Google Plus Pages Problems and Google Plus Page Issues

July 27, 2011 in Google Plus

Several problems and issues are currently noticed with Google Plus Pages creation for Business and Companies. Some of the common Google Plus Pages issues and Google Plus Pages Problems are


1. Google plus users are not able to identify how to create google plus Business Page or Google Plus Company Page.

2. There are issues for Profile images uploading and Profile Image Change on Google Plus Company Page.

3. Google Plus Users are not able to create Google Plus pages username. This is certainly the main problem with Google Plus Pages for Business.

4. Google Plus Users are not able to change their Google Plus Profile to a page. This again major issue with Google Plus Pages, there are option available on facebook page.

5. Google Plus Pages for Business have been found to be currently unavailable to users after creation.

6. Google Plus Pages for Business are not displayed in Google Search results. The main purpose for creating Google Plus Business Page is not resolved from Business Point of View.

7. When Google Plus Circle follower comments on Google Plus Business Page, they are displayed on Google Plus User Profile. This is not healthy sign for Google Plus Page and is major Issue with Google Plus Page for business.

8. Google Plus Pages also do not support old browsers such as Firefox 3.0 or Firefox 3.5 or Internet Explorer 6.0. Over 68.52% users are currently using these browsers and versions.

9. Code for Music play is also not supported in Google Plus Business Page.

10. Google plus pages are also not supported on Android 2.0 on certain Cell Phones.

11. Google Plus page also do not support all videos format and Google plus users have many issues with Google Plus Company Page.

12. Google Plus Page lack customization of Google Company Page, Google Plus Company Page users have found many problems with Google Plus Pages for Companies.

13. Google have found to Delete many company pages and business pages on Google plus without any prior notice. The owners of Google Plus Company Page also do not have any back-up of these company Pages.

14. There is no option for Back-up of Google Plus Google Profile and Google Plus Company Page.

Solution for Google Plus company pages will be soon available and in case of urgency you can contact Google Plus Customer Support on Following Link.

Google Plus Company Page

Google Plus Business Pages problems

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Google Plus Pages Problems and Google Plus Page Issues