Pre-IPO Analysis of Facebook stock- Facebook IPO risk Report

July 7, 2011 in Facebook, Financial Services

Pre-IPO Analysis of Facebook is important for investors looking to invest in facebook Initial Public Offering to be held on 2012.


Ipo for facebook has following Pre-IPO analysis points

1. Non Disclosure of Balance Sheet- Balance sheet of facebook has never been disclosed. The owners of facebook have never dared to disclosed balance sheet of Facebook publicly in 2010 or in 2009, no one knows about the actual earnings of facebook. Un-official sources says facebook earned $250 million in 2008 and $475 million in 2009. But No-one know about actual earnings of facebook  in 2010. Are figures not disclosed because of IPO of facebook in 2012?


2. Do Facebook really needs Initial Public Offering?

With more than $2.34 Billion in pocket, can you imagine for any tech-company needs funding. If investors want return on their investment, this really mean that facebook is actually not good enough to earn and generate their expected revenue? Facebook investors can’t risk of further because of low facebook revenue in recent years.


3. With more than 50 billion members why facebook do not have appropriate business model? A big question with no answer. Even Facebook management don’t know how to earn. People and companies come with business ideas and business associations like Zynga.


4. Why Facebook Initial Public Offering date is delayed every-time for no reason.

Answer- The late will be listing of facebook more hype can be created among IPO investors. Ipo for facebook has successfully created a major hype in the mind and pocket of investors all over United States.


5. Facebook Ipo Share Price Analysis- Facebook Ipo Share Price is expected to be around $15 to bring interest of small investors also.


6. Facebook Public Ipo Amount Analysis- The total Facebook Public Ipo structure would be around $8.2 billion. This amount will cover investment made by all major investors of facebook.


7. Facebook IPO Date- The date of ipo of facebook is 14 May 2012.


8. How Much investors of facebook will gain?

Our Pre-IPO Analysis of Facebook says Facebook investors will double their investment made in facebook IPO within 6 months, they can earn good only when they do not consider investment in facebook for long term.


It is recommended to invest in facebook IPO but not for long term, keep it to 6 to 9 months. Facebook’s share are going to fall after establishment of Google plus social networking circles.


Facebook Website Analysis

Ipo of Facebook

Facebook ipo stock


Facebook Members – 51 billion

Facebook Daily Page Views- 12.3 billion

Facebook Worldwide website rank- 2

Facebook Domain Booking Date- 29 March 1997

Facebook Current Revenue- Actual Figure Never Disclosed

Facebook Funding- $2.34 Billion

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Pre-IPO Analysis of Facebook stock- Facebook IPO risk Report