Cracking SEO 2013 algorithm for top search results with social networking

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SEO 2013 algorithm for top search results is marked by one prominent feature Social Networking, Social Interaction and concept of relevant Local Search results along with content. Search engine optimization 2013 is focussed on much more than quality content, tags, keywords and meta description. The top search results in 2013 on Google and other search engine will be marked by how often the search results are recommended by authority authors of Google Plus. The non-authority authors of Google Plus will also affect top search result optimization in 2013 however influence of Google Plus authority authors will be more prominent on identfying top search results.

The main focus of SEO 2013 will not be based on number of recommendations but on the quality recommendations being provided by Google’s reoputed authors. The main concern is how to identify top reputed authors for Google and how to use these reputed authors of Google Plus in top search results is major question to crack SEO 2013 algorithm.

How to identify top google author for content?

From June 2011, we can see “Auhtority of authors for content on search results”. The main issue is how to identify right and top google auhtority authors for any content. The authority authors for any content can be identfied by “Social SEO 2013″.

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Top Off Page SEO techniques 2013

1. Search Query Location- The main aspect of Google in 2013 is to provide local search results to the geographic location of user. SEO in 2013 would be very effective if you select authority author from nearby location, really choosing authors from location where search query is generated frequenty would affect search results “Selecting authority author’s  Geographic location is very important for SEO 2013″.

2. Electronic Device- Electronic Device such as mobile, desktop, pamtop, tabs and laptop will also influence search results in 2013. If search query is from mobile device definitely mobile friendly website would rank on top search results 2013, Electronic Gadgets are also key factor for mobile search engine optimization 2013.

3. Interest Level of User- Since most of search on Google is done while logged into gmail, so Google bots and search algorithm can identify the interest of user to provide relevant search results in 2013. The people in your social network will also affect your top search results in 2013.

4. Previous Search Queries- Google Search Engine bots now track your previous search made on search engine from same IP address and browser. Google can also track what was previously searched by user on Google Search Engine. Previous search queries are another key factor to crack SEO 2013 algorithm.

5. Hosting- The location of website server will play important role in identifying top search results 2013 for search engine optimization. The concept of hyper-local search results would be aided with location of your website hosting company.

6. Date of indexing on search engine- Indexing date is important for SEO to identify when any web page was indexed. SEO is highly influenced with time the web-page was indexed will also affect the top search results at different locations for top seo practice 2013. Date and time of indexing when webpage was crawled by search engine. Time factor will be another major factor for identyfying top search results in 2013.

7. Permanent and Temporary Social Backlinks- Social networking websites such as facebook and twitter are fast way of providing temporary social network backlinks. These temporary social network backlinks are fastest way to develop backlinks. Permanent backlinks for SEO 2013 refer to those webpages which point a backlink in a form of Anchor text and hyperlink to the web page with touch of relevant keywords. It is suggested not to use exact keywords for anchor text, the best SEO practice for anchor text is using relevant keyword match than exact keyword match.

These are best Off Page optimization techniques 2013 with a sense of social network touch and consideration of human factors. The best search engine optimization techniques 2013 are based on social network and providing local relevant results.

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Cracking SEO 2013 algorithm for top search results with social networking