Learn How to make money from Google Arbitradge by Google Adsense and Google Adwords

July 28, 2011 in Google Money, Google Plus

What is Google Arbitrage?

Google Arbitrage is process of neutralizing money risk by involving both Google Adsense and Google Adwords. The webpage displays ads through Google Adsense program and Visitors come on web-page through Google Adwords Program. Google Arbitrage is process of bringing visitors by purchasing lesser paid Keywords and allow visitors by clicking them highly paid Ads of Google Adsense program. Google Arbitrage is legitimate process for Making money online from Google.

For example (How to earn from Google Arbitrage Program by mix of Adsense and Adwords)

You spend 2 cent per visitor on Google Adwords program to bring 100 visitors and Got 5 Clicks worth $5 from Google Adsense Program.

Total expense is .02*100= $2

5*1= $5

Difference is $5-$2= $3 your net income from Google Arbitrage Program. It does not include what products you are selling on your website.

Website can make money without any traffic by Google Arbitrage Process.

Most of websites are not able to survive due to low volume of visitors, Google Adwords provide visitors to your website by spending little money on some keywords that are related to your website. Simply select some of low budgeted keywords on Google Adwords that are related to your website. Fix a daily budgeted with highest CPC and get ready to drive visitors for your website to earn money online from Google.

Correct Placement of Google Ads on Website

Keep Google Ads as close as you can on Video, Login Account and top right side of your website. People tend to click on these places very often and click through ratio can increase drastically, Even click through ratio on my website has also increased from .08% to 2.12% by placement ads at these location. Remember only correct Placement of Google Ads on Website can help you in making money.You can check placement of Google ads in these pictures.(Click on these Pictures to see enlarge view for right Google Ads Placement)

Making money online by Google Arbitrage which is a mix of Google Adsense and Google Adwords is very easy and is a complete legitimate process. You can also click on following link to check policies of Google for right Arbitrage for all websites.


Arbitrage Google program is really opportunity for people to make money online that also completely legal and authenticated by Google. People have made money online from Google Arbitrage and will also make money in future from Google Arbitrage program.

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Learn How to make money from Google Arbitradge by Google Adsense and Google Adwords