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Barack Obama 2012 economy plans will improve america economic condition by 5 steps

August 1, 2011 in Financial Services, Funding & Investments

How Barack Obama’s 2012 economy plans will improve America’s economic condition is a question in everyone’s mind. When we see news article such as “Apple Corporation has more funds than American Treasury” gives fuel in creating environment for global recession. The negative news articles about America’s economy is also making things worse for business.

Analysis of economic plans 2012 for Barack Obama that will improve United States economic condition by involving some simple steps.

Analysis of economic plans 2012 Step 1: America’s economy is based on service sector. The service sector in United States holds more than 80% of the total economic share of America. The major problem with United State’s service sector is the focus of their service sector, the service sector of United States is more focused on American consumers and residents rather than global clients. The service sector of United States believes that they can find premium clients only in United States and their products & services are only focused on American residents. The vision of American service sector lacks products and services for Booming economics of India, China and other growing economics. Service sector of United States can find at-least 10 times more customers than American clients only in India and China.

Analysis of economic plans 2012 Step 2: It is very important to analyze why countries like China and India are growing. The reason for growing economy of India and China is based on simple principle “Products and Services for other countries“. China manufactures most of their A Grade products for America whereas 82% of Indian Service Sector serves only United States, this Economy Principle for 2012 means economies can grow more if they serve other countries with their own countries.

Analysis of economic plans 2012 Step 3: More control over venture capital activities in 2012 would be very effective tools for gearing United States economy. 92.37% of venture capitalist companies have lost their money by investing in United States tech start-ups. More money venture capitalists lose worse United States economy is affected, 2010 and 2011 are year of entry and exits social networking websites. We have seen introduction of thousands of new social networking websites and their exit. Barack Obama’s economy plans for 2012 should stress on controlling this situation so that small investors do not lose their hard earned money in 2012.

Analysis of economic plans 2012 Step 4: Loans rate must increase and loan procedure must be tough in order to control tendency getting easy loans by United States residents. The better control over America’s loan procedure in 2012 would definitely help and improve America economic condition 2012. America economy and loans.

Analysis of economic plans 2012 Step 5: Essential 6 working dayswould improve economic condition of America by 2011. The 6 days working in week is seen in India and is very important factor behind growth of economy for China and India.

Economy plans of Barack Obama 2012

Barack Obama 2012 economy plans


These are 5 small alterations in Barack Obama’s Economic Plans for 2012 would help economy to get back on track. Analysis of economic plans 2012 are factual reasons behind growth of Indian economy and China’s economy.


“Mr. President if you do not take right steps today to improve America’s economy than there would certainly be severe consequences in 2012″.