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Opportunity to earn money with spoken dialogue systems and speech processing company in Astoria, NY- Affymax, Inc.

January 22, 2011 in Education, Software

Agilingua LLC offers software and consulting services in the area of spoken dialogue systems and speech processing. Company’s Main product “ATOM- it is Spoken Dialogue SDK, is a low cost, integrated and Natural Speech Interface that supports the development of free applications, natural voice interface for embedded systems and mobile devices. The company was Founded in May 2004 in Pennsylvania by Dr. Matthias Denecke and Seo Yu.

Oppurtunity to earn money with spoken dialogue systems and speech processing company- Affymax, Inc.

1.  ATOM Spoken Dialogue SDK: A packed, complete development environment for intelligent voice interfaces for embedded systems.

2. ATOM CarNavi SDK: A reference design to develop speech interfaces for vehicle navigation and multimedia, automotive electronic systems.

3.  ATOM Robot SDK: A reference design for voice operated humanoid robots, toy robots and robot kits and events / robot guiding center.

4.  Gotalk: It is a hobby robot speaking staff. It is useful for speech, fun and learning for everyone.

5.  Academic Packages: Agilingua, LLC. reputabed academic programs to support R&D and educational schemes related to spoken dialogue interfaces at schools, universities & colleges.

6.  Customizing ATOM Runtime Engine for specific needs.

7.  Voice interface development in any language or multiple.

8.  Voice application development interface, including integration.

Agilingua LLC Office address

24-65 38th Street #5D Astoria, NY 11103 USA

Tel: 1-718-956-0278