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List of top 10 game websites and top 100 game websites list in 2011 to 2015

June 3, 2011 in List of top 10 websites, List of top 100 websites, Media and Entertainment


Here are Google’s authorized list for the Top 10 Best games Websites for children and list of Top 100 Best gaming Websites for games and children. We found list of best and top online games websites list that is provided by Google for to make it easy for kids to determine top 10 free online games websites and top 100 free online games websites or best 100 online gaming websites.

Whether it is 2011 or 2012 list of top 10 online games websites will remain in best gaming websites and this free online games websites list is not expected to change till 2015 whether gaming users will increase or decrease. Kids whether they are girl or boy will certainly find best online games websites download or to play them online.

Worldwide Rank of top 10 games website by google Google’s top games Website list  Category of games website Unique Visitors or Users on these top games website
36 Online Games 80,000,000
113 Online Games 34,000,000
136 Online Games 28,000,000
245 Online Games 19,000,000
257 Roleplaying Games 18,000,000
277 Online Games 17,000,000
291 Online Games 16,000,000
309 Roleplaying Games 16,000,000
321 Online Games 16,000,000
329 Online Games 16,000,000
378 Online Games 13,000,000
382 Online Games 13,000,000
386 Online Games 13,000,000
391 Online Games 13,000,000
464 Online Games 12,000,000
493 Online Games 11000000
554 Games 10,000,000
577 Games 9,900,000
620 Online Games 9,100,000
644 Games 9,000,000
687 Games 9,000,000
775 Online Games 8,100,000
807 Online Games 7,500,000
824 Online Games 7,500,000
854 Online Games 7,400,000
883 Online Games 7,300,000
948 Online Games 6,700,000
972 Online Games 6,700,000
976 Online Games 6,700,000
992 Online Games 6,600,000

Recent trend to find list of best online games for website, this top 10 list includes a complete best mobile games website directory. Parents will be able to determine websites that are not in blocked gaming website list and will allow kids to download mobile games websites list.

This top games website list of 2011 includes website based on traffic, number of users, Page Views (Number of pages viewed) and reach to children in term of percentage. This is authorized and authenticated Google’s best games websites and these games website are not blocked for anyone.

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