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2 wordpress Seo 2012 tips to get google first page ranking in 2012 on 200 plus keywords of your website

June 16, 2011 in Seo tips 2012, Wordpress SEO

With 2012 Google first page ranking or google top ranking on keywords is very important for every website in 2012 for their survival. Seo 2012 for website would be easy if you are working on wordpress blog, wordpress is free blogging platform 2012 to get top 10 google ranking for your website. WordPress is one of the best blog in 2012 for seo purpose or what we call search engine optimization 2012, wordpress keeps on continuously improving their seo platform to rank your wordpress blog on top google ranking and this process we should call wordpress seo 2012 or bigger aspect of search engine optimization for 2015.


Tips for seo 2012 or seo tips in 2012 to get top ten ranking on google for wordpress website on different keywords 2012 are

1 tip for seo 2012 would be to get first page ranking for your google would be

Bold your keywords that you are playing with in the content, for example

Keyword “SEO problems in 2012” i got it on top as i highlighted it in bold as h1 text in blog for seo in 2012 and also mention that in tags, This is the 1 tip for seo in 2012. Remmeber to install any wordpress seo plugin 2012 to get your website on top in 3 months.

2 tip for wordpress seo 2012 for best startegy to get your website rank on top 10 google ranking 2012 on keywords would be

Add Images one or two images to your blog to rate your website high on seo for google image search which has been least focussed by seo specialist and seo experts in 2012. Add sutiable image title, image caption in 2012, Image description and also remember to add sutiable alternate text to rate it on top. You can also add Image title in advanced link setting in wordpress image in 2012, Link rss to image, Css Class and Style to get perfect wordpress seo 2012.

Wordpress image seo 2012 strategy

Wordpress image seo 2012 tips

If you apply this two wordpress seo 2012 tips on your blog, these wordpress seo tips in 2012 would certainly rate on your wordpress blog on top ten google rating in 2012. It is very important to optimize wordpress website blog to rank high on Google in 2012. Remember seo 2011 is already very competitive and to rate your wordpress website blog seo 2012 on top would certainly be even more competitive, so correct your blog on each and every aspect of search engine optimization 2012 to get it on top 10 rankings on google on different keywords in 2012.

(Note:- There is big difference between keywords and tags which is very important to understand for 2012 seo or seo 2011)

SEO 2012 is also expecting major change with Introduction Google Plus  One. Google Plus is social network which helps online users to identify people in their circle are looking for on Google Search Results. Google Management has confirmed that +1 sign would affect SEO 2012.

SEO 2012 would be more based on Social Media of Google Plus, To sustain for long term Search Engine Optimization in 2012 the website owners and webmasters really needs to work on how to get more +1 for their website on Search Result.

The Top factors for SEO 2012

The top factors that would affect SEO 2012 process are

1. Google Plus One:- Google search results can be now called social plus optimized search results in 2012.
2. Spam Detection:- Earn1money recommends not to use any spam practices for ranking website on top search results.
3. Reviews:- Reviews are going to play major role for keywords and search engine results.
4. Original Content:- If you want to get your website on top search results, write only original content. Article rewriting not recommended for SEO 2012.
5. Website Navigation:- Broken links are not at all acceptable for SEO 2012, Please check that there are no broken links on website.
6. Frequent Panda Update are expected in 2012. Google needs to find a way to give more relevant search results in 2012.
7. Author Relevance:- Google now displays name of author on Search results, now content written by more known author can also affect seo in 2012.
8. Images:- Remember now google can identify images, if you steal images from any website it can be identified easily. So post original imaged that just pasting images on website or wordpress blog in 2012.

There are many factors or rather we would say every factor is going to effect your SEO 2012. So tighthen your belts to prepare for a new world of search engine optimization in 2012.
View google problems in 2012 and google categorization issues

Is google really confused to categorize even top 1000 website in 2011 or SEO problem in 2012

June 14, 2011 in List of google website category, Search Engine Optimization 2012

Its 2011 and Google bots are not able to categorize many top rank websites of the world declared by google and Google is not even sure about Big social network like Google in-facts do not believe to be social network and it is categorized as Email & Messaging website. Another big name is un-categorized by Google and this un-categorization has raised question is Google biased or Google is still confused about their search results?

There is long list of websites (in top 1000 rankings in terms of unique visitor and pageviews) facing problems of categorization issues with google search and they are (55,000,000 Unique visitors), (41,000,000 Unique visitors), (26,000,000 Unique visitors), (21,000,000 Unique visitors),,,,,,,,,,, and still plenty of website with more than 1000,000 unique visitors are struggling to be categorized by google bots.


It is very important for webmasters to know how Google rates a website, other wise it will not possible for any website owner to rank their website properly. No SEO would be possible in 2011 or SEO in 2012, Google have already made big change on 11 April 2011. Strategics for seo in 2012 would be based on website categorization and not on any backlinks, content or website design. Make a website category friendly to rate it top on search results rather than playing on useless keywords. The right example for right SEO in 2012 would be google shopping, if your website is not a shopping website no rating or Search Engine Optimization in 2012 would be possible or would ever work for your website.


Actual List of website categories by google bots search (this list of categorised is authorized and used by google to rate and categorize a website into it). These categories are used by google to categorize and as well as rate websites.

  1. Accounting & Auditing
  2. Advertising & Marketing
  3. Antivirus & Malware
  4. Apparel
  5. Arts & Entertainment
  6. Auctions
  7. Banking
  8. Baseball
  9. Blogging Resources & Services
  10. Broadcast & Network News
  11. Business Plans & Presentations
  12. Cartoons
  13. Casual Games
  14. Celebrities & Entertainment News
  15. Classifieds
  16. Clip Art & Animated GIFs
  17. Computer & Video Games
  18. Computer Hardware
  19. Consumer Electronics
  20. Coupons & Discount Offers
  21. Credit Cards
  22. Dating & Personals
  23. Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
  24. Directories & Listings
  25. DVD & Video Rentals
  26. E-Commerce Services
  27. Email & Messaging
  28. Entertainment Media
  29. Fantasy Sports
  30. Fashion & Style
  31. File Sharing & Hosting
  32. Flash-Based Entertainment
  33. Freeware & Shareware
  34. Games
  35. General Reference
  36. Health
  37. Home Furnishings
  38. Hotels & Accommodations
  39. How-To‚ DIY & Expert Content
  40. Import & Export
  41. Internet & Telecom
  42. Internet Clients & Browsers
  43. Investing
  44. ISPs
  45. Java
  46. Jobs
  47. Local News
  48. Mac OS
  49. Mail & Package Delivery
  50. Maps
  51. Marketing Services
  52. Mass Merchants & Department Stores
  53. Merchant Services & Payment Systems
  54. Movie Reference
  55. Movies
  56. Multimedia Software
  57. Music & Audio
  58. Music Streams & Downloads
  59. News
  60. Newspapers
  61. Online Communities
  62. Online Games
  63. Online Journals & Personal Sites
  64. Online Media
  65. Online Video
  66. Open Source
  67. Phone Service Providers
  68. Photo & Image Sharing
  69. Photo & Video Sharing
  70. Radio
  71. Real Estate
  72. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
  73. Search Engines
  74. Service Providers
  75. Shopping
  76. Shopping Portals & Search Engines
  77. Social Network Apps & Add-Ons
  78. Social Networks
  79. Software
  80. Sports News
  81. Translation Tools & Resources
  82. Travel
  83. TV Networks & Stations
  84. Vehicle Shopping
  85. Video Sharing
  86. Voice & Video Chat
  87. Weather
  88. Web Apps & Online Tools
  89. Web Design & Development
  90. Web Hosting & Domain Registration
  91. Web Portals
  92. Web Services
  93. Webcams & Virtual Tours
  94. Windows OS
  95. World News

The question is google confusion or google plan. They have introduced Google voice search and google voice search is also not not able to recognize words properly due to poor quality. This has raised question wether Google voice search will be success or a big failure, however the use of voice search is although very limited.

Even big Antivirus website is not in Antivirus & Malware category by google. Is this categorization of websites big plan of google or still a big confusion of google.