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Website category lookup for Keyword Targeting and SEO by google website categories list

January 21, 2012 in List of google website category

Website category lookup is helpful for SEO experts can master keyword target for both initial stage SEO and advance stage SEO through google website categories. Google crawler identifies website into different categories such as Business, Finance, Search engine and other categories during its crawling process through a set of links which helps in identfication of website categories.

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Website Categories by Google

List of website categories by Google

Main website categories by Google are bold and website subcategories of google are under them

Arts & Entertainment- Celebrities & Entertainment, NewsComics & Animation, Entertainment Industry, Events & Listings, Fun & Trivia, Humor, Movies, Music & Audio, Offbeat, Online Media, Performing Arts, TV & Video, Visual Art & Design

Autos & Vehicles- Bicycles & Accessories, Boats & Watercraft, Campers & RVs, Classic Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Custom & Performance Vehicles, Hybrid & Alternative Vehicles, Microcars & City Cars, Motorcycles, Off-Road Vehicles, Personal Aircraft, Scooters & Mopeds, Trucks & SUVs, Vehicle Brands, Vehicle Licensing & Registration, Vehicle Maintenance, Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Vehicle Shopping, Vehicle Shows

Beauty & Fitness- Beauty Pageants, Body Art, Cosmetic Procedures, Cosmetology & Beauty Professionals, Face & Body Care, Fashion & Style, Fitness, Hair Care, Spas & Beauty Services, Weight Loss

Books & Literature- Book Retailers, Children’s Literature, E-Books, Fan Fiction, Literary, Classics, Magazines, Poetry, Writers Resources

Business & Industrial- Advertising & Marketing, Aerospace & Defense, Agriculture & Forestry, Automotive Industry, Business Education, Business Finance, Business Operations, Business Services, Chemicals Industry, Construction & Maintenance, Energy & Utilities, Hospitality Industry, Industrial Materials & Equipment, Manufacturing, Metals & Mining, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, Printing & Publishing, Professional & Trade Associations, Retail Trade, Small Business, Textiles & Nonwovens, Transportation & Logistics

Computers & Electronics- CAD & CAM, Computer Hardware, Computer Security, Consumer Electronics, Electronics & Electrical, Enterprise Technology, Networking, Programming, Software

Finance- Accounting & Auditing, Banking, Credit & Lending, Currencies & Foreign Exchange, Financial Planning, Grants & Financial Assistance, Insurance, Investing, Retirement & Pension

Food & Drink- Candy & Sweets, Cooking & Recipes, Culinary Training, Grocery & Food Retailers, Non-Alcoholic, Beverages, Restaurants

Games- Arcade & Coin-Op Games, Board Games, Card Games, Computer & Video Games, Family-Oriented Games & Activities, Online GamesParty Games, Puzzles & Brainteasers, Roleplaying Games, Table Games

Health- Aging & Geriatrics, Alternative & Natural Medicine, Health Conditions, Health Education & Medical Training, Health Foundations & Medical Research, Medical Devices & Equipment, Medical Facilities & Services, Medical Literature & Resources, Men’s Health, Mental Health, Nursing, Nutrition, Oral & Dental Care, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Public Health, Reproductive Health, Substance Abuse, Vision Care, Women’s Health

Hobbies & Leisure- Clubs & Organizations, Contests, Awards & Prizes, Crafts, Outdoors, Paintball, Radio Control & Modeling, Recreational Aviation, Special Occasions, Water Activities

Home & Garden- Bed & Bath, Domestic Services, Gardening & Landscaping, HVAC & Climate Control, Home Appliances, Home Furnishings, Home Improvement, Home Storage & Shelving, Homemaking & Interior Decor, Kitchen & Dining, Laundry, Nursery & Playroom, Pest Control, Swimming Pools & Spas, Yard & Patio

Internet & Telecom- Communications Equipment, Radio Equipment, Email & Messaging, Text & Instant Messaging, Voice & Video Chat, Mobile & Wireless, Mobile & Wireless Accessories, Mobile Apps & Add-Ons, Mobile Phones, Search Engines, Service Providers, Cable & Satellite Providers, ISPs, Phone Service Providers, Teleconferencing, Web Apps & Online Tools, Web Portals, Web Services

Jobs & Education- Education, Jobs

Law & Government- Government, Legal, Military, Public Safety, Social Services

News- Broadcast & Network News, Business News, Gossip & Tabloid News, Health News, Journalism & News Industry, Local News, Newspapers, Politics, Sports News, Technology News, Weather, World News

Online Communities- Blogging Resources & Services, Dating & Personals, File Sharing & Hosting, Forum & Chat Providers, Online Goodies, Online Journals & Personal Sites, Photo & Video Sharing, Social Networks, Virtual Worlds

People & Society- Disabled & Special Needs, Ethnic & Identity Groups, Family & Relationships, Men’s Interests, Religion & Belief, Seniors & Retirement, Social Issues & Advocacy, Social Sciences, Subcultures & Niche Interests, Women’s Interests

Pets & Animals- Animal Products & Services, Pets, Wildlife

Real Estate- Apartments & Residential Rentals, Commercial & Investment Real Estate, Property Development, Property Inspections & Appraisals, Property Management, Real Estate Agencies, Real Estate Listings, Timeshares & Vacation Properties

Reference- Directories & Listings, General Reference, Geographic Reference, Humanities, Language Resources, Libraries & Museums, Technical Reference

Science- Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Ecology & Environment, Engineering & Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Scientific Equipment, Scientific Institutions

Shopping- Antiques & Collectibles, Apparel, Auctions, Classifieds, Consumer Resources, Entertainment Media, Gifts & Special Event Items, Luxury Goods, Mass Merchants & Department Stores, Photo & Video Services, Shopping Portals & Search Engines, Swap Meets & Outdoor Markets, Toys, Wholesalers & Liquidators

Sports- College Sports, Combat Sports, Extreme Sports, Fantasy Sports, Individual Sports, Motor Sports, Sporting Goods, Sports Coaching & Training, Team Sports, Water Sports, Winter Sports, World Sports Competitions

Travel- Air Travel, Bus & Rail, Car Rental & Taxi Services, Carpooling & Ridesharing, Cruises & Charters, Hotels & Accommodations, Luggage & Travel Accessories, Specialty Travel, Tourist Destinations, Travel Agencies & Services, Travel Guides & Travelogues

World Localities- Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Polar Regions


Key factors helpful in identifying website categories by search engines are

1. Content Management Services- Several content management systems such as wordpress, pligg, joomla, drupal also aids in identification of website categories.

2. Website Template or Website Design- Website design is one of key factor in determining website category.

3. Code Language- Language also indicates website category to search engine.

4. User location and IP Address- It is also sign of website category

5. Frequency of Visit- Frequency of visit on particular website for certain set of keywords also helps in identfication of website category.

6. Set of Keywords on homepage- Keywords on any website indicate what website is about such as “arthritis cure” for website

7. Meta Title and Meta Description- Meta data is one of the prime factors which determines category of website for search engine like google.

8. Login and Web 2.0- Login information and web 2.0 also factors which helps in identfying what are the categories of websites.

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List of Top Social networking websites rated for 2012 by Google

June 15, 2011 in List of google website category, List of top 10 websites, List of top 100 websites, List of Top Social networking websites

How to find top social networking websites or top social networks online for 2012. How to rate top social networking websites, whether on number of members, number of page views, number of additional features like social chat rooms, social network news and updates, social communities online and others.

Social networking website is a online place where can members interact with each other socially and check each other’s social updates. The only question is that they should be based on social netwoking website features or number of active social users. Definately top social networking website would be the website with highest number of active social members or users, there is no criteria to rate a Social networking website on top without consideration of numbers of users.  (Note:- Only active users are counted not in-active users)

Google has provided a updated list of top social networking website based on number of users




Rank of top social networking website by google


Google’s top social networking Website list


Category of social networking website


Unique Visitors or Users on these top games website
1 Social Networks 880,000,000
37 Social Networks 74,000,000
41 Social Networks 72,000,000
45 Social Networks 67,000,000
52 Social Networks 60,000,000
63 Social Networks 51,000,000
69 Social Networks 45000000
88 Social Networks 38,000,000
93 Social Networks 38,000,000
123 Social Networks 31,000,000
130 Social Networks 31,000,000
147 Social Networks 28,000,000
182 Social Networks 23000000
191 Social Networks 21,000,000
268 Social Networks 18,000,000
271 Social Networks 18,000,000
300 Social Networks 16,000,000
308 Social Networks 16,000,000
333 Social Networks 16,000,000
353 Social Networks 15,000,000
366 Social Networks 14,000,000
411 Social Networks 13,000,000
418 Social Networks 13,000,000
444 Social Networks 12,000,000
548 Social Networks 10,000,000
690 Social Networks 9,000,000
806 Social Networks 7,500,000
816 Social Networks 7,500,000


There are many other top online social networks that are not included as they do not rank in google list of top 1000 websites for 2012. This list of top social networking website for 2012 is provided by google  and they are expected to stay on top till 2015.

Big Update for twitter social network users for 2012 is not a social networking website according to google, twitter is considered as Email & Messaging service by google bots.

Top Social networking websites 2012 by google

List of Top Social networking websites 2012 and 2013 by google


Download this list of Top Social networking websites 2012 by google as PDF document

There are many other top online social networks that are not included as they do not rank in google list of top 1000 websites for 2012. This list of top social networking website for 2012 is provided by google and they are expected to stay on top till 2015.


Big Update for twitter social network users for 2012 is not a social networking website according to google, twitter is considered as Email & Messaging service by google bots.


Is google really confused to categorize even top 1000 website in 2011 or SEO problem in 2012

June 14, 2011 in List of google website category, Search Engine Optimization 2012

Its 2011 and Google bots are not able to categorize many top rank websites of the world declared by google and Google is not even sure about Big social network like Google in-facts do not believe to be social network and it is categorized as Email & Messaging website. Another big name is un-categorized by Google and this un-categorization has raised question is Google biased or Google is still confused about their search results?

There is long list of websites (in top 1000 rankings in terms of unique visitor and pageviews) facing problems of categorization issues with google search and they are (55,000,000 Unique visitors), (41,000,000 Unique visitors), (26,000,000 Unique visitors), (21,000,000 Unique visitors),,,,,,,,,,, and still plenty of website with more than 1000,000 unique visitors are struggling to be categorized by google bots.


It is very important for webmasters to know how Google rates a website, other wise it will not possible for any website owner to rank their website properly. No SEO would be possible in 2011 or SEO in 2012, Google have already made big change on 11 April 2011. Strategics for seo in 2012 would be based on website categorization and not on any backlinks, content or website design. Make a website category friendly to rate it top on search results rather than playing on useless keywords. The right example for right SEO in 2012 would be google shopping, if your website is not a shopping website no rating or Search Engine Optimization in 2012 would be possible or would ever work for your website.


Actual List of website categories by google bots search (this list of categorised is authorized and used by google to rate and categorize a website into it). These categories are used by google to categorize and as well as rate websites.

  1. Accounting & Auditing
  2. Advertising & Marketing
  3. Antivirus & Malware
  4. Apparel
  5. Arts & Entertainment
  6. Auctions
  7. Banking
  8. Baseball
  9. Blogging Resources & Services
  10. Broadcast & Network News
  11. Business Plans & Presentations
  12. Cartoons
  13. Casual Games
  14. Celebrities & Entertainment News
  15. Classifieds
  16. Clip Art & Animated GIFs
  17. Computer & Video Games
  18. Computer Hardware
  19. Consumer Electronics
  20. Coupons & Discount Offers
  21. Credit Cards
  22. Dating & Personals
  23. Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
  24. Directories & Listings
  25. DVD & Video Rentals
  26. E-Commerce Services
  27. Email & Messaging
  28. Entertainment Media
  29. Fantasy Sports
  30. Fashion & Style
  31. File Sharing & Hosting
  32. Flash-Based Entertainment
  33. Freeware & Shareware
  34. Games
  35. General Reference
  36. Health
  37. Home Furnishings
  38. Hotels & Accommodations
  39. How-To‚ DIY & Expert Content
  40. Import & Export
  41. Internet & Telecom
  42. Internet Clients & Browsers
  43. Investing
  44. ISPs
  45. Java
  46. Jobs
  47. Local News
  48. Mac OS
  49. Mail & Package Delivery
  50. Maps
  51. Marketing Services
  52. Mass Merchants & Department Stores
  53. Merchant Services & Payment Systems
  54. Movie Reference
  55. Movies
  56. Multimedia Software
  57. Music & Audio
  58. Music Streams & Downloads
  59. News
  60. Newspapers
  61. Online Communities
  62. Online Games
  63. Online Journals & Personal Sites
  64. Online Media
  65. Online Video
  66. Open Source
  67. Phone Service Providers
  68. Photo & Image Sharing
  69. Photo & Video Sharing
  70. Radio
  71. Real Estate
  72. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
  73. Search Engines
  74. Service Providers
  75. Shopping
  76. Shopping Portals & Search Engines
  77. Social Network Apps & Add-Ons
  78. Social Networks
  79. Software
  80. Sports News
  81. Translation Tools & Resources
  82. Travel
  83. TV Networks & Stations
  84. Vehicle Shopping
  85. Video Sharing
  86. Voice & Video Chat
  87. Weather
  88. Web Apps & Online Tools
  89. Web Design & Development
  90. Web Hosting & Domain Registration
  91. Web Portals
  92. Web Services
  93. Webcams & Virtual Tours
  94. Windows OS
  95. World News

The question is google confusion or google plan. They have introduced Google voice search and google voice search is also not not able to recognize words properly due to poor quality. This has raised question wether Google voice search will be success or a big failure, however the use of voice search is although very limited.

Even big Antivirus website is not in Antivirus & Malware category by google. Is this categorization of websites big plan of google or still a big confusion of google.