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Google seo check-list 2012 for website developement and web-page creation to rank website on top google results, Create Perfect SEO friendly website in 2012

June 27, 2011 in Learn SEO, Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo tips 2012

Google SEO check-list 2012 for search engine optimization friendly website development and web-page creation. There are many website development factors to be considered for search engine optimization before launching website and after launch of website for perfect SEO friendly website. We are providing you authorized Google seo check-list for 2012 to avoid low ranking in Google search engine results. The check-list is planned and organised in order with respect of website creation and development.


Google Seo check-list 2012 are
Google Seo checklist Factor 1 Selection of Keywords- Select keywords with respect to your website from google keyword external tool. Check for both high traffic keywords and low traffic keywords to create a mix of keywords to rank on Google search engine Results. (

2012 Google Seo checklist Factor 2 URL or Domain Name- Select a domain name or url that matches with your keywords. Avoid using synonyms of keywords in URL, use only keywords in your website domain name or website URL.

Google Seo checklist Factor 3 Website layout and Website Design- Check, Analyse web design and layout structure of homepage and internal pages; check wether they comply with superior coding and cross browser. Navigation, broken links, Search Engine friendly technologies, website menu, text links, HTTP redirections, website uploading time,Canonicalization 2012, solid link structure and Doorway pages. This is one of best and perfect way for Search Engine Optimization.

Google Seo checklist Factor 4 Robots.txt and File Name- Include keywords in file name and try keep them close to root folder in the hosting panel. Use hyphens in 2012 in place of any special characters such as underscores, question mark; this is certainly the right practice in 2012 for file name. Remember to turn-on both Robots.txt and Meta Robots.txt————–Download here FREE GOOGLE optimization guide 2012

Google Seo check-list Factor 5 Content- Do not include any duplicate content from external website or your own web-page in 2012. The duplicate conent is allow google bots to spam web-page in google search results. Check Meta Keywords, bold text, Title Tag, Meta Heading, Internal links, anchor text and anchor description when linking every web-page. Do not use H1 heading on more than one on any website page, include H2 and H3 heading for highlighting any topic. This is most important for Search Engine Optimization.

Google Seo check-list Factor 6 Images- Add Alt text Image, caption,

Alt text Image and Image caption for seo

Top image seo tips 2012

alternate alt text and description to every image in website. Remember Images are one of the best ways to interlink web-pages.  This is most important factor for Image Search Engine Optimization.

Google Seo check-list Factor 7 Website SEO Hosting- Remember a truth website hosted on US hosting servers are always ranked higher than any regional hosting servers. Try to opt cloud hosting than shared hosting, cloud hosting 2012 are dedicated servers which really aids in ranking high on search results on google in 2012. Hosting Servers play a major role in Search Engine Optimization.

Google Seo check-list Factor 8 Website Coding Platform- The best coding platform for website in 2012 would be ASP.Net. I know PHP is most commonly used website code, but top search result or search engine optimization 2012 would be for website coded on ASP.Net platform in 2012. Remember coding is backbone for Search Engine Optimization, no SEO tips or tricks would give result until and unless website is not coded SEO  friendly .

Best Google SEO trick 2012 would be not to use any short-cut trick for search engine optimization 2012. Website life is too short to take chances for SEO, You will gain only .01% of what you have actually lost.


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These Google search engine optimization check-list 2012 would help in better search results on each and every keyword and would make a Perfect Search Engine Optimization.

Best Seo Internal linking 2012 process for better Google Pagerank in 2012, top seo Internal linking Anchor Text explained for beginners to experts

June 24, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo navigation, Seo tips 2012

SEO Company UdaipurSeo internal links in 2012 refer to internal links in html on website pages. Seo internal linking structure is very important for search algorithm calculations to give page rank in 2012 to website page. Seo internal linking strategy guides search engines about the important pages of website such as product category and sub product category.


SEO internal linking process can be explained in following points


  1. Anchor Text- Anchor Text in 2012 would guide search engine where you are linking web-page and why. Anchor text should be used for document seo 2012 to get on top results in the documents search. A very Descriptive Anchor text is useful for search engine optimization and use keywords targeted in anchor text for better search engine visibility in 2012. Click here anchor text or go to Anchor Text are one of the best anchor text for 2012 search engine optimization internal linking of web-pages.
  2. Image internal linking for SEO- Images are the best sources for
    know what is seo friendly linking process

    Best internal linking seo tips 2012 for ranking your web-page on top google search results ranking

    internal linking website for seo and image search. A very Descriptive Alt text is very useful for both search engine and visitors to check relevancy of pages. Be-aware of Image Alt Text Spamming issues, do not use words repeatedly and do not repeat content already written in text. Use Page Anchor text for better image internal linking for SEO in 2012.

  3. Broken Internal Links seo- Broken links displays poor internal link management for seo purpose, the links should be checked regularly for better search engine results 2012.
  4. Use only perfect links do not use any keyword that are not relevant to website. Use canonical links for better search engine visibility and even when content is copied it is reflected in search engine results.
  5. Optimize web-page for contextual links rather than keywords. Contextual links are more important internal linking seo 2012 rather than keyword targeted, link contextual links to primary targeted words in the context than keyword to be ranked on search engine.
  6. Size of page- Keep your page well below 25 k, optimization is hindered because of slow page load time.
  7. Number of Outbound links- Remember even if you are internally linking your page to more than 10 pages, there are fair chances for page to be spammed from Google search results. Do not link your page to more than 10 pages in any case.
  8. Use cascading style sheets (CSS) to link images and content- Css differs images from the content, even if you are using java-script on page it will still work out for your web-page. DHTML menus are best CSS based example for SEO 2012.
  9. Do not loose focus of page- Remember every website internal linking you are performing is for search engine optimization not for better appearance of web-page. Try to use keywords in H1 heading and h2 heading in 2012 for seo.


These are best internal linking seo tips 2012 for ranking your web-page on top google ranking with high Google page rank 2012.


We are Seo company based at udaipur and you can contact us on +91-9828083985 and

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2012 Seo Tutorials Step by Step for beginners seo tutorials 2012 to experts seo tutorials 2012. Best SEO tutorial free guide 2012

June 23, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo tips 2012

2012 SEO tutorial step by step for beginners would begin with basic website development. 2012 Seo tutorials for beginners and free SEO tutorial guide 2012  are sequence of steps to be followed for perfect search engine optimization 2012.

2012 Seo Tutorial Step by Step Process- Best 10 SEO tips 2012 for beginners

  • Seo tutorial 2012′s 1 step- Selection of product or service to be optimized for search engine results in 2012.
  • Seo tutorial 2012′s 2 step- Registering website domain and hosting services.
  • Seo tutorial 2012′s 3 step- Selection of Keyword related to product and services opted. Choose a mix of keywords are in list of high search keywords and low searched keywords.
  • Seo tutorial 2012′s 4 step- On-Page seo optimization 2012 includes Check for meta title, Meta tags, Meta description, meta keywords tag and Page heading
  • Seo tutorial 2012′s 5 step- Home-Page seo optimization 2012 includes linking to all pages, targeted keywords and link homepage from every website page for perfect seo 2012.
  • Seo tutorial 2012′s 6 step- Website seo optimization 2012 includes navigation text, navigation images, alt text Image, site map, website inter links, deep linking and CSS external file.
  • Seo tutorial 2012′s 7 step- For Website seo optimization 2012 submit website to high page-rank directories.
  • Seo tutorial 2012′s 8 step- To rank high on google keyword search 2012 start building link program, they certainly help in top google ranking.
  • Seo tutorial 2012′s 9 step- Make website social networking friendly 2012 by use of facebook, twitter, digg and myspace. The social networking websites brings a lot of natural traffic to your website.
  • Seo tutorial 2012′s 10 step- Check website with duplicate content issues, do not post your content to any content farms in 2012 such as ezinearticles or articlebase.

These SEO tutorials 2012 would create basic seo friendly techniques for your website, these are best seo practice 2012 to rank high on Google search

SEO tutorial free guide 2012

SEO tutorial step by step 2012

engine. These basic seo tutorials guide will help you understand search engine optimization in a better way.


We are Seo company based at udaipur and you can contact us on +91-9828083985 and


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Free Seo tips 2012 and free seo tricks for best seo blog optimization with Google’s 200 Ranking Factors

June 22, 2011 in Free Seo Tips, Free SEO Tricks, Google Ranking Factors, Seo tips 2012

Free Seo tips 2012 are best seo tricks to top rank seo on keyword is create search engine optimized (seo) blog website 2012 with deep seo keyword research and seo keyword analysis. The SEO optimization tips are not a one day seo trick that would do the magic, seo tips tricks are long time process which requires Google’s 200 Ranking Factors seo consideration.

2012 Google’s 200 Ranking Factors that reveals Google’s secret ranking algorithm by Google CEO Eric Schmidt would rank best on first place with right seo.

Google’s 200 Ranking Factors List and use them as best Google seo tips 2012 that are absolutely free tricks seo to rank on first page

  • Google seo tip 1 – Great content
    Google seo tip 2 – KEYWORDS
    Google seo tip 3 – Acceleration of link popularity
    Google seo tip 4 – Affiliate site
    Google seo tip 5 – Age of link
    Google seo tip 6 – Age of page with respect to age of site
    Google seo tip 7 – All External links valid
    Google seo tip 8 – All Internal links valid
    Google seo tip 9 – Anchor text of inbound link to you
    Google seo tip 10 – Applied Semantics
    Google seo tip 11 – Associated legitimate sites
    Google seo tip 12 – Avoid session IDs
    Google seo tip 13 – Avoid link Exchange
    Google seo tip 14 – Aware of link farms
    Google seo tip 15 – Backlinks
    Google seo tip 16 – Bookmark add/ removal frequency
    Google seo tip 17 – Bouncing Ball Algorithm
    Google seo tip 18 – Change of Meanings
    Google seo tip 19 – Check outbound links for pagerank
    Google seo tip 20 – Check URL parameters
    Google seo tip 21 – Cloaking
    Google seo tip 22 – Competitor Attack
    Google seo tip 23 – Did user Bookmark page
    Google seo tip 24 – Directory Submission
    Google seo tip 25 – DMOZ category
    Google seo tip 26 – Do not use data from Content Farms
    Google seo tip 27 – Do not use invisible text
    Google seo tip 28 – Do not ban robots.txt on website for large area
    Google seo tip 29 – Domain Hijacking
    Google seo tip 30 – Domain Name Extension Top Level Domain – TLD
    Google seo tip 31 – DOMAIN OWNER BEHAVIOR :
    Google seo tip 32 – Domain Registration Time
    Google seo tip 33 – Duplicate content
    Google seo tip 34 – Dynamic Pages
    Google seo tip 35 – Efficient – tree-like structure
    Google seo tip 36 – Excessive Inter linking
    Google seo tip 37 – Excessive Javascript
    Google seo tip 38 – Expert site
    Google seo tip 39 – External pages- keywords
    Google seo tip 40 – File Size
    Google seo tip 41 – Frequency of change of anchor text
    Google seo tip 42 – Frequency of Content Change
    Google seo tip 43 – Frequency of Updates
    Google seo tip 44 – Freshness
    Google seo tip 45 – Freshness of Anchor Text
    Google seo tip 46 – Freshness of Links
    Google seo tip 47 – Freshness of Pages
    Google seo tip 48 – Gateway page or Entry page
    Google seo tip 49 – Google TOS violation
    Google seo tip 50 – Hijacked Duplicate content
    Google seo tip 51 – How they left, where they went
    Google seo tip 52 – HTML body
    Google seo tip 53 – HTML code violations
    Google seo tip 54 – HTML title tag
    Google seo tip 55 – HTML title of referrer page
    Google seo tip 56 – Hyphens in URL
    Google seo tip 57 – Image map link
    Google seo tip 58 – Include alternative text with Flash
    Google seo tip 59 – Incoming links from high-ranking pages
    Google seo tip 60 – Individual keyword density
    Google seo tip 61 – Intra-site linking
    Google seo tip 62 – Invisible text
    Google seo tip 63 – Javascript link
    Google seo tip 64 – Keep pages near root directory
    Google seo tip 65 – Keep low outbound links
    Google seo tip 66 – Keyword
    Google seo tip 67 – Keyword density in body text
    Google seo tip 68 – Keyword density on referring page
    Google seo tip 69 – Keyword dilution
    Google seo tip 70 – Keyword font size
    Google seo tip 71 – Keyword in alt text
    Google seo tip 72 – Keyword in Description meta tag
    Google seo tip 73 – Keyword in Domain name
    Google seo tip 74 – Keyword in H1, H2 and H3
    Google seo tip 75 – Keyword in Keyword metatag
    Google seo tip 76 – Keyword in links to site pages (anchor text)
    Google seo tip 77 – Keyword in Title tag
    Google seo tip 78 – Keyword in URL
    Google seo tip 79 – keyword phrase
    Google seo tip 80 – Keyword phrase order
    Google seo tip 81 – Keyword prominence (how early in page/tag)
    Google seo tip 82 – Keyword proximity (for 2+ keywords)
    Google seo tip 83 – Keyword stemming
    Google seo tip 84 – Keyword stuffing threshold
    Google seo tip 85 – Keywords – Other
    Google seo tip 86 – Less than 100 links out total
    Google seo tip 87 – links from .edu, and .gov sites
    Google seo tip 88 – Link from Expert site
    Google seo tip 89 – Link major images
    Google seo tip 90 – Link stability over time
    Google seo tip 91 – Link to a bad neighborhood
    Google seo tip 92 – Link-buying
    Google seo tip 93 – Linking to Authority
    Google seo tip 94 – Links from bad affiliates
    Google seo tip 95 – LSI
    Google seo tip 96 – NAVIGATION
    Google seo tip 97 – No body text on the page
    Google seo tip 98 – No Flash page
    Google seo tip 99 – No space, Pages dropped
    Google seo tip 100 – Number of outgoing links on referrer page
    Google seo tip 101 – Number of Page edits
    Google seo tip 102 – Other directories
    Google seo tip 103 – Outgoing link Anchor Text
    Google seo tip 104 – OUTGOING LINKS
    Google seo tip 105 – Over optimization penalty
    Google seo tip 106 – PAGE METRICS – USER BEHAVIOR:
    Google seo tip 107 – Page Rank
    Google seo tip 108 – PageRank of a page
    Google seo tip 109 – Page rank of the referring page
    Google seo tip 110 – Page Selection Rate – CTR
    Google seo tip 111 – Page SEO Factors
    Google seo tip 112 – Page SEO Factors
    Google seo tip 113 – Page Theming
    Google seo tip 114 – Page traffic
    Google seo tip 115 – Phrase-based filters
    Google seo tip 116 – Phrase-based penalties
    Google seo tip 117 – Phrase-based ranking
    Google seo tip 118 – Poison words
    Google seo tip 119 – Popularity of referring page
    Google seo tip 120 – Position of link on referrer page
    Google seo tip 121 – Prefer not to use subdomain
    Google seo tip 122 – Prior Site Ranking
    Google seo tip 123 – Rank Manipulation
    Google seo tip 124 – Redirect thru refresh metatags
    Google seo tip 125 – Referrer
    Google seo tip 126 – Referrer page  with Same theme
    Google seo tip 127 – Referrer page in Different theme
    Google seo tip 128 – Register .com domain over other available
    Google seo tip 129 – Robots.txt file off
    Google seo tip 130 – Server Reliability
    Google seo tip 131 – Single pixel links
    Google seo tip 132 – Site Age
    Google seo tip 133 – Site Size – big sites preferred
    Google seo tip 134 – Speed of the web site
    Google seo tip 135 – Stealing images
    Google seo tip 136 – Temporal Link Analysis
    Google seo tip 137 – Time spent on domain
    Google seo tip 138 – Time spent on page
    Google seo tip 139 – To internal pages- keywords
    Google seo tip 140 – Traffic Buying
    Google seo tip 141 – URL length
    Google seo tip 142 – Use keyword synonyms
    Google seo tip 143 – Use text Instead of Images
    Google seo tip 144 – Use of Frames
    Google seo tip 145 – User Behaviour
    Google seo tip 146 – Use noframes images tag
    Google seo tip 147 – Use 301 redirects
    Google seo tip 148 – Use hyphens in url
    Google seo tip 149 – Vile language
    Google seo tip 150 – Website Age – Old shows stability
    Google seo tip 151 – Website Age – Very New Boost
    Google seo tip 152 – Website Directory
    Google seo tip 153 – Website Factors
    Google seo tip 154 – Website listed in DMOZ Directory
    Google seo tip 155 – Website listed in inktomi
    Google seo tip 156 – Website listed in LookSmart Directory
    Google seo tip 157 – Website listed in Yahoo Directory
    Google seo tip 158 – Website Map
    Google seo tip 159 – Website Size
    Google seo tip 160 – Website Theming
    Google seo tip 161 – Website Traffic
    Google seo tip 162 – Website Navigation
    Google seo tip 163 – XML sitemap
    Google seo tip 164 – Zero links to website
    Google seo tip 165 – Google place submission
    Google seo tip 166 – Mark in Maps
    Google seo tip 167 – Sell Google checkout
    Google seo tip 168 – Use Secure mode
    Google seo tip 169 – Popularity of referring page
    Google seo tip 170 – Position of link on referrer page
    Google seo tip 171 – Prefer not to use subdomain
    Google seo tip 172 – Prior Site Ranking
    Google seo tip 173 – Rank Manipulation
    Google seo tip 174 – Keyword density in body text
    Google seo tip 175 – Keyword density on referring page
    Google seo tip 176 – Keyword dilution
    Google seo tip 177 – Keyword font size
    Google seo tip 178 – Keyword in alt text
    Google seo tip 179 – Natural keyword search
    Google seo tip 180 – Never redirect
    Google seo tip 181 – No redirection to New Domains
    Google seo tip 182 – Do not link very small images
    Google seo tip 183 – Write for people
    Google seo tip 184 – Do not use 302 redirection
    Google seo tip 185 – Do not change content regularly
    Google seo tip 186 – Keep check on copyright
    Google seo tip 187 – Do not use Ping Backs
    Google seo tip 188 – Check incorrect HTML
    Google seo tip 189 – Never use Flash splash
    Google seo tip 190 – Never create only flash websites
    Google seo tip 191 – Do not link to same page
    Google seo tip 192 – Avoid link circles
    Google seo tip 193 – Check broken links
    Google seo tip 194 – Never use automatic softwares
    Google seo tip 195 – Never use meta refresh tags
    Google seo tip 196 – Prefer php
    Google seo tip 197 – Never use same ip for reviews
    Google seo tip 198 – Stress on social media
    Google seo tip 199 – Do not rely completely on paid marketing
    Google seo tip 200 – Too many advertisements are spam
Know about best seo tips and tricks 2012

Best seo tips and tricks to rank better on Google 2012





Use all of these google seo tricks 2012 to stay on top google ranking forever.

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2012 Seo navigation structure tips for website and web pages to Inter links for top google rankings2012 Seo navigation structure tips for website and web pages to Inter links for top google rankings

June 22, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo navigation, SEO Services India, Seo tips 2012

Seo navigation friendly website navigation structure in 2012 is very important for search engine optimization process. The search engine optimization navigation labels are important with seo navigation links for every website or webpage. The seo navigation design 2012 is a structure of website that helps google crawlers to index web page on google search results in 2012 and 2013. ALT attributes and tags which we also call meta attributes and meta tags are important in website navigation structure for search engine optimization. These ALT attributes and tags are also called navigation labels that are considered by search engine crawlers for top indexing website 2012.


The search engine optimization website structure 2012 is well defined by website’s navigation site map that allow users and search engine crawler to give correct meaning what the website is about, this is the best SEO tip 2012 to categorize your website by search engines. For example, it is because CSS style sheet in wordpress guides google crawler to rate wordpress as blog in 2012.


In 2012 only navigation structure of website gives meaning to google search bots and visitors. Navigation structure of well structures seo friendly website give hierarchy of pages to search engine bots.


Best Search engine optimization navigation tip 2012 is to use CSS Navigation Arrays with Javascript. Remember pure flash and pure javascript are worst practice for search engine optimizing website in 2012 and 2013.

The best seo navigation tips 2012 are

  1. Broad line of subjects with detailed internal linked pages step by step for seo 2012.
  2. Use text links all around website, it helps search engine crawlers to read java scripts and flash for perfect seo navigation 2012.
  3. Do not use all down side menus for seo navigation, it harms and frustrates visitors.
  4. SEO Navigation Internal Links 2012 also doesnt mean to inter link every page. Internal linking between webpages should be well defined and justified for Search engine optimization navigation 2012.
  5. Use Css based navigation arrays in 2012 for seo.

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What is Search engine optimization or Seo in 2012? Answer by Udaipur SEO expert(India)

June 21, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, SEO Services India, Seo tips 2012, Seo Udaipur

Seo Udaipur company describes Search engine optimization or Seo 2012

is the process of making web-page correct in order to get better visibility by search engines on keyword search, this whole process is called Search engine optimization or Seo. According to Udaipur SEO Expert, Seo is much more than optimizing a web page, it is about analyzing behavior of Google bots and Google crawler towards the web page for keywords search.

India Udaipur SEO expert Search engine optimization process includes

Correction of webpage, meta keywords for seo, images, meta title, meta description seo, meta linking seo, Image Search optimization, video optimization for seo, meta headings, Keyword linking structure, meta link title, XML Site-map optimization correction, Robots.txt Optimization, Directory Submission, Article Writing & Submission for seo optimization, Press Release Writing & Submission Search engine optimization , 404 error pages redirection, search engine submission, traffic analysis, bold tags content, competitor analysis, Social media marketing, link building blogging optimization in 2012and analytics. These complete services makes your website rank on Google, we are best Search engine optimizators in India and we call ourself India Seo experts in Udaipur

India Seo experts provide Search engine optimization and seo services online to all industries. We are udaipur based seo company  and have worked on several website which ranks on first page on 200+ keywords.

India Seo experts have experience in seo or Search engine optimization, we have association with Google employees who regularly guide us to correct website Search engine optimization.

How to rank your website on SEO or top Google ranking and Earn Money by SEO

Get in touch with us to rank your website on first result on Google. India Seo experts also provide Search engine optimization training classes or SEO training classes in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. If you want to learn what is seo you can email India Seo experts at or call me on +91-9828083985.

India Seo experts provide professional Search engine optimization services or SEO services for your company.

Our SEO Results

Check some of India Seo experts “SEO Results” on Arthritis website,


Our Seo website also rank 4 on keyword SEO Pls ask your SEO Experts where their own website ranks on SEO

SEO experts in india

Search engine optimization and seo services online India,

SEO friendly website development in India

India SEO experts also provide seo friendly website development in Udaipur India, along with seo services in Udaipur, Rajasthan in India. Choose us for seo udaipur and rank your website on top keywords at affordable price in India and overseas.

Best URL seo practice and wordpress URL tips in 2012 for google first page rank on keywords of website

June 20, 2011 in Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo tips 2012, Website URL Structure, Wordpress SEO

Strategy for URL seo best practice in 2012 or best seo url tips in 2012 would be 8 words long URL in wordpress. WordPress Seo optimized URL must cover keywords targeted for SEO in 2012 of your website that can actually drive visitors. The best seo url format for any website whether wordpress or joomla would be to structure url in such a way that search engine bots can easily be targeted keywords that you are looking for top rank on google in 2012 on wordpress.

10 best tips for url seo or Top seo url tips 2012 to make wordpress url seo friendly would be
1. Use of hyphens (-) in URL for seo to connect words instead of any symbol or special characters in url. This is best seo url tip in 2012 and most important tip for url seo for wordpress and other websites
2. Do not use shorten URL services, this is one of worst practice for wordpress seo url in 2012 and 2015.
3. Keywords targeted on the page should be included for website url seo. They help search engines to find a easy way to rank them on results. (remember do not use only keywords in wordpress url seo structure or other website, it is counted as spam)
4. Seo URL length limit- Include few words for seo url wordpress, do not use long and descriptive url structure in wordpress or any other website platform for correct seo url optimization. Limit url to only few words than a long url.
5. Do not use any upper case letters in the wordpress url seo, the correct seo url structure for wordpress is lower case.
6. Do not include any executive file (.exe) in the wordpress url, it is spam practice according to google’s head of webspam Matt Cutts “It is negative and spam practice used by hackers in url structure to hack systems and data.
7. Use target content words in wordpress seo url that describes the content written on the webpage. Search engine optimization url structure is an art rather than spam practice.
8. There is no perfect url structure, you need to know what actually who need and expect from url words used in the wordpress.
9. 404 error page seo url tips- Do not use 404 error page in the wordpress website url for seo
10. Seo url rewriting- Check slugs used in your website structure and reframe in such that url seo optimization can be friendly for search engines in 2012.
11. WordPress seo url alias- You can also use alias in wordpress url format.

Types of website URL structure seo available in 2012 wordpress are

1. Number structure website url-
2. Date structure website url-
3. Title structure website url-

url seo best practices and url seo optimization

Strategy for URL seo best practice in 2012 wordpress

Remember there is no perfect seo url format whether it is 2012 or 2020, it depends on what your website business is looking for. There is always a wordpress friendly seo url and url seo best practices in-tact, use a seo url format that that can be easily optimized as per your need.

2 wordpress Seo 2012 tips to get google first page ranking in 2012 on 200 plus keywords of your website

June 16, 2011 in Seo tips 2012, Wordpress SEO

With 2012 Google first page ranking or google top ranking on keywords is very important for every website in 2012 for their survival. Seo 2012 for website would be easy if you are working on wordpress blog, wordpress is free blogging platform 2012 to get top 10 google ranking for your website. WordPress is one of the best blog in 2012 for seo purpose or what we call search engine optimization 2012, wordpress keeps on continuously improving their seo platform to rank your wordpress blog on top google ranking and this process we should call wordpress seo 2012 or bigger aspect of search engine optimization for 2015.


Tips for seo 2012 or seo tips in 2012 to get top ten ranking on google for wordpress website on different keywords 2012 are

1 tip for seo 2012 would be to get first page ranking for your google would be

Bold your keywords that you are playing with in the content, for example

Keyword “SEO problems in 2012” i got it on top as i highlighted it in bold as h1 text in blog for seo in 2012 and also mention that in tags, This is the 1 tip for seo in 2012. Remmeber to install any wordpress seo plugin 2012 to get your website on top in 3 months.

2 tip for wordpress seo 2012 for best startegy to get your website rank on top 10 google ranking 2012 on keywords would be

Add Images one or two images to your blog to rate your website high on seo for google image search which has been least focussed by seo specialist and seo experts in 2012. Add sutiable image title, image caption in 2012, Image description and also remember to add sutiable alternate text to rate it on top. You can also add Image title in advanced link setting in wordpress image in 2012, Link rss to image, Css Class and Style to get perfect wordpress seo 2012.

Wordpress image seo 2012 strategy

Wordpress image seo 2012 tips

If you apply this two wordpress seo 2012 tips on your blog, these wordpress seo tips in 2012 would certainly rate on your wordpress blog on top ten google rating in 2012. It is very important to optimize wordpress website blog to rank high on Google in 2012. Remember seo 2011 is already very competitive and to rate your wordpress website blog seo 2012 on top would certainly be even more competitive, so correct your blog on each and every aspect of search engine optimization 2012 to get it on top 10 rankings on google on different keywords in 2012.

(Note:- There is big difference between keywords and tags which is very important to understand for 2012 seo or seo 2011)

SEO 2012 is also expecting major change with Introduction Google Plus  One. Google Plus is social network which helps online users to identify people in their circle are looking for on Google Search Results. Google Management has confirmed that +1 sign would affect SEO 2012.

SEO 2012 would be more based on Social Media of Google Plus, To sustain for long term Search Engine Optimization in 2012 the website owners and webmasters really needs to work on how to get more +1 for their website on Search Result.

The Top factors for SEO 2012

The top factors that would affect SEO 2012 process are

1. Google Plus One:- Google search results can be now called social plus optimized search results in 2012.
2. Spam Detection:- Earn1money recommends not to use any spam practices for ranking website on top search results.
3. Reviews:- Reviews are going to play major role for keywords and search engine results.
4. Original Content:- If you want to get your website on top search results, write only original content. Article rewriting not recommended for SEO 2012.
5. Website Navigation:- Broken links are not at all acceptable for SEO 2012, Please check that there are no broken links on website.
6. Frequent Panda Update are expected in 2012. Google needs to find a way to give more relevant search results in 2012.
7. Author Relevance:- Google now displays name of author on Search results, now content written by more known author can also affect seo in 2012.
8. Images:- Remember now google can identify images, if you steal images from any website it can be identified easily. So post original imaged that just pasting images on website or wordpress blog in 2012.

There are many factors or rather we would say every factor is going to effect your SEO 2012. So tighthen your belts to prepare for a new world of search engine optimization in 2012.
View google problems in 2012 and google categorization issues