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Google Bots IP Address or Cracking Google search results possibility for SEO 2012 by IP Address Google

November 23, 2011 in Learn SEO, Seo tips 2012

Google Bots IP Address is always tough to detect and there is big theory behind google bots ip range. Detecting google bots ip range is always a challenging task for SEO experts who want to crack Google search algorithm. Recenlty google bots came on my website and i caught google bots ip address. When i have throughly researched on Google bots IP range, i found something unusual about Google Bots IP address range. Google selects all of their IP address from .10 to .255.

Example for IP address Google for TheDalles, OR, Bots IP location;

Google bots IP address range starts from to

I was also able to detect another Google Bots IP location CouncilBluffs, IA, UnitedStates and again heir IP address from .10 to .255. What is the major catch behind selectoion particular Google Bots IP address or there is actual Google algorithm connected for search results due to particular IP address selection. When i searched for Google ip address locator for Mountain View location again they begin from to

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IP address Google, Google bots ip address








Why google do not choose any Google bots ip address below .10 and above .255 for their bots, there is certainly search algorithm of Google connected to it. Iam Seo Expert based in India and i will be back after cracking 100% sure algorithm of Google search results. IP address google analytics is very important to understand analytics of Google.


If anyone is interested in cracking Google search algorithm and research on Google bots ip list, you can contact me on my email I also have another clues about search google algorithm for SEO 2012.