Google seo check-list 2012 for website developement and web-page creation to rank website on top google results, Create Perfect SEO friendly website in 2012

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Google SEO check-list 2012 for search engine optimization friendly website development and web-page creation. There are many website development factors to be considered for search engine optimization before launching website and after launch of website for perfect SEO friendly website. We are providing you authorized Google seo check-list for 2012 to avoid low ranking in Google search engine results. The check-list is planned and organised in order with respect of website creation and development.


Google Seo check-list 2012 are
Google Seo checklist Factor 1 Selection of Keywords- Select keywords with respect to your website from google keyword external tool. Check for both high traffic keywords and low traffic keywords to create a mix of keywords to rank on Google search engine Results. (

2012 Google Seo checklist Factor 2 URL or Domain Name- Select a domain name or url that matches with your keywords. Avoid using synonyms of keywords in URL, use only keywords in your website domain name or website URL.

Google Seo checklist Factor 3 Website layout and Website Design- Check, Analyse web design and layout structure of homepage and internal pages; check wether they comply with superior coding and cross browser. Navigation, broken links, Search Engine friendly technologies, website menu, text links, HTTP redirections, website uploading time,Canonicalization 2012, solid link structure and Doorway pages. This is one of best and perfect way for Search Engine Optimization.

Google Seo checklist Factor 4 Robots.txt and File Name- Include keywords in file name and try keep them close to root folder in the hosting panel. Use hyphens in 2012 in place of any special characters such as underscores, question mark; this is certainly the right practice in 2012 for file name. Remember to turn-on both Robots.txt and Meta Robots.txt————–Download here FREE GOOGLE optimization guide 2012

Google Seo check-list Factor 5 Content- Do not include any duplicate content from external website or your own web-page in 2012. The duplicate conent is allow google bots to spam web-page in google search results. Check Meta Keywords, bold text, Title Tag, Meta Heading, Internal links, anchor text and anchor description when linking every web-page. Do not use H1 heading on more than one on any website page, include H2 and H3 heading for highlighting any topic. This is most important for Search Engine Optimization.

Google Seo check-list Factor 6 Images- Add Alt text Image, caption,

Alt text Image and Image caption for seo

Top image seo tips 2012

alternate alt text and description to every image in website. Remember Images are one of the best ways to interlink web-pages.  This is most important factor for Image Search Engine Optimization.

Google Seo check-list Factor 7 Website SEO Hosting- Remember a truth website hosted on US hosting servers are always ranked higher than any regional hosting servers. Try to opt cloud hosting than shared hosting, cloud hosting 2012 are dedicated servers which really aids in ranking high on search results on google in 2012. Hosting Servers play a major role in Search Engine Optimization.

Google Seo check-list Factor 8 Website Coding Platform- The best coding platform for website in 2012 would be ASP.Net. I know PHP is most commonly used website code, but top search result or search engine optimization 2012 would be for website coded on ASP.Net platform in 2012. Remember coding is backbone for Search Engine Optimization, no SEO tips or tricks would give result until and unless website is not coded SEO  friendly .

Best Google SEO trick 2012 would be not to use any short-cut trick for search engine optimization 2012. Website life is too short to take chances for SEO, You will gain only .01% of what you have actually lost.


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These Google search engine optimization check-list 2012 would help in better search results on each and every keyword and would make a Perfect Search Engine Optimization.

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Google seo check-list 2012 for website developement and web-page creation to rank website on top google results, Create Perfect SEO friendly website in 2012