WordPress 3.2 review- Problems and WordPress 3.2 image issues

July 5, 2011 in Wordpress 3.2, Wordpress SEO

WordPress 3.2 Review:-  WordPress 3.2 is full of problems and issues such image uploading. WordPress 3.2 seems to be only with improved visual interface and code clarity to search engine rather than friendly interface to non-technical bloggers.

Iam using wordpress from last 4 years and even iam also not able to upload images with wordpress 3.2. I have installed wordpress 3.2  just 3 to 4 hours back and thinking to get it back to wordpress 3.1. Really this wordpress 3.2 seems to be full of problems rather than user friendly, most of people are using wordpress only to upload image and galleries. I have been able to upload images after some time, but it was not smooth as it was with wordpress 3.1.

I would recommend not to upgrade to new version of wordpress 3.2 without seeing reviews and your purpose of blog. Image Seo would not be possible with wordpress 3.2. So forget wordpress 3.2 seo tricks or wordpress 3.2 seo tips.

WordPress review is negative. WordPress 3.2 recommendation would be not to use. There are lot of issues with wordpress 3.2 and recommendendation would be a clear No.


WordPress 3.2 was launched to increase uploading speed, when i measures website uploading speed i did not find a change of even .1 second with WordPress 3.2.

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    Probably you will have to update wordpress and re-install it images issues will be fixed. That happens to me. Good luck

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WordPress 3.2 review- Problems and WordPress 3.2 image issues