Mobile Website SEO 2012 and Mobile website optimization seo tips. Mobile SEO steps by step Tutorial

June 30, 2011 in Mobile Website SEO, Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo tips 2012

Mobile website development and mobile website SEO is very important in 2012 beacuse of increasing mobile website users at 1800% every year. Developing Mobile website optimization for SEO friendly under guidelines of w3c validation is very important for every website owner. It is true to say  that people are going to use only mobile website after 2012.

Mobile website SEO step by step tutorials and Mobile website SEO tips 2012 are

1. Mobile Site Map- Mobile Website developer can get mobile site map from google webmaster. Mobile Site Map is most important factor for mobile website Search engine optimization, remember to create <mobile:mobile/> to crawl mobile website by google for top search results.

2. Mobile Site Map File- Make different configuration file for every mobile site map.

3. Submit to Googlebot Mobile- Google has created a new bot to crawl mobile website, it is recommended to submit your mobile website to Google webmasters to rank high on SEO.

4. Meta Data- Do not submit long meta description, meta title and meta tags when it comes to mobile websites. Googlebot mobile gives lower rank to website with big meta data.

5. Size of mobile website page- Try to keep website page as small as you can, Heavy webpages again ranks low on SEO. The ideal mobile website page size is 23.5k, so better friendly mobile website SEO keep a check on size of web-page.

6. Avoid masking passwords- Mobile website should not mask passwords, as screen is already very small so really there is no use to mask password in mobile website.

7. Accesskeys- Accesskeys are one of the best practices to be used for mobile website optimization. It create and aids search engine to draw results based on queries.

8. Semantic Structure- Do not forget to use proper semantic structure (h1, h2) in the mobile website, which is currently the biggest issue in SEO of mobile websites.

9. CSS- Make website based on CSS in place of tables with w3c guidelines and

Mobile website optimization seo tips

Mobile website optimization seo tips and tutorials


10. Submit to mobile search engines- Submit your website to mobile search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing have their own search engines. It is adviced to submit mobile websites to these search engines.

11. Key Content- Place your keyword or key content in the begining of the page for better search engine optimization of mobile website.

These are best practices for mobile website search engine optimization in 2012. These 11 seo tips for mobile website would play important role in their top rankings on google and bing in 2012.


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Mobile Website SEO 2012 and Mobile website optimization seo tips. Mobile SEO steps by step Tutorial