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Page Speed Google Review, Google Page Speed Optimizer For Better Page Rank

August 2, 2011 in Free Seo Tips

Page Speed Google Review of Google’s new service Google Page Speed Service for optimizing website for better page rank and better visibility on Google’s search engine.

What is Google Page Speed Service?

Google Page Speed Service is a new Google Lab Innovation of 2011 to speed your web-page with very economical charge or fee. Google Page Speed Service optimizes web pages through Google Servers, where Google algorithm are conducted to make web page more efficient and visible to Google’s search engine which makes uploading of website and web-pages at relatively high speed. Google claim to make website uploading speed fast by minimum 20%.

How does Google Page Speed Service work for fast uploading?

Google Page Speed Service optimize codes in webs-page by its very high speed servers. The website owner or webmaster has to redirect website’s Domain Name Server (DNS) to Google’s high speed servers and further process for optimizing website code is conducted by Google’s automatic program Page Speed Service.

In Google’s Page Speed Service your website’s code would not be changed but the codes would be made more efficient, so webmaster and website developers need not to worry about this issue.

How much speed is increased by Page Speed Service of Google?

The Google Page Speed Service increase the uploading speed of website by 22% to 58% . The webpages inside website would be optimized by better codes of Google algorithm and the uploading speed of website would certainly increase by minimum 22%.

What is cost of Page Speed Service by Google?

The fee for Page Speed Service is yet to be decided by Google. But Google’s management has ensured that fee would be very economical for fast website uploading service. The expected fees for Google Page Speed Service would be less than 100 USD. This cost would be very less if the bounce rate of website is reduced due Google Page Speed Service.

How to check uploading speed of website by Google?

You can check your website’s uploading speed on following link


Google Page Speed Plugins for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are also available on

How Google’s Page Speed Service will be useful?

By Google’s Page Speed Service, webmasters and website developers can also check website uploading factors such as

  1. Image size Compression
  2. Clearing Website’s Internal Cache
  3. CSS code Customization


How to start with Google Page Speed Service?

To start with Google Page Speed Service you need to check following link or URL

Review of Page Speed Service by Google

Review of Page Speed Service by Google is very positive and Page Speed Service of Google should be used by all website developers and owners. The Page Speed Google Review is very positive and is only a gain gain situation for all.

What is Google Page Speed Service?

Please Find review of our website ( by Google Page Speed Service

Page Speed Service

Google Page Speed Service


Page Speed Service 1

Google Page Speed Service 1


Page Speed Service 2

Google Page Speed Service 2


Page Speed Service 3

Google Page Speed Service 3