New Google Panda Update December 2011- Optimization for Exact Query Search

December 9, 2011 in Learn SEO

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Surprisingly again we see Minor new Google Panda update December 2011 just after 12 days of Google 18 November 2011 update. The recent Google Panda update is to match exact query search in order to provide more relevant search result on Google.

The exact query search update of December Google Panda has hurt my own social network website meant for arthritis patients. The website still ranks on top search results on several prime keywords but it surprisingly lost its top position on prime keyword “Arthritis diet” and “Arthritis diet plan”. It is really tough to identify whether it lost its top position either due to content freshness or exact query search Google Panda Algorithm.

Another major update of Google earlier in 2011 has also affected SEO of several wordpress CMS in 2011. This update was for freshness of content and was meant to filter spammy practices of wordpress SEO experts in early 2012. However Google does not have any plans to hurt SERP of wordpress blogs in 2012, but new search algorithm is dedicated to rank fresh blogs on top search results than old and outdated blogs which are not suitable with current technology. One major update for WordPress SEO 2012 will be based on freshness of content.

Best practices for WordPress SEO in 2012

The best practices for wordpress SEO in 2012 will be to post regular and new blogs on relevant content to meet fresh content update of Google Panda update with a concern to hit related search query. The major concern is to meet all guidelines of SEO 2012 for exact search query algorithm. These are effective SEO tips for WordPress 2012.

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  • Alex

    After Panda update of google, my website’s rank has been droppped. I think profile backlinks etc won’t help now. We’ll have to focus on quality content. Content is the only think which can save us from Google-Panda.

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New Google Panda Update December 2011- Optimization for Exact Query Search