New Google Panda Update December 2011- Optimization for Exact Query Search

December 9, 2011 in Learn SEO

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Surprisingly again we see Minor new Google Panda update December 2011 just after 12 days of Google 18 November 2011 update. The recent Google Panda update is to match exact query search in order to provide more relevant search result on Google.

The exact query search update of December Google Panda has hurt my own social network website meant for arthritis patients. The website still ranks on top search results on several prime keywords but it surprisingly lost its top position on prime keyword “Arthritis diet” and “Arthritis diet plan”. It is really tough to identify whether it lost its top position either due to content freshness or exact query search Google Panda Algorithm.

Another major update of Google earlier in 2011 has also affected SEO of several wordpress CMS in 2011. This update was for freshness of content and was meant to filter spammy practices of wordpress SEO experts in early 2012. However Google does not have any plans to hurt SERP of wordpress blogs in 2012, but new search algorithm is dedicated to rank fresh blogs on top search results than old and outdated blogs which are not suitable with current technology. One major update for WordPress SEO 2012 will be based on freshness of content.

Best practices for WordPress SEO in 2012

The best practices for wordpress SEO in 2012 will be to post regular and new blogs on relevant content to meet fresh content update of Google Panda update with a concern to hit related search query. The major concern is to meet all guidelines of SEO 2012 for exact search query algorithm. These are effective SEO tips for WordPress 2012.

Cracking SEO 2013 algorithm for top search results with social networking

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SEO 2013 algorithm for top search results is marked by one prominent feature Social Networking, Social Interaction and concept of relevant Local Search results along with content. Search engine optimization 2013 is focussed on much more than quality content, tags, keywords and meta description. The top search results in 2013 on Google and other search engine will be marked by how often the search results are recommended by authority authors of Google Plus. The non-authority authors of Google Plus will also affect top search result optimization in 2013 however influence of Google Plus authority authors will be more prominent on identfying top search results.

The main focus of SEO 2013 will not be based on number of recommendations but on the quality recommendations being provided by Google’s reoputed authors. The main concern is how to identify top reputed authors for Google and how to use these reputed authors of Google Plus in top search results is major question to crack SEO 2013 algorithm.

How to identify top google author for content?

From June 2011, we can see “Auhtority of authors for content on search results”. The main issue is how to identify right and top google auhtority authors for any content. The authority authors for any content can be identfied by “Social SEO 2013″.

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Top Off Page SEO techniques 2013

1. Search Query Location- The main aspect of Google in 2013 is to provide local search results to the geographic location of user. SEO in 2013 would be very effective if you select authority author from nearby location, really choosing authors from location where search query is generated frequenty would affect search results “Selecting authority author’s  Geographic location is very important for SEO 2013″.

2. Electronic Device- Electronic Device such as mobile, desktop, pamtop, tabs and laptop will also influence search results in 2013. If search query is from mobile device definitely mobile friendly website would rank on top search results 2013, Electronic Gadgets are also key factor for mobile search engine optimization 2013.

3. Interest Level of User- Since most of search on Google is done while logged into gmail, so Google bots and search algorithm can identify the interest of user to provide relevant search results in 2013. The people in your social network will also affect your top search results in 2013.

4. Previous Search Queries- Google Search Engine bots now track your previous search made on search engine from same IP address and browser. Google can also track what was previously searched by user on Google Search Engine. Previous search queries are another key factor to crack SEO 2013 algorithm.

5. Hosting- The location of website server will play important role in identifying top search results 2013 for search engine optimization. The concept of hyper-local search results would be aided with location of your website hosting company.

6. Date of indexing on search engine- Indexing date is important for SEO to identify when any web page was indexed. SEO is highly influenced with time the web-page was indexed will also affect the top search results at different locations for top seo practice 2013. Date and time of indexing when webpage was crawled by search engine. Time factor will be another major factor for identyfying top search results in 2013.

7. Permanent and Temporary Social Backlinks- Social networking websites such as facebook and twitter are fast way of providing temporary social network backlinks. These temporary social network backlinks are fastest way to develop backlinks. Permanent backlinks for SEO 2013 refer to those webpages which point a backlink in a form of Anchor text and hyperlink to the web page with touch of relevant keywords. It is suggested not to use exact keywords for anchor text, the best SEO practice for anchor text is using relevant keyword match than exact keyword match.

These are best Off Page optimization techniques 2013 with a sense of social network touch and consideration of human factors. The best search engine optimization techniques 2013 are based on social network and providing local relevant results.

Google Bots IP Address or Cracking Google search results possibility for SEO 2012 by IP Address Google

November 23, 2011 in Learn SEO, Seo tips 2012

Google Bots IP Address is always tough to detect and there is big theory behind google bots ip range. Detecting google bots ip range is always a challenging task for SEO experts who want to crack Google search algorithm. Recenlty google bots came on my website and i caught google bots ip address. When i have throughly researched on Google bots IP range, i found something unusual about Google Bots IP address range. Google selects all of their IP address from .10 to .255.

Example for IP address Google for TheDalles, OR, Bots IP location;

Google bots IP address range starts from to

I was also able to detect another Google Bots IP location CouncilBluffs, IA, UnitedStates and again heir IP address from .10 to .255. What is the major catch behind selectoion particular Google Bots IP address or there is actual Google algorithm connected for search results due to particular IP address selection. When i searched for Google ip address locator for Mountain View location again they begin from to

Google bots ip list, Google bots ip, Google bots ip address, Google bots ip range, IP address google, SEO 2012

IP address Google, Google bots ip address








Why google do not choose any Google bots ip address below .10 and above .255 for their bots, there is certainly search algorithm of Google connected to it. Iam Seo Expert based in India and i will be back after cracking 100% sure algorithm of Google search results. IP address google analytics is very important to understand analytics of Google.


If anyone is interested in cracking Google search algorithm and research on Google bots ip list, you can contact me on my email I also have another clues about search google algorithm for SEO 2012.

Cat results 2011, Cat results 2011 list, CAT results 2011 scorecard, CAT results 2011 declared

November 23, 2011 in Education

Cat results 2011 is awaited by all aspiring candidates for MBA 2012 session. CAT results 2011 list will be available on 11 Jan 2012, CAT results 2011 scorecard consists of three sections- Quantative, Logic & Data Interpretration and Verbal. CAT results 2011 scorecard would be average of all three sections to calculate Total Percentile. The total CAT score would be 450 and CAT total percentile would be calculated on basis of it.

CAT results 2011 declared date is 11 Jan 2012 and is available on official website of CAT governing body. All cat results 2011 toppers can be seen on website and there is specific section on official CAT website where you can see CAT results 2011 toppers. All CAT exam results are governed by Prometric which handles all registeration and as well as CAT exam 2011 results.

The best way for cat results 2011 analysis would be to view actual CAT scorecard. You can see CAT score based on three section of CAT exams, there are different institues which stress on CAT score of individual sections. So good score in all individual lays foundation for higher chances of selection in CAT colleges and IIM’s.

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Cat results 2011, CAT results 2011 scorecard

Steps to enroll in CAT colleges 2012

1. CAT aspirants meet minimum required marks and percentile in CAT exam 2011.

2. Call for CAT GD which stands for group discussion.

3. Personal Interview

4. Verification of Documents

CAT exam results 2011 are available online on and this is only official website to check your CAT online results 2012. “CAT results 2011 when is it out” is one of the most common question among all students and CAT official results 2011 will be avaialble on 11 Jan 2012. You need to know your CAT Registration number 2011 to know your results and in case if you have lost your CAT Registration number 2011, the best way to find CAT Registration number is in your email. CAT governing body sends you email to find your CAT Registration number and even if you have deleted email for CAT Registration number still you can find that in Trash folder if not deleted for long.

CAT registration 2012 exam link will also be online and you can also apply online on

CAT Online practice test is available on

Eligibility for CAT exams 2012 is “Graduation percentage should be minimum 50% for General caste. However SC, DA and ST CAT candidates can apply for CAT exam 2012 with minimum 45% in graduation”. CAT is short term used for Common Admission Test for MBA India 2012.

Click below for

Top Integrated MBA Colleges India 2012

IBPS registration number lost- Learn How to get ibps registration number for IBPS CWE exams 2012

November 19, 2011 in Bank Examination

IBPS registration number lost is one of the major problem we have found in IBPS CWE conducted for Banks PO and Clerks. Therefore it is very important to learn How to get ibps registration number for Bank PO exams 2012. IBPS registration number is actually your IBPS admit card 2012 to be eligible to give exams in various centre all over India. There are several IBPS Bank exam candidates who have IBPS registration number lost.

However when you have lost your IBPS admit card 2012 for Bank PO exams, you need to know hoe to get ibps registration number. Since Bank CWE exams 2012 registeration is now online, so to get your Lost IBPS Registeration number here are your options

To get IBPS Registeration Number 2012 here are two modes

1. IBPS send you IBPS Admit Card 2012 or IBPS Registeration Number by email. The email to which IBPS Admit Card 2012 or IBPS Registeration Number is delivered on the email address provided by Bank PO candidate while filling and applying for IBPS Bank Exam online. If you have entered wrong email address on IBPS form, than you have lost your one chance to get IBPS admit card 2012.

2. IBPS website server also sends Bank PO Registeration Number to your Mobile Number which you have entered in IBPS online application form 2012. Again you have entered your mobile number wrong while filing IBPS online exam form 2012, you can still take print out if you have not closed your browser window. We advise to take printout of IBPS Admit Card 2012 before closing your Internet Explorer or any other browser window.

We do not recommend, but another option if you have deleted SMS of IBPS registeration details on your mobile. There are devices and gadgets available in market which helps to recover deleted sms or text messages on mobile. Now these devices are easily available in market which can certainly help you in recovering your lost IBPS registeration number in 2012.

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How to get Ibps Roll Number

The best way to get IBPS Admit Card is to take a printout of ibps application form right way than getting into hassle.

We also came across some IBPS bank candidate who were using browsers configuration such as Internet Explorer 6.0 which are not supported by IBPS website, so we recommend to use JavaScript enabled latest internet browser versions for taking printout of IBPS Bank PO Exams 2012.

You can take re-print out of IBPS CWE exams 2012 on 

Arthritis Cure, Is there is really a treatment for arthritis in 2012

November 16, 2011 in Arthritis

Arthritis Cure is most searched term on internet to find right treatment of arthritis, but the only question which lies in mind of arthritis patient, Do you have really any cure for arthritis. has asked question from founder of arthritis treatment website Founder of says “I answer is in one word than it is No”, however there are certain foods, if you can include in your diet can certainly help you in curing arthritis or recovering from arthritis joint pain in 2012.

The primary reason for arthritis in 2012 will be “Movement and position of legs”. founder says, We have noticed arthritis problems in ladies wearing heals casually. The positioning of legs is one of the major reason behind Osteoarthritis in female and as well as males. The positioning of legs and ankles is major factor which leads to slowly and steadily diminish cartilage between the knees. So if you can avoid high heals in 2012, you can avoid arthritis knee pain in 2012.

There is no best medicine for arthritis, however people can use ayurvedic oil for arthritis, which is provided by and is not available for sale outside India. is based in Udaipur, Rajasthan and is making efforts to open offices in other cities in order to provide effective treatment of arthritis to people. ayurvedic Oil is 100% natural which helps in rejuvination of cartilage and atleast help in not increasing the join pain. founder also mentioned that “If pain is not increasing it is also a sign of improvement in arthritis joint pain.” There are several exercise which arthritis patients should in order to minimize their arthritis joint pain in knees, arthritis neck and arthritis back.

For exercise you can visit exercise section of cure2arthritis on

If you have questions about arthritis you can email them on or, A new Online algorithm to find local Jobs in Udaipur

November 16, 2011 in Consumer Internet is a new online portal to find jobs, but question is how is different from others. Co-Founder Sonali says “The best way to find job in a city is getting hyperlocal”. Finding a job for specific city is a tough task on job portals like, Monster and several others, whenever I have searched jobs on them I have barely found any. The concept of is simple “Find Jobs in Udaipur”.

Another major part is cost for posting jobs on online jobs portals is always expensive, so we keep concept of verysimple “Free jobs posting on website”. With growing role of internet, we tried to make more interactive. Job Seekers can directly contact Employers or Jobs Poster on Website for smooth and fast communication process. will help Job Seekers of Udaipur to save themselves from clucthes of Middlemen who charge one month salary for placement in any company. is a free website for both Job Seekers and Employers based at Udaipur.

Revenue can be generated by through featured listing which costs $5 for seven days. Co-founder Bharat Matta and Ankit Jain also mentions “Generating revenue is not motive of, all co-founders of have well established careers.” The concept of is to provide right oppurtunity at right candidate at right time, we have lost many and we don’t want you to loose says Gaurav Nagori (Chief Strategist of

Co-founders of are

  1. Ankush Khanna (CTO & Tech Strategist)
  2. Vishal Jain (Technical & Marketing Head)
  3. Sonali Jain (Head of Operations)
  4. Gaurav Nagori (Chief Strategist)
  5. Bharat Matta (Advisor)
  6. Ankit Jain (Advisor)

The mission of is Jobs for People by People of Udaipur.

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