Factors which affects credit score- Learn how to increase credit score, Fix Credit Score fast in 2012 and Credit report 2012

October 13, 2011 in Debt Relief

There are several factors which affects credit score, debtors need to learn how to fix credit score fast and increase credit score. There are many consumers who are turned down for credit and loans due to low credit score or credit score not high enough. There are certain practical and best tips to improve credit score fast from some of the widely used score known as Fico. The Fico credit card score 2012 is based on the related five areas of spending history, each of the category areas is important.

The Credit Score FICO range categories are

1. Credit Repayments:- The category with highest weight looks how you repay your debts, the single most important thing you could do to improve your credit score is to consistently pay your bills on the time.
2. The next thing is how you are charged relative to how much credit you have, keeping balances low signals that you are in control of your spending and will help in increasing your credit score.
3. Lenders are also interested in knowing how much you have keep your credit lines open. A long credit history demonstrates financial responsibility something that really impresses the lenders.
4. The fourth and one of the most important credit component considers how much new credit you have, attempting too much credit at once can indicate you don’t have cash to pay your purchases. Limit applying for more credit than you need it is one of the most important credit score FICO range factor.
5. Final try to have mix of credit lines, in other words have some involved in charged accounts for balance and payments changed from month to month with some fixed payments such as vehicle or mortgage payment. This shows that you can handle your credit responsibility regardless of financial structure, really building and maintaining a high credit score pays dividend in form of lower interest rates and loans. This is one game which really helps in building a high credit score.

FICO Credit Score range

FICO Credit Score range

Importance and building of High Credit Score 2012

1. High credit score is equal to low credit interest
2. Low Interest rate means money you borrow costs you low
3. A credit score is predictor of list that helps lender to determine whether or not you repay your debt.

All if the debt related information is based on your credit report. The consumers can obtain one free credit report every 12 months from each of the three credit bureaus, you can visit www.annualcreditreport.com to begin the process. Once you have reviewed free credit report 2012, you can track your credit accuracy.

Credit report is track record of whom you borrowed from the past and how you paid re-payed loans. The consumers wants an accurate reflection of credit history, so it is important to learn how to examine the errors. The consumers are allowed to dispute for any information that is false but remember there is difference between inaccurate credit history information and negative credit history information. If the credit history has negative information but it is true, the consumer needs to stay away.

There is also a big difference between getting a credit report and understanding content, please stress on the elements that have affected your credit score.

The best tips to improve credit score 2012 and Fix Credit Score fast 2012 are

1. Negotiate with your creditors:- Consider credit card company such as Visa, Citi-Bank or MBNA, most visa card companies and other credit card companies have direct computers linking to the credit bureau. If debtors can negotiate with creditors to remove bad credit marks from their books, the credit score can increase substantially. Creditors can instantly clear poor credit score by just deleting your past credit record to improve your credit score.

2. We recommend to confirm with the credit bureau to check that credit history has been removed. The next step could be sell your auto loans or other loans and tell that you credit is fine now. Fixing credit score fast free is not tough but it needs a consistent credit watch.

3. Identify some resources who can identify that your bad credit has been cleared with credit bureau such as secret phone numbers to know credit report and as well as get updated credit report.

How to Fix Credit Score fast

How to Fix Credit Score fast








How to find Right credit counselor in 2012

Over the years people have collected overall 17 credit cards and it was so easy to get credit card. Everyone was into credit card with pretty high limit on it, encountered with same time income was getting lower every year. The income remain at same lower level every year and they have to stay protected as far as financial management plan was concerned. People with credit card don’t have idea how bad things are for them and with daughter’s marriage on the way and to put on the reception’s bill on credit card. The credit card users after some time will get a clue that something wasn’t right.

With more than $50,000 in debt, the people should look for debt counselor in 2012. The debt counselor to the point should be truthful, not abrasive, accusative or any related aggressive aim to people in debt. The debt counselors are very aggressive in order to pressurize people with debt in order to fill their pockets, so selection of right debt counselor seems to be very important for debt relief. The debt counselor should be very helpful and participative to identify debt program that will get out of the debt. Remember getting out of debt really takes own time.

People with debt are usually very hands own during planing debt program, they tend to make lots of phone calls and emails. Every month they try to keep in contact with debt counselor to run debt management plan run smoothly for them.

If one of the family member was out of the work after debt management plan, the debt counselor should consult credit card companies which debt management plan will work with debt. The debt counselor is the one who can negotiate with credit card companies whether they will take smaller amount for certain number of weeks or months. If the debt counselor keeps a provision for smaller amount it would certainly keep debtors on much safer side. During those years when people are undergoing debt management program, the whole family has to work as much as possible to save money and again do some extra things to minister the poor financials on the way.

Debt management plan is very tough as it breaks you emotionally, the family has to spend more time for earning and leaving love & family aside. After five years of hard work, you will get a wonderful phone call to congratulate debtors that you have completed debt management program. Really debt counselor can help debtors in achieving the goals of getting out of debts, only debt management plan can help you out save your life financially.

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Debt Free life

Debt Free life

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Factors which affects credit score- Learn how to increase credit score, Fix Credit Score fast in 2012 and Credit report 2012