Searching for cheap office space nyc for rental- 5 million funded 42floors is an option for economical and affordable office space in New York and San Francisco Bay Area. 42Floors Review

December 4, 2012 in Business Products and Services

Are you looking for Cheap office space nyc for rental? Are you really tired of searching office leasing brokers in New York? 5 million funded is ready to resolve affordable office space solutions for nyc. 42Floors Inc, has hit New York Office Rent Market with a new approach. is 100% free to use, you can browse all office spaces listed for different areas in New York Metropolitan Area such Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn for free.

Features of NYC Office Space Listings

  1. For Companies, Business and Start ups- Companies searching for office space on rental in nyc can search properties on map, location and building wise on Another Important aspect of 42floors is detailed listing about Office Space is Pictures, Amenities and Details of Rental Broker and owner. You can search for cheap office space, shared office space nyc, midtown nyc cheap office space and affordable office space nyc.
  2. For Brokers- Rental Brokers and Leasing Agents in NYC can list their office space and properties for free on the site. The main benefit of using is ease of operation and customer support., rent cheap office space nyc, cheap shared office space nyc, cheap office space midtown nyc, affordable office space nyc, office space nyc rental, rent cheap office space nyc


Main Competitors of are

  1. Loopnet
  2. Costar
  3. HomeStars
  4. Showcase
  5. Zillow

Future of and 42floors Review can survive in NYC office Rental and Space market if they introduce new services such as Cheap shared office space NYC, Affordable office space nyc and cheap shared office space has launched different services for New York Office Rental Space rather than introducing old rental services in a new packaging. has launched new services such as Showroom and Customer Support that can differentiate its office space for rental in NYC but they do a better Marketing and a Data Driven Team to turn NYC Office Space Rental services into reality.

Top education channels on youtube, find best youtube channel for education – Choose best online video courses 2013

October 17, 2012 in Education

Earn1money is helping students looking for online education through videos and selected best online video courses 2013. We have found a list of Top education channels on youtube for online education where students can study online. The list of best youtube channel for education would be very helpful in preparation of exams and assignments. If you are not a part of top universities of the world still you can get education from these top universities through thier online videos.

Top Youtube Education Channels list

1. UCBerkeley
 This is the official youtube channel of UC Berkeley where you can find all course videos for subjects. This is one of the most popular youtube education channel and you can find videos on following youtube link

2. IIT India
   This is the official youtube channel of IIT India where you all IIT campueses of India have integrated videos and made courses to learn core education on youtube and can find all course videos for engineering subjects. The accent and voice is very Indianized so student might have problem in understanding subjects on some of the videos but otherwise if you are looking to learn from videos it over and above all other Top Youtube Education channels.

3. MIT-
  The official channel online educational video channel of Massachusetts Institute of Technology has playlist that covers all subjects from engineeering to management, from nuclear management to engineering design. The MIT course videos are available on

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4. Stanford University
   Stanford’s Youtube Education Channel is one of the most popular online education hub. Follow this channel to learn with best faculities all around.

5. Yale University
  If you are looking for core education on all subjects that have exact class style educational video lectures on youtube, than Yale University youtube channel is your choice.

6. Harvard University
 This channel has a lot of seminars on it and it is definitely a choice for management students.

   UCLA youtube video channel also have top video course lectures on youtube

8. Cambridge University
   Everyone know the educaiton standard of youtube, subcribe to one of the best education channel on youtube

   There is no way that UNSW can stay out of best youtube channel for education list. Subscibe for the videos on it.

10. Virtual University of Pakistan
    This Youtube Education Channel has gain a lot of popularity since last year. If accent is not a problem than this is again a Top education youtube channels for you.

Another youtube channel that is aggreating one of the top course videos from all universities is Cure2arthritis, We highly recommend to subscribe to this Youtube channel. This is fastest growing education channel on youtube

We hope our Top Youtube Education Channels list helps you in learning. These are certainly Best Youtube education channels 2013 that would education of the world.

Looking for best Marble Manufacturing Company in India, Looking for Cheap Marble Stone Exporters in India- is solution for you. Largest India Marble Directory

September 9, 2012 in Business Products and Services

India Marble Directory has been finally launched by If you have Marble Warehouse in USA, Italy, Canada, Dubai, United Kingdom and you are looking for Best quality Marble Stone from India. has been launched to provide all information about Stone & Marble Exporters located all over India. The website brings details about all kinds of Stone Exporters, Marble Manufacturing Companies, Indian Marble Mines Owners list and Marble Article Manufactures. is only portal on the web to provide you detailed information about Marble Manufacturing Companies located all across India. is certainly first of its own kind of Indian Marble Directory. Whether you are looking Marble Directory Rajasthan, Marble Directory Kishangarh, Marble Directory Udaipur and Marble Directory Makrana. There are several features on this Marble & Stone Directory website such as

  1. Search Marble Companies by categories such as Marble Mines Owners, India Marble Traders,  Suppliers of Marble Located in India
  2. If you are Marble dealer or Marble Stone Manufacturer, then certainly has a solution for you. You can your Marble Company Located in India by “Add you Marble Company” tab on the website and can start making its online presence.
  3. If you are looking for Cheap Marble Stone Exporters in India, has blog section where you find information about Cheap Marble Exporters in India.

Marble Directory Rajasthan, Marble Directory Kishangarh, Marble Directory Udaipur, Marble Directory Makrana

Certainly is a solution for complete India Marble Directory Listings and was needed from a long while.

Looking for cheap India Golden Triangle Tour Operators Company- is best choice for you

August 26, 2012 in Vacations and Travel Planning

Are you looking for Cheap India Golden Triangle Tour Operators and Packages, is right choice for you. The tour package company is operated by 20 years old experienced company held by Shantanu Naruka, the company offers all several tour packages in India from Rajasthan Tour Packages, India Golden Triangle Tour Packages and India Wildlife Tour Packages. offers Custom India tour packages from 4 days and 3 nights to 15 days and 3 nights India Tour Packages.They offers best hospitality services for India Golden Triangle Tour visitors at very cheap rate.

The Best Part about the company about their custom hotel packages, Car Cabs and India Tour Packages. The company covers cities such as Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kashmir, khajuraho and other major tourist destinations of India. They guarantee to offer best cheap Golden Triangle Tour Packages in India with best hospitality services, they also have great tourist reviews from all their customers. office is located in India, recommends to get in touch with company if you are looking for Cheap Tour Packages in India.

The company has online tour package inquiry forms which helps visitor to know exact price for their custom made Golden Triangle Tour Packages. If you are looking for Rajasthan Tour Package or India Golden Triangle Tour, get in touch with the company on +91-9929108836.

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India Golden Triangle Tour Package


Cisco Security Wheel | CCIE Security Training

August 8, 2012 in CCIE Free Training

Cisco defines a Security Wheel concept that outlines the critical steps to ensuring that data and networks are secured correctly. The Security Wheel revolves around a strong, well-defined corporate policy. The Security Wheel consists of the following:
•    Secure —After defining a strong corporate policy, you should secure your network by deploying the products necessary in the appropriate places to achieve your corporate    [ security goals.
•    Monitor and respond —Continuously monitor using NetRanger tools at strategic points in the network to discover new vulnerabilities.
•    Test On a regular and formal basis, test all network components.
•    Manage and improve Analyze all the reports and metrics supplied by NetSonar and continue to cycle through the Security Wheel by going through all these steps continuously.
Figure 6-6 displays the Cisco Security Wheel graphically

Cisco Security Wheel

How Does daily deal site of India like and makes money online- Know deal site’s actual earning source- Affiliate program

July 30, 2012 in Make Money


While looking for best available online deal in India, we came across two deals sites that are most popular deal sites in India. Both of these deals sites and have awesome deals on site with forums, several online users update these deal sites about latest deals in forum and webmasters of indian deal sites update these deals on the website. Now we were wondering that these deals sites are not focusing on adsense revenue, so we did a bit research and came across several findings how to make money with deal website.

How do deal sites make money?

1. Affiliate Program- Daily sites make their most of money from affiliate program. Affiliate program means when a users register on any ecommerce website or purchase any product on their website these ecommerce websites pay them commission. Daily deals sites make money when

a) Visitor clicks from their website as new user and register on the ecommerce website as new user.

b) Visitor clicks from their website as new user and makes purchase.

Daily Deal sites money making affiliate program

2. Adsense- Daily deals sites make money from their adsense advertsing program. The site owners publish ads through adsense program and make money from pay per clicks and pay per impressions. This make typically $8000 to $1000 or 40,000 to 50,000 rs a month for websites like and

Adsense on deal websites

3. Direct ads- Ecommerce also pay you through Pay per click and Pay per impression basis to these website.

Direct affiliate program on deal sites

4. Featured Stories- Some new ecommerce websites pay to these deal websites for keeping them in their featured stories.

Earn money from deal websites

Typically these india daily deal websites are making money from $6000 to $8,000 or Rs. 3 to 4 lakhs a month. They have affiliate program from,, and other major affiliate program management websites. and has direct affiliate programs from several ecommerce websites such as, and other ecommerce websites. earning per month is atleast $8000 to $10,000.

If you looking to make a daily deal website you can call us on +91-9828083985 or email us on, we can make a website for you in $200 or Rs 10,000.