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Advanced seo strategies 2012 for best Social Bookmarking practices to get first page ranking on Google

September 27, 2011 in Learn SEO, Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo Udaipur

For Advanced seo strategies 2012, Social Bookmarking is fantastic way to getting quick and easy links. For Social Bookmarking seo, variety of good services are available to make it easy and we are now going to talk about seo leverage. Social Bookmarking is the only seo strategy for which we use automated seo tools to speed up the complete process, Social Bookmarking is the process of marking website favorites on some bookmarking websites, computer, internet explorer or any other related Internet browser.

Now the new concept of seo bookmarking is social booking, which is more effective just bookmarking on website. In seo social bookmarking instead of just bookmarking on your computer, you bookmark your website on some social networks and benefit you get them from is “Inbound links”.‘s SEO expert suggest you to outsource social bookmarking process to stress on other SEO projects. suggest social bookmarking for website between a range of 100-150, SEO expert should begin social bookmarking after when you have completed article bookmarking, blog network, directory submission and Web 2.0 seo completion.

Social bookmarking is further down seo process as directory submission, blog network, article submission and web 2.0 are starting to get established and can display initial SEO results. What’s SEO export do now is working with junior seo assistants, seo assistants will provide url of different seo blog network where blogs were published such as which blogs were submit and where were they submitted. All the details of url of seo blog network, seo directory submissions and other initial seo work’s url is provided to’s SEO export in a excel sheet.

SEO expert than provides details to the seo social bookmarking person, he will mix up the blog networks and pages of websites. Seo social bookmarking person will use just basic keywords in the title of social bookmarks with details of what article was all about for basic rules of the search engine optimization.

For seo social bookmarking there are several services but seo expert needs to select best 15-20 different social bookmarking services to complete target of 150 social bookmarks for seo. The SEO expert need to fire social bookmarks at few places rather than firing them everywhere such as web 2.0, blog network, some to targeted seo website page. This seo job you are going to ask your seo assistant to bookmark each page to 10 different social bookmarking websites every day and seo expert has to spread structure of social bookmarking at time.

Whatever seo expert is going to bookmark, he has to give a look at what keyword you are going to rank for. Use targeted seo keyword as anchor text and also try to use that seo targeted keyword in URL.

Best social bookmarking practices


The next part of social bookmarking services is about the services that we should use for seo bookmarking. The best social bookmarking services are Bookmarking demon, Immediate edge (Immediate edge has network apart from their doing automated social bookmarking, seo expert has to just load seo targeted website page and links are automatically pushed out to social bookmarking websites). There are also several social bookmarking services which bookmarks each other’s website which seo expert do not consider to be of more worth. We really want to automate whole seo bookmarking process, so our primarily bookmarking focus in on Bookmarking demon, Imidiate edge and social marker. There are lots of bookmarking services, it is just a matter of with whole seo process when we recommend some of these seo services don’t let your seo process caught up in the which to choose. If earn1money is recommending any automated seo services, it means that we have used them and checked their seo services out.

Even for doing seo of website you are going to apply even 50% or half of what we tell you in the entire seo process, your website will be noticed and able to start see results. Your seo expert need not to absolutely everything unless you are going for keywords such as credit card, mortgages and other seo targeted keywords that are more competitive in the market.

This is all about social bookmarking and if you are looking for seo services in india, you can hire us to do seo for your company website. Our SEO team can be reached on +91-9828083985 or email us at, also offers web development services and seo services in udaipur and all across the globe.

Social Bookmarking services for seo

Best social bookmarking practices



Learn how to dominate first page of Google by SEO with Web 2.0- Stage 2 seo Advance

September 24, 2011 in Learn SEO, Seo tips 2012

Dominating first page on Google in terms of seo means for “When internet user type a keyword on Google and there are multiple links coming up on search engine results”. Seo helps in getting links on top position of your targeted seo website page, the next stage of seo is little bit more difficult to roll out just because you have to figure out someone for outsourcing point of view but this seo technique works fantastically with explosion of web 2.0 properties.

With web 2.0 seo techniques we are looking to build up set of websites and just for a quick summary for people who don’t know what is web 2.0. Web 2.0 stands for websites such as,,, from our point of view web 2.0 is website that has user generated content on it.

Stage 2 SEO- Advance Search Engine Optimization

Web 2.0 is second stage seo technique which more about dominating first page on google, once you start seeing success of web 2.0; you can begin with 4 to 5 web 2.0 websites to build web 2.0 seo structure. Web 2.0 takes a little bit more effort to build a network of 2.0 on website for correct seo and than post content on it. You can link content pages on web 2.0 to primary targeted seo pages along with some of internal web pages with secondary keyword pages to create multiple links for seo 2012.

Seo expert needs to think how close this activity is to the targeted seo website, seo expert should check that content on web 2.0 website do not harm your targeted seo web page. Obviously seo expert should protect the targeted seo webpage. Blog seo network created is low quality content and web 2.0 should be reasonably linked closed to your money making website. For example, If your company has an affiliate program, the web 2.0 shall be opened to created affiliates, web 2.0 users are going to be someone else. The whole seo process here is going to be dodgy and search engine is getting back to your website. Certainly seo expert do not have more control over web 2.0 when it comes to seo, however there are prime web 2.0 seo properties.

As an seo expert company we like to use seo 2.0 for building profiles and secondly web 2.0 are useful for doing on huge mass. There is little bit more working when it comes to selection of seo expert, recommend to hire seo expert with good command over english language so that quality of seo content work which seo expert is doing is much higher. When any user went to web 2.0 profile page, users will see some kind of alias picture which should not feel stammy.

Some of websites using web 2.0 commands and properties are,,,, and other web 2.0 stuff are effectively used for how to dominate first page of Google.


Learn Web 2.0 Advance seo

Web 2.0 Advance seo

Directory Submission strategy for seo 2012 and directory submission link building

September 22, 2011 in Learn SEO, Seo tips 2012

Moving on from article submission strategy, seo experts should strategize directory submission techniques for seo in 2012. Directory submission seo strategy requires some better keyword selection, as seo ninja can add brief description about webpage with some relevant keywords. Directory submission was confirmed lot more effective for seo earlier than these days for seo benefit to pass seo link juice.

The directory submission websites offers Title, text, brief description, detailed description, category and relevant keywords to seo link webpage. recommends to not enter same text such as seo description and seo targeted keywords in all directories, seo expert should mix up the text and give variations to text, keywords and Title while submitting website to search engine optimization based directories. We recommend to find a seo service that allows variation for seo submission directories for text and keywords.

SEO directory submission process should look more natural, seo expert should not enter or make all directory submission in few days. If seo ninja enters directory submission in few days there are more chances of website in spammed result by Google and other search engine as they seo directory submission  do not appears natural. Seo directory submission is not a process to point 200 links back to your website in just one day.

Directory submission links are low quality links so we recommend your seo strategist to link directory submission links directly to your targeted seo webpage in the website. Directory submission website have option to provide link to your targeted website so your seo ninja or seo expert can easily link to your targeted webpage in the website. The main benefit of directory submission method in seo process is that your seo strategist have specific link mentioned in the directory submission website which provide better exposure to the targeted primary keyword in the webpage which we want to go along with the url seo strategy.

Directory submission services also help in targeting more than just one targeted primary keyword, your seo strategy will be more optimized with variation that you have put with different and mixing keywords. The directory submission link building is the good way to create large amount of inbound links for seo process for url optimization. Directory submission is very good method for seo, it is also cheap and it is very easy to do seo service.

Directory submission is most essential for strategizing and start linking website for high rank on different keywords. If your seo expert decide that just one page is your core money making business and he wants to rank get it on the top whatever it takes than it points to term called search engine domination. If you want someone to type your targeted keyword and learn how to dominate the first page of Google go with initial step and follow the rules suggested in the directory submission strategy 2012.

Directory Submission strategy for seo 2012 and directory submission link building

Directory Submission strategy for seo 2012 and directory submission link building

Best seo methods 2012 and learn how to run successful seo campaign 2012

September 22, 2011 in Learn SEO, Seo tips 2012, Seo Udaipur

In this article seo experts are going to know more about the initial seo methods that we use to rank website high on search engine results. The step by step seo process to help website, how to climb up on the search engines whether it is your eCommerce website, Blogging website, corporate profile website or Information products websites. Your seo expert 2012 will know about seo tools that we use for targeted seo keywords and as well as non targeted secondary keywords. There are quite different range of optimization tools that are recommended paid seo tools but once you get used to these seo tools the whole seo process would be automated.

The automated seo tools are useful when you are going to use website at large scale, it is not possible to do seo process hand by hand especially advanced seo techniques when you are running a bigger seo campaign on big website. The actual seo strategy and seo method that we are going to use is the idea of seo focus “Why we are doin and why it is done”. It is very easy to see a whole bunch of websites and whole Google network for seo, even social bookmarking and distributing article for higher seo rank do not work unless you don’t have seo focus Why this you are doing. It is of no point unless for seo expert until he knows why he is doing some social booking and putting some web-page for targeted seo keywords on search engine.

For doing seo for website, website owner need to understand that this is an money making website and that what this seo article is all about. believe that you have pre existing business that works to get most money out of your website . The initial step to look for starting seo of website is to understand what are basic keywords for website seo and primary seo keywords for website that you are targeting to rank high on search engine and as well as consideration of secondary keywords for seo of website.

The website consists of internal pages that are associated with some secondary keywords which are related to primary seo. The best seo method 2012 is to start publishing articles to, we recommend to publish some high quality targeted keyword articles on ezine articles and bookmarking some hundred of websites. There is no particular way in which search engine works and there is no rule of thumbs for search engine ranking. We are going to replicate search engine’s nature in the following deo steps.

Steps of seo method 2012 and SEO Campaign 2012

1. Ezinearticles- Ezinearticles is one of the premier article publishing website that publishes original articles. Ezinearticles is the place where website seo startegists should be submitting their best article stuff there. When you have published 20 articles on Ezinearticles, each article will be redirecting a link to your website. The best way to utilize to put relevant keywords on webpage from articles written on and hyperlink anchor text on articles of Ezinearticles for best seo practices.

2. Article Distribution- Submit article to other article directories such articlemark, unique articles and other article distribution services. These article distribution website do not requires premium articles what Ezinearticles requires, the article distribution websites again provide multiple link to your websites with primary keywords and secondary keywords. recommends to give seo link not just to targeted seo homepage but also to some internal pages for onsite seo so that appropriate seo link pass through one page to required secondary seo page.

3. Choose Primary keywords for homepage and secondary keywords for internal pages for best onsite seo practices. Just write 10 to 12 articles on ezinearticles and republish them to other article distribution services which can be used to create maximum links. We recommend to republish each of 10 to 12 articles on 25 article distribution services to get (25 article distribution services * 10 articles) 250 unique links from internet web to create a perfect seo link building 2012.

4. Use Blog Networks- Your seo expert need to sign up to the different network of blogs and post different articles on these blog websites. The blog networks are supposed to be grey seo marketing techniques but they are not black seo techniques. The blog networks are more aggressive seo marketing style, the blog networks are second seo marketing tier whereas Article Distribution services are first seo marketing tier. recommends to choose a wise blog network service so that you are not dropped out of search engine results, so it is important to pick a good blog network. Remember that your seo expert do not link all directories and blog network to same page, we recommend blog networks to be linked on the internal pages of website that have secondary keywords. The internal pages of websites should be again linked up to the homepage or targeted seo webs-page, these are good seo practices and good seo thumbs rule.

The whole process depends on what keywords are you looking forward, say for an example if you looking for mortgages, debt management and credit card, seo experts have to be more specific and aggressive on selection of keywords. You have to optimize each article for specific keyword which links to internal pages with secondary keywords. The secondary page or internal pages of website should homepage or targeted seo page should be linked by primary keyword which are looking for search engine optimization. The blog networks are very good for optimizing second tier website internal pages which are again re-targted to your targeted seo website page.

Seo method 2012, SEO Camapaign 2012, seo link building 2012

Seo method 2012 and search engine strategies 2012









If the quality of blog network is extremely well and your seo engine expert is confident in linking on right keyword on money making website page the seo method 2012 will be successfully achieved. Connected each of article to at-least 150 blog network websites, you can also break articles into small pieces and publish them to blog networks. recommends not to use any automated article submission services as automated article submission is considered as spam practices by all major search engines when it comes to seo.

Seo method 2012 is all posting low quality articles to the internal pages of the website and high quality articles to the primary page of website or targeted seo page in the website. These are the best initial steps to run SEO Campaign 2012 and search engine strategies 2012, these best steps for successful seo in 2012.

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Google plus Button new Social Media Marketing tool 2012 and SEO with Google +1 button

July 5, 2011 in Learn SEO, Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo trends, Social Media Marketing tools

Google +1 button or Google plus Button is the best tool for social media marketing 2012 and search engine optimization 2012. Google +1 button or Google plus gives social recommendations to people about website or URL directly on search results. People in social networks can directly view and check who have recommended website and products.

New Social Media Marketing and Google SEO Tool 2011

Google 1 button or Google plus button is about social data 2012 or future years. Imagine searching for every product or service with a recommendation would increase chances of sales for every business and customers would get social recommendations from people around the globe. Google plus button is the best Social Media Marketing tool 2012 or future, business who will build social recommendation will get social media marketing 2012 for free. Business in 2012 would have to rely only on quality of their products and services in 2012 in order to gain social media influence with google plus button.
Google +1 button will also play major effect on SEO, as Google is going to include social recommendation or Google plus button in their search engine algorithm. So website and online business with most plus from Google plus button are going to be winner of new search engine optimization 2012 process.

Google plus +1 button

Google plus +1 button, answer to facebook



We would recommend social media optimizers 2012 to ready and load their guns with New & powerful tool for Social Media Marketing 2012 Google Plus button or Google +1 button.

SEO Tools 2012 – Code to Text Ratio

July 5, 2011 in Code to Text Ratio SEO, Free Seo Tips, Learn SEO

Code to text ratio is very important for search engine optimization 2012. Code to text ratio is one of the most important seo tools 2012 for on-site search engine optimization in 2012. The search engines such as Google stress and rely on Code to Text Ratio for SEO ratings.

What is the Code to Text Ratio
The Code to Text Ratio depicts the ratio of Code in the web-page to text in a web-page. In the Code to Text Ratio the text from web-page and the code in form of anchor text and hyperlinks from HTML code are derived. The content and code are calculated summarized in form of ratio.

Ideal Code to Text Ratio
The best code to text ratio is between 50 % to 62.5%

Importance of Code to Text Ratio in Search engine optimization?
The codes on any web-page are only source for search engines to read information. The search engines such Google can read only codes, not the text or content which human being reads, they view source code of every page derives results and than rate them in search results. The spiders understand what content in terms of relevancy, anchor text, meta description and meta content but they cannot rate accuracy of information to subject of the content in a web-page. That is why, Code to Text Ratio are only source to rate information by search spiders and are most important SEO tools 2012 for best search engine optimization in 2012.

High is the ratio of code and high will be chances of placement in search engine

Ideal code to text ratio

best code to text ratio

results or seo.

Most of search engine gives high ranking to web pages with high code text ratio in their search algorithm in 2012. So Web-developers must rely and stress on codes, the two best website codes for 2012 are ASP.NET and PHP. Website made in ASP.NET and PHP website codes have more chances for search engine optimization 2012.

Google seo check-list 2012 for website developement and web-page creation to rank website on top google results, Create Perfect SEO friendly website in 2012

June 27, 2011 in Learn SEO, Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo tips 2012

Google SEO check-list 2012 for search engine optimization friendly website development and web-page creation. There are many website development factors to be considered for search engine optimization before launching website and after launch of website for perfect SEO friendly website. We are providing you authorized Google seo check-list for 2012 to avoid low ranking in Google search engine results. The check-list is planned and organised in order with respect of website creation and development.


Google Seo check-list 2012 are
Google Seo checklist Factor 1 Selection of Keywords- Select keywords with respect to your website from google keyword external tool. Check for both high traffic keywords and low traffic keywords to create a mix of keywords to rank on Google search engine Results. (

2012 Google Seo checklist Factor 2 URL or Domain Name- Select a domain name or url that matches with your keywords. Avoid using synonyms of keywords in URL, use only keywords in your website domain name or website URL.

Google Seo checklist Factor 3 Website layout and Website Design- Check, Analyse web design and layout structure of homepage and internal pages; check wether they comply with superior coding and cross browser. Navigation, broken links, Search Engine friendly technologies, website menu, text links, HTTP redirections, website uploading time,Canonicalization 2012, solid link structure and Doorway pages. This is one of best and perfect way for Search Engine Optimization.

Google Seo checklist Factor 4 Robots.txt and File Name- Include keywords in file name and try keep them close to root folder in the hosting panel. Use hyphens in 2012 in place of any special characters such as underscores, question mark; this is certainly the right practice in 2012 for file name. Remember to turn-on both Robots.txt and Meta Robots.txt————–Download here FREE GOOGLE optimization guide 2012

Google Seo check-list Factor 5 Content- Do not include any duplicate content from external website or your own web-page in 2012. The duplicate conent is allow google bots to spam web-page in google search results. Check Meta Keywords, bold text, Title Tag, Meta Heading, Internal links, anchor text and anchor description when linking every web-page. Do not use H1 heading on more than one on any website page, include H2 and H3 heading for highlighting any topic. This is most important for Search Engine Optimization.

Google Seo check-list Factor 6 Images- Add Alt text Image, caption,

Alt text Image and Image caption for seo

Top image seo tips 2012

alternate alt text and description to every image in website. Remember Images are one of the best ways to interlink web-pages.  This is most important factor for Image Search Engine Optimization.

Google Seo check-list Factor 7 Website SEO Hosting- Remember a truth website hosted on US hosting servers are always ranked higher than any regional hosting servers. Try to opt cloud hosting than shared hosting, cloud hosting 2012 are dedicated servers which really aids in ranking high on search results on google in 2012. Hosting Servers play a major role in Search Engine Optimization.

Google Seo check-list Factor 8 Website Coding Platform- The best coding platform for website in 2012 would be ASP.Net. I know PHP is most commonly used website code, but top search result or search engine optimization 2012 would be for website coded on ASP.Net platform in 2012. Remember coding is backbone for Search Engine Optimization, no SEO tips or tricks would give result until and unless website is not coded SEO  friendly .

Best Google SEO trick 2012 would be not to use any short-cut trick for search engine optimization 2012. Website life is too short to take chances for SEO, You will gain only .01% of what you have actually lost.


We are Udaipur based SEO company at and you can contact us on +91-9828083985 and

These Google search engine optimization check-list 2012 would help in better search results on each and every keyword and would make a Perfect Search Engine Optimization.