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SEO 2012 Advanced Keyword Research Strategies for New Web-Page and Existing Web-Page 2012

February 20, 2012 in Search Engine Optimization 2012

How to do keyword research for SEO to get most of revenue is possible with only Advanced Keyword Research Strategies for New Web-Page and Existing Web-Page in 2012. Search engine optimization in 2012 is certainly cannot be effective if SEO expert focus on non-related or non-competitive keywords. Seo 2012 can certainly be very easy and effective with advance keyword strategies for both new and existing web-pages. Here is Step by Step SEO advance keyword research guide to make most out of your spending

Advanced Keyword Research SEO Guide

Following are steps for advanced SEO keyword research for new and existing website or webpage

1. Published Pages- Check all published pages by Google site operator ie For advance keyword research it is important to check all existing published pages crawled by Google crawler or spider. Best steps to begin SEO keyword research would

a) Monitor Google Analytics to determine pages that are rising, falling and holding their own. Make Archive of Pages and Traffic Ratings of all existing website page in excel spreadsheet to monitor which pages are making most on Google and other search engines.

b) Combine Traffic, Term and Coverage scores to improve score

c) SEO content coverage analysis – What content is covered for SEO by search engine and google is again very important to do SEO and advanced keyword research. (SEO content coverage analysis can be controlled to certain extent by Meta Descriptions)

d) Re-Scored Page list and ranking- We would recommend to recheck above Keyword Analysis after a period of 20 days.

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SEO 2012 Advanced Keyword Research Strategies

2. Monitor Customer Site Text Data to Find New terms or names- On-Page SEO is certainly very effective when keywords are added as per data available on

a) Comparison with current pages to determine overlap of SEO and keywords

b) SEO term analysis- It is very important to analyze SEO term on search engine and Website Internal Pages

c) SEO content coverage analysis- How much SEO text covers the content given on client’s website is again very important to rank high on search results.

d) Re-Scored Page list and ranking- Record score or position of web-page after period of 20 days.

3. Updated Consumer Multimedia collection- Multimedia collection is key to rank on top search results. Multimedia SEO analysis includes Images, Videos, MP3, Files and other related content. Add keywords, description and alt text to all sorts of multimedia available on website.

4. Query Lists Internal Google, Web- Collect all results from above three methods and record them in Excel Spreadsheet to generate Keyword report and Keyword Position on Google and other search engine.

5. Name Lists- Research for synonyms of keyword and add them to website content and meta description. The best way to do keyword synonym research is adding (~) to term and search in google. Example synonym keyword research on Google ~woman

Synonym keyword research will give results for above query

woman, wife, female

6. Editorial List- Make a list of edits that have to made on existing website page or new website page in order to overcome any keyword overlap, over optimization of keywords and keyword spamming issues.

There is no such way to determine potential and effective advance keyword strategy without deep and longer research. No SEO expert is exactly sure of which potential keyword will rank on search engine, only after advance and deep analysis of SEO keywords can lead to success.

Best Keyword tool SEO 2012 are

1. Google

2. MSN

3. Google Trends 

4. Twitter Trends

5. Facebook Lexicon

6. SEMrush