Contextual links are more important internal linking seo 2012 rather than keyword targeted, link contextual links to primary targeted words in the context than keyword to be ranked on search engine.
  6. Size of page- Keep your page well below 25 k, optimization is hindered because of slow page load time.
  7. Number of Outbound links- Remember even if you are internally linking your page to more than 10 pages, there are fair chances for page to be spammed from Google search results. Do not link your page to more than 10 pages in any case.
  8. Use cascading style sheets (CSS) to link images and content- Css differs images from the content, even if you are using java-script on page it will still work out for your web-page. DHTML menus are best CSS based example for SEO 2012.
  9. Do not loose focus of page- Remember every website internal linking you are performing is for search engine optimization not for better appearance of web-page. Try to use keywords in H1 heading and h2 heading in 2012 for seo.


These are best internal linking seo tips 2012 for ranking your web-page on top google ranking with high Google page rank 2012.


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2012 Seo navigation structure tips for website and web pages to Inter links for top google rankings2012 Seo navigation structure tips for website and web pages to Inter links for top google rankings

June 22, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo navigation, SEO Services India, Seo tips 2012

Seo navigation friendly website navigation structure in 2012 is very important for search engine optimization process. The search engine optimization navigation labels are important with seo navigation links for every website or webpage. The seo navigation design 2012 is a structure of website that helps google crawlers to index web page on google search results in 2012 and 2013. ALT attributes and tags which we also call meta attributes and meta tags are important in website navigation structure for search engine optimization. These ALT attributes and tags are also called navigation labels that are considered by search engine crawlers for top indexing website 2012.


The search engine optimization website structure 2012 is well defined by website’s navigation site map that allow users and search engine crawler to give correct meaning what the website is about, this is the best SEO tip 2012 to categorize your website by search engines. For example, it is because CSS style sheet in wordpress guides google crawler to rate wordpress as blog in 2012.


In 2012 only navigation structure of website gives meaning to google search bots and visitors. Navigation structure of well structures seo friendly website give hierarchy of pages to search engine bots.


Best Search engine optimization navigation tip 2012 is to use CSS Navigation Arrays with Javascript. Remember pure flash and pure javascript are worst practice for search engine optimizing website in 2012 and 2013.

The best seo navigation tips 2012 are

  1. Broad line of subjects with detailed internal linked pages step by step for seo 2012.
  2. Use text links all around website, it helps search engine crawlers to read java scripts and flash for perfect seo navigation 2012.
  3. Do not use all down side menus for seo navigation, it harms and frustrates visitors.
  4. SEO Navigation Internal Links 2012 also doesnt mean to inter link every page. Internal linking between webpages should be well defined and justified for Search engine optimization navigation 2012.
  5. Use Css based navigation arrays in 2012 for seo.

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