Oppurtunity to make money with Software company-Übermind Inc.

January 18, 2011 in Software

Übermind Inc.

Founded in 1999 with the program consultant Shehryar Khan, Übermind is a service based in Seattle & know-how consulting firm that makes a speciality of program development & personalized desktop application, web & mobile applications. The company’s products & services permits companies to better connect together with your target audience to increase sales, revenue & customer loyalty. The company claims that the iPhone Application Developer’s largest B2B, one of the most trafficked sites on the net & complete program ecommerce & m-Commerce, & work on the largest distribution platform & more complex digital world .

Oppurtunity to make money with Übermind Inc. -

1. Maperture Edition widget that makes geotagging photographs quickly & basically.

2. Maperture Pro: Editing plug-in that makes geotagging photographs quickly & basically.

3. Aperture to Picasa Web Albums: It is popular & award-winning opening export plug-in that permits users of Aperture  to upload  images to Picasa.

4. iPhoto to Picasa Web Albums:It gives you better control over how to share photographs than any other plug-in or widget for Picasa Web Albums, without leaving iPhoto bucket.

5. ÜberUpload Aperture: Aperture ÜberUpload streamlines the method of uploading photographs from Aperture to a variety of remote servers.

6. ÜberUpload for iPhoto: ÜberUpload for iPhoto is full of features like custom image size, the conversion of files from windows, also a plethora of naming conventions.


146 N. Canal St. #300
Seattle, WA 98103

Tel: 206-633-1167


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Oppurtunity to make money with Software company-Übermind Inc.