With Debt Management and Consolidated Loans- Can You buy a Car?

October 5, 2011 in Debt Relief

The big question about people who currently have consolidated their debts and loans, With their Consolidated Loans can they buy a car? The general answer for buying a car with consolidated loans is usually negative however in today’s environment the correct answer would be it depends. The people with consolidated loans can buy car, yes with your consolidated loans you can buy car.

When we are talking about consolidation loans, are you talking about you have great credit now or good credit now or you have simply consolidated loans to different outstanding loans into one new loan at better interest rate. If this is the case before you actually do it, talk with the car dealership that you are looking at; also make sure that you what the price of car it is, what you are looking for and than off-course you have to negotiate with the people and companies who are giving you the car loan with your current consolidated loan.

If you are talking about the debt consolidation or debt settlement loans that involves court system, well in this case people in debt have to talk with the authority. Talking to the authority is highly advisable to do or speak actual judge in the case, so on the surface the answer to buy a car with consolidated loan still isn’t clear as it might be.

Can you buy a car on consolidation loan? If it makes sense than answer is “Yes”. Yes, you can buy car only when the car can actually help you make money most likely. However people with consolidated loan needs to do their homework first, earn1money.com advice seeking outside counselor and if you are struggling with that just take a breath, sharp around just find a legitimate counselor is going to be the toughest thing you are going to do.

After consulting legitimate counselor for car loan it is simply a matter of looking where you at, simply putting things the prospective; negotiating with those whom owe you money just honor your commitments from that point forward. It always helps people with consolidated loans to seek outside counselor.

Earn1money.com has consulted 25 year experienced financial consultant in New York

Buying a car with consolidated loan

Buying a car with consolidated loan

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With Debt Management and Consolidated Loans- Can You buy a Car?