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August 3, 2011 in Call phones from Gmail

Google Call Phone review is very positive, Google has launched Call Phone for Gmail users to compete with Skype as Google is working on Google Plus against Facebook. The only major concern about users about Google Voice Phone is whats new and what is better in Google Call Phones than Skype. Google Call Phone is a major communications commander with some concern which we are going to discuss in review of Google Call Phones in gGail.

Google Call Phone Advantages over Skype and other Telecoms Companies.

1. Handling Multiple Numbers- The main Advantage of Google Call Phones is handling multiple phone numbers at one place. Phone users generally have multiple phone numbers such as work phone, cell phone or any other number, users of Google Call Phone can integrate all of their phone number at one place that is in Google Call Phone. The Google Google Call Phone users can add all of their phone number in control panel of Google Voice Phone in Gmail along with their contacts on their cell phones.

2. Routing- With help of Google Call Phone Gmail you can also route your certain calls to specific numbers. For example- If your boss is calling the call would automatically routed to your work phone and when your mother is calling it could be redirected to your home phone number. One of the biggest advantage with Gmail Google Call Phone is customization, the users can customize their call settings on Google Call Phone as they want in the control panel of Google Call Phone.

3. Screen of Google Call Phone- When someone is calling on your phone there are four options available on Gmail Google Call Phone.

a) Answer the call

b) Answer the call with recording.

c) Voicemail

d) Voicemail and listen live

These four options in Google Call Phone Gmail is certainly not available in any cell phone or any tele-communication provider. The four screening of Google call phone are ready to kill tele-communication companies in 2012 after murder of facebook by Google Plus.

4. Voicemail- With Google Call Phone you can know whether someone is recording your call. Even users of Google Call Phone can also forward recording of call to any user on Internet. The best feature of Google Call Phone is that you can also embed call recording with Google call phone on website, this feature is very useful for all online media companies such as New-york times, Mashable or any other online news and media company.

5. SMS and Text Message on Google Call Phone- Users can read, send, forward and reply to any text message or sms on Google Call Phone. The advantage of SMS or text message with Google Call Phone is routing, you can route text messages from certain numbers to any cell phone that you are connected currently. Users can store bulk text messages as archive on the web interface of Google Call Phone. Unlike any other tele-communication provider Google Call Phone is making conversation easier and friendly.

6. Call Conference or Midcall- With Google Call Phones there are multiple options available for Call Conferencing or Midcall. With click of one button you switch to other call without any interruption, any you can also make call conferencing along with recording. The midcall on Google Call Phones are very easy to handle and you can also record one call while answering another call.

Concerns about Google Call Phones and Google Call Phone disadvantages

1. Advertisement- All Google Products have advertisement whether it is Gmail or any other service, we cannot expect Google Call Phones to be free from advertisement.

2. Gmail Google Call Phones Rates- Gmail Google Call Phones Rates are currently higher for certain countries which would restrict use of Google Call Phones Rates initially. We hope that Google would lower rates of Google Call Phones.

2. Privacy- The major concern and disadvantages of Google Call Phones is privacy of individual. With Recording function and hacking issues Google Call Phones could be avoided by users.

3. Reliability- Google Call Phones cannot be more reliable than tele-communication in initial stage, so there are fair chances of users avoiding use of Google Call Phones.

4. Caller ID Issues- If you are using Google Call Phones as your main or primary contact number, the Caller details would be displayed as old contact number. But we hope that Google would soon find solution to this problem.

5. Contacts- Hacking could ruin use Google Call Phones and contacts available in it.


In the end we would still recommend you to use Google Call Phones, we know that Google will king of Call Phones in future. The concerns are very small and Google would overcome these small issues. would recommend you to use Google Call Phones and Google Call Phones review is very positive. 

You can login for Google Call Phones from this link

Google Call Phones

Google Call Phones Gmail


Where is Call Phones in  Gmail

You can find Call Phone in Gmail by viewing this Interface of Google Call Phones in Gmail.

Where is Google call Phone in gmail

Where is Google call Phone in gmail

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Aug 03, 2011 by Ankush Khanna

Call Phones from Gmail is awesome , but is bit costly . Hope it gets economical and we can use it more often.

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Google Call Phones review and Google Call Phones Rates Gmail