http to https, How slow uploading speed of https will affect Search algorithm Google 2012

December 16, 2011 in Learn SEO

For SEO 2012, can you consider https or SSL certificate when Google has focus on fast uploading speed of website? Since https or secured SSL certificate is known for slow uploading speed will secure certificate it is important to know effect of https on search algorithm of Google in 2012. Switching from http to https secure mode is certainly a question for any SEO strategist in 2012.

If your SEO expert tells you that “Google will penalize your website if you have switched from http to much more secured https”, than he is lying to you because of much certain reason “lack of practical SEO experience”. World’s top websites in 2012 use secure mode whether it is top social networking website of the world, Facebook or most secured online payment wire PayPal.

Switching to https design will be very good idea for search engine optimization in 2012. Https or SSL is secured version of http that encrypts things between browser and web server so that https can keep your boss, ISP or government from slipping away what is happening from connection from webserver to another.

By design https is slower than http, so there is certain amount of encryption over hand has to happen as http is encrypted. But there is lot of unnecessary slowness of https, so a lot of people on Google Chrome team have been working on different protocols, of which speed is one. False start might also be another protocol of Google Chrome Team, instead of set up connection with web server than having acknowledgement and set up connection in order to send data in encrypted ways, you can send data encrypted way immediately.

So there is lot of work going on, however people had not really paid attention how to make SSL or how to make https fast. There is a lot of fruit hanging out there, some of might there would fair amount of work but probably making https faster is worth doing. So website owners should be worried about penalized by Google Panda update due to slow uploading speed, only 1 in 100 searches or 1 in 1000 websites is so low on Page Speed that it actually affects its ranking on search engines in 2012. Whereas https can be really good thing for users, let’s take an example – Search for Paypal, you will find that Paypal also uses https version.

Google has looked through its indexing code and make sure that anytime where users might wants to use https version of their website they won’t be disappointed. Google Engineers are going to make sure that everything runs smooth on their search algorithm side. So if you as website owner is going to think about starting your website from beginning using SS certificate, it is certainly not a bad time to make that switch from http to https.

Google just recommends to looking for ways to make https works faster, share best search engine practices, look at the ways such as Smarty Php which was an Apache Plugin and there was also Google’s Page Speed Service which has recently started to roll out in 2012. With Google’s Page Speed Service when someone comes to your content you set your DNS to be handled by Google and Google can rewrite all in-line images and minify the JavaScript for website to handle and reduce the website uploading speed-time by 25 to 60 percent through handling PHP.

So website owners should try to use and make https faster as well as try to make web faster to get on top search results of Google 2012 by perfect SEO strategy 2012.

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http to https, How slow uploading speed of https will affect Search algorithm Google 2012