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Review of SAP Interview Assistant, Mobile application for HR Interview Assistant iPad

October 21, 2011 in Software

SAP Interview Assistant is new interview assistant mobile application which can be installed on Tablet phones and iPad. We are about to review SAP Interview Assistant, the latest application by SAP for making hiring decision simpler for organizations. SAP Interview Assistant is latest app made specifically for Human Resource Managers (HR) to have detailed schedule for every-day’s interview process and help to interview assistant iPad.

SAP Interview Assistant, SAP Interview Assistant Tablet application

SAP Interview Assistant Interface


Organizations today are measured by productivity, quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. All of these Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and organizational factors are directly to your workforce in the organisation. With current economy, hiring right people have never been more important. The reality however is that as Human Resource Manager (HR), HR is expected to juggle multiple candidates and all of them goes with them. Job Candidate’s resumes, blogs, work history, on-going interviews and HR’s final Evaluation.

Trying to keep a track of all recruitment process with other job responsibilities can be overwhelming for HR, so a right interview assistant application can help any typical hiring manager or hiring process. With any iPad Interview Assistant application see how HR can easily track all the information necessary about job candidate and at the end of the day HR can hire the best candidate for company’s open job position.

SAP Interview Assistant Features, Features of SAP Interview Assistant

Features of SAP Interview Assistant


We are reviewing the latest Interview Assistant Application by SAP:- SAP Interview Assistant

SAP Interview Assistant Review

With SAP Interview Assistant iPad application HR Manager can immediately see the company’s open requisitions on the left hand side SAP Interview Assistant Mobile Application. Human resource manager (HR) can see that how many job applications he has received and how many job applications have not been reviewed.

Lets take example you have received 13 applications and 2 job applications you have not reviewed. One job application looks very interesting as the job application has already been reviewed and received a 3 star rating. The Notes icon on SAP Interview Assistant app tells that reviewer has also entered some comments about the job candidate, before looking any further job details you can also refresh your memory about the job postings on SAP Interview Assistant application. HR can select the information Icon on the right hand side of the SAP Interview Assistant app and see the detailed job requirements.

After refreshing detailed application about the job postings, HR can select Job candidate’s name and see the detailed information about him. HR manager can also see if there is already a rating or any note from recruiter, where he can write any information about Job Candidate such as this candidate might be right fit for the job Requirement or not. HR Manager can also give a closer look at attachment documents in SAP Interview Assistant iPad App, HR manager can also find Job Candidate Resume and job application letter. HR Manager can give also look at resume of job candidate by clicking on attachments where HR manager can also bookmark the documents to give a quick or immediate look at documents.

If HR Manager wants to move forward for interviewing job candidate and evaluate candidate, he can select invite for interview and also enter day and date for interview. As HR Manager has submitted his evaluation for job candidate after interview, now job candidate will be displayed under the “Schedule for Interview” in SAP Interview Assistant tablet application.

With SAP Interview Assistant tablet app, Each day HR Manager needs not to looks under the notes for interview or search for the notes or candidate’s resume. HR candidate just need to carry tablet with him and can have interview schedule details at his fingertips with this amazing SAP Interview Assistant application. HR Manager can directly go to the Candidate for Interviewed Schedule Tab and can directly access information to all the job candidate’s information that includes resume, notes and any previous job candidate’s evaluation.

After the job interview is complete HR Manager can enter his evaluation in real time, HR Manager can select hire in SAP Interview Assistant app and submit his evaluation for job candidate in the tablet PC app. With SAP Interview Assistant software, HR Manager can now be able to review candidate’s information and officially helping in making hiring decision for the company. SAP Interview Assistant helps organizations run better with mobile application apps for human capital management.

SAP Interview Assistant tablet PC application has complete database of job candidates which can be used further for any future hiring assistance.

SAP Interview Assistant Rating

Really, after detailed review of SAP Interview Assistant application we would recommend companies to purchase this Interview Assistant application by SAP. has given 3.5 out of 5 star rating for this SAP Interview Assistant Tablet Application.

SAP Interview Assistant File Attachements,  File Attachements in SAP Interview Assistant

SAP Interview Assistant File Attachements







Fix Interview application from SAP

Call for Interview on SAP Interview Assistant`

Write notes on SAP Interview Assistant, SAP Interview Assistant notes

Write notes on SAP Interview Assistant

Give your recruitment decision on SAP job hiring Application, Recruitment decision on SAP job hiring Application

Give your recruitment decision on SAP job hiring Application


Opportunity to earn money with spoken dialogue systems and speech processing company in Astoria, NY- Affymax, Inc.

January 22, 2011 in Education, Software

Agilingua LLC offers software and consulting services in the area of spoken dialogue systems and speech processing. Company’s Main product “ATOM- it is Spoken Dialogue SDK, is a low cost, integrated and Natural Speech Interface that supports the development of free applications, natural voice interface for embedded systems and mobile devices. The company was Founded in May 2004 in Pennsylvania by Dr. Matthias Denecke and Seo Yu.

Oppurtunity to earn money with spoken dialogue systems and speech processing company- Affymax, Inc.

1.  ATOM Spoken Dialogue SDK: A packed, complete development environment for intelligent voice interfaces for embedded systems.

2. ATOM CarNavi SDK: A reference design to develop speech interfaces for vehicle navigation and multimedia, automotive electronic systems.

3.  ATOM Robot SDK: A reference design for voice operated humanoid robots, toy robots and robot kits and events / robot guiding center.

4.  Gotalk: It is a hobby robot speaking staff. It is useful for speech, fun and learning for everyone.

5.  Academic Packages: Agilingua, LLC. reputabed academic programs to support R&D and educational schemes related to spoken dialogue interfaces at schools, universities & colleges.

6.  Customizing ATOM Runtime Engine for specific needs.

7.  Voice interface development in any language or multiple.

8.  Voice application development interface, including integration.

Agilingua LLC Office address

24-65 38th Street #5D Astoria, NY 11103 USA

Tel: 1-718-956-0278

Oppurtunity to earn money with software company in Carlsbad- Adicio Inc.

January 20, 2011 in Business Products and Services, Careers, Recruitment and Jobs Search, Software

Adicio Inc. is a software company that develops interactive classified advertising software for the careers, motors and real estate markets, serving media companies and web portals. Adicio offers private-label applications are integrated into offerings online classified ads, allowing their customers to generate revenue and maintain its brand, while building and managing their online classified efforts. also additional powers, a job search portal and, where 200 jobs in North America are classified based on a detailed analysis of factors specific careers. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Carlsbad, California.

Oppurtunity to earn money with software company- Adicio Inc.

Purchase interactive classified advertising software for the careers, motors and real estate markets, serving media companies and web portals from Adicio Inc. and earn money

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Oppurtunity to make money with Software company-Akamai Technologies, Inc.

January 20, 2011 in Software

Akamai Technologies, Inc., is a software company that provides cloud-based services to optimize Web content and mobile applications, online HD video, and security of electronic commerce services. The company has created a digital operating surroundings  for the Web strike and clear Internet issue point and susceptibility to ascertain that websites enact perfectly, media and download the software without any concern, and applications faithfully. The online services company high-definition video certify its clients to fork out live and on-demand high definition video to spectators.

The company was set up in 1998 by Daniel Lewin, professor Tom Leighton, Jonathan Seelig and Nijhawan Preetish. The company launched commercial services in April 1999 and Yahoo, was a charter customer. During the year December 31, 2009, the Company launched the Akamai network HD. In June 2010, acquired Velocitude, a mobile service platform.

Oppurtunity to make money with Akamai Technologies, Inc.

1. Advertising Softwares

2. Application Performance Softwares

3. Digital Asset Softwares

4. Professional Services: Professional Services include the design and integration of softwares that helps to optimize online businesses.

Akamai Technologies, Inc. Office Address:
8 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142
Tel: (877) 3-AKAMAI

Oppurtunity to make money with Software company-Übermind Inc.

January 18, 2011 in Software

Übermind Inc.

Founded in 1999 with the program consultant Shehryar Khan, Übermind is a service based in Seattle & know-how consulting firm that makes a speciality of program development & personalized desktop application, web & mobile applications. The company’s products & services permits companies to better connect together with your target audience to increase sales, revenue & customer loyalty. The company claims that the iPhone Application Developer’s largest B2B, one of the most trafficked sites on the net & complete program ecommerce & m-Commerce, & work on the largest distribution platform & more complex digital world .

Oppurtunity to make money with Übermind Inc. -

1. Maperture Edition widget that makes geotagging photographs quickly & basically.

2. Maperture Pro: Editing plug-in that makes geotagging photographs quickly & basically.

3. Aperture to Picasa Web Albums: It is popular & award-winning opening export plug-in that permits users of Aperture  to upload  images to Picasa.

4. iPhoto to Picasa Web Albums:It gives you better control over how to share photographs than any other plug-in or widget for Picasa Web Albums, without leaving iPhoto bucket.

5. ÜberUpload Aperture: Aperture ÜberUpload streamlines the method of uploading photographs from Aperture to a variety of remote servers.

6. ÜberUpload for iPhoto: ÜberUpload for iPhoto is full of features like custom image size, the conversion of files from windows, also a plethora of naming conventions.


146 N. Canal St. #300
Seattle, WA 98103

Tel: 206-633-1167