Google Plus Mobile Uploads Settings

August 3, 2011 in Google Plus

Google Plus Mobile Uploads Settings, Learn how to upload photo, video and notes from Mobile to Google Plus Profile.

How can you upload photo, video and notes from your Mobile to Google Plus Profile?

Login with your personal gmail login id and upload pictures and videos from mobile to your Google e-mail. The uploaded pictures on your gmail account can be automatically transferred from Google email or gmail account to Google Plus profile.

The subject of email will automatically used as Title of your Photo Album or Picture Album. The uploaded photo and videos are visible to everyone and this can be made private by settings tab on Google Plus Mobile Uploads.

To check your uploaded album from mobile, visit following while logged in your account for settings on Google Plus Mobile Uploads.

Which is your Google Plus personalized email address for uploading picture, videos and other data?

Your personalized email address to upload personalized email address will be your gmail ID. Google Plus users can login into their Google Plus Mobile Page from Computer and Cell Phone or Mobile Phone. You can login to your gmail account from Computer and attach all photos and videos through gmail account. For Google Plus Photo Privacy settings you need to check your Google Plus Privacy Settings.

What is cost of Google Plus Mobile Uploads?

No, there is no cost for Google Plus Mobile Uploads, uploading pictures, photos and videos from Google Plus account are 100% free.

Google Plus Mobile Uploads Photos through iPhone and iPad are not appearing on Google Plus Wall?

If Photos and Videos are uploaded through iPhone and iPad are not appearing on Google Plus wall than you need to check sharing settings on your iPhone and iPad. Make sure that sharing check box on iPhone are checked. The best way to upload pictures on iPhone and iPad would be to download application from iOS Appstore and than Check Google Plus mobile uploads.


Google Plus Settings Button

Google Plus Settings Button

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Google Plus Mobile Uploads Settings