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Management Challenges for tech startups- Learn how to manage team

September 20, 2011 in Other

Running online tech startup company is always like a running anxiety, a decision to be founder vs certain other paths that could be taken. Once you are over that, founders of tech start ups are feeded with energy and excitement by new challenges and opportunities. In terms of management challenges for online Tech starts ups there are several opportunities ahead. Founders of online tech starts ups have certainly many management challenges ahead, founders of tech startups have a different attitude such as move forward, move forward and still move forward.

The notion of startups are “they have amazing ideas that actually struggle with guilt”. The startup company struggles with scaling energy and team of startups is burning out and going guilty for whats going on and on which simultaneously goes with feel of guilty and burning out with ideas. This leads to struggle for founder and team members where management challenges are actually still to come.

Founders of tech startup are usually from big companies such as Google, Amazon, Faceboook and other giant companies with feeling to be a next Google or Facebook. These large companies have lots of oppurtunities which helps your ideas to move up and that is only reason we have not seen any startup company becoming next google since last ten years beacuse tech startups are challenged to move on and on. One of the most exciting thing about starting new tech startup is setting up a culture that founders have learnt from big giants and implement changes whereever required.

The decision in tech startup are made on table, where team members are countable and they bring their stuff on the table. The debate begins to make a decision, genuinely speaking startups have imperfect data or rather no data which leads to further controversial debate. But at the end of the day, the team wants to get over the debate and move on cleanly. Since the team in startups is countable so decision is culivated with ferocious debate and finally unanimous.

Tech startup and Managment challenges

Tech startup and Managment challenges


The plans of revenue for tech startups are tough as services and producrts offered are new in the market. The products are bought only when they are incredible and are fun for users who are targeted to utilizes both free and paid versions. Revenue are like matrix for all startups companies that moves up and down, the only point to considered before the revenue generations by tech startups are number and percentage of conversions. has depicted that videos are best source to convert page views into sales conversions or sales per page view. Tech startups can bring their business to life through videos and many companies are using videos to show their business rather than a written text. Certainly videos are better way to advertise tech startup business efficiently and effectively. Tech startups are helped by videos through new subscribers, site visits and more revenue to set and spread your word about brand to become the next Google 2013.