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SEO URL Tricks to increase visibility in Google URL SEO algorithm 2012, SEO CODE

July 8, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo navigation, Seo tips 2012

Google URL SEO algorithm 2012 is changed from july 2012 and Google URL characters are now limited to 65 characters, so it is very important to change code in PHP script of your website to rank high on google search results.

Free SEO code for PHP or PHP seo code script website will be as follows

SEO code for PHP script

Free SEO Code PHP







This PHP code will change your URL structure for website and will help seo for google in 2012 by increase visibilty to Google search bot. This is SEO code 2012 for website made in PHP script and it will help website in coping with current google seo change 2012. This will help you to increase your website URL structure visibility bu four characters.

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This is best SEO URL Tricks to rank your website on top google result.

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