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Google Plus Pages Problems and Google Plus Page Issues

July 27, 2011 in Google Plus

Several problems and issues are currently noticed with Google Plus Pages creation for Business and Companies. Some of the common Google Plus Pages issues and Google Plus Pages Problems are


1. Google plus users are not able to identify how to create google plus Business Page or Google Plus Company Page.

2. There are issues for Profile images uploading and Profile Image Change on Google Plus Company Page.

3. Google Plus Users are not able to create Google Plus pages username. This is certainly the main problem with Google Plus Pages for Business.

4. Google Plus Users are not able to change their Google Plus Profile to a page. This again major issue with Google Plus Pages, there are option available on facebook page.

5. Google Plus Pages for Business have been found to be currently unavailable to users after creation.

6. Google Plus Pages for Business are not displayed in Google Search results. The main purpose for creating Google Plus Business Page is not resolved from Business Point of View.

7. When Google Plus Circle follower comments on Google Plus Business Page, they are displayed on Google Plus User Profile. This is not healthy sign for Google Plus Page and is major Issue with Google Plus Page for business.

8. Google Plus Pages also do not support old browsers such as Firefox 3.0 or Firefox 3.5 or Internet Explorer 6.0. Over 68.52% users are currently using these browsers and versions.

9. Code for Music play is also not supported in Google Plus Business Page.

10. Google plus pages are also not supported on Android 2.0 on certain Cell Phones.

11. Google Plus page also do not support all videos format and Google plus users have many issues with Google Plus Company Page.

12. Google Plus Page lack customization of Google Company Page, Google Plus Company Page users have found many problems with Google Plus Pages for Companies.

13. Google have found to Delete many company pages and business pages on Google plus without any prior notice. The owners of Google Plus Company Page also do not have any back-up of these company Pages.

14. There is no option for Back-up of Google Plus Google Profile and Google Plus Company Page.

Solution for Google Plus company pages will be soon available and in case of urgency you can contact Google Plus Customer Support on Following Link.

Google Plus Company Page

Google Plus Business Pages problems

Google Plus customer service phone numbers and Email support

July 26, 2011 in Google Plus

Official Google plus customer Service phone and Google Plus Email Support is very important for getting immediate solution from hacking and other related Google Plus account issues. The contact number mentioned are authorized and official Google Plus support system and Google Plus customer service phone numbers.


Google Plus Contact details- Google Plus Email, Google Plus Customer Support Phone Number

Google Plus Customer Service Phone Number is +1-650-623-4000 and you can directly contact live person for Google plus queries by pressing 0. This is official Google Plus support phone number for Google Plus Users.

Time for Google Plus office- Google Plus Office Hour of Operation are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Google Plus email ID- Official Google Plus email ID is

Google Plus Customer Service Link or Google Plus Customer Support Form is


Your can contact on these Google Plus Contact details to resolve your queries by contact Google Plus by Phone, email or contact Form. Your Google Plus problems would be resolved immediately by contacting Google Plus through any of above mentioned source.

Google Plus email Support

Google Plus email Support


Google Plus Business Pages and Google Company Page for Local Place Review

July 21, 2011 in Google Plus

Google Plus Business Pages are now available on Google Plus One Social Network. Google Plus Business Page will also help in improving website’s SERP or Search Engine Position. Google Plus Business Page are ready to help people to find true review about local places in their area.

People on Google Plus Social Network will give review about local places on Google Plus Business Pages and Google Search Engine Results. People on your Google Circle will recommend about search results on Google “What they feel about the search engine result for keyword” if they have searched it earlier.

Google PLus Business Pages are ready to change Google Search Algorithm with Google Plus Business Pages. It is very to have business page on Google plus to find new customers and retain current ones. Google Employee Christian Oestlien and Matt Cutts have already have accepted that Google Plus one is going to affect your website’s search engine position.


How to create Business Page on Google Plus

Ford Motor Company have already created their Business Page on Google Plus and they are getting a very Positive Response from Google’s first ever effective social channel after Orkut. Business Pages on Google Plus are still in Beta Phase but is very important to create Business Page as soon as possible to get additional Advantage which Ford Motor is getting now.


Google Plus Business Page Features

There are various features on google plus business page

1. Meeting on Google Plus- Meeting on Google Plus Business Page is avaialable to enjoy direct consumer interaction. This is one of the most killer feature of Google Plus Business Page.

2. Documents Sharing on Google Plus- Documents on Google Plus Business Pages can be shared with people.

3. Business Reviews- Business Reviews on Google Plus is very effective and there are least space for biased reviews.

4. P2P Transfer- Business can also resolve probelms by P2P transfer, this is certainly the best feature of Google Plus Business Pages.

5. Team Sharing- This is a kind of feature from Google Plus’s Perfect Social Network that we are going to use most on Google Plus. Features of team viewer are avaiable on Google Plus Business Pages.

6. Other Google Plus Business Page Features- All features of Facebook Business Pages are available on Google Plus.

Google Plus Company Page

Google Plus Business Pages and Features

Change Google Plus backgrounds or change Google Plus Wallpapers

July 21, 2011 in Google Plus

Google Plus Wallpapers and new Google Plus Backgrounds are now available on Google plus social network. Now you can customize your Google Plus Profile Page by changing backgrounds and Wallpapers.

How To Change Google PlusBackground
Google will allow to change background on Google plus same as you can do on Gmail. Adding wallpaper on Google plus in very easy and you can do that clicking on Settings Tabs on right side corner. Google plus background can be changed from settings tab where customization of every google plus feature is possible.

We tried to customize our Google plus Profile Page and find it very easy. The best part about Google plus Wallpaper is It supports every Format wether is its .JPG, .PNG, .GIF or any other format. Change your Wallpaper on Google Plus Profile Page and choose your network what you want to display.

Background on Google Plus and Google Plus Wallpaper

Change Background on Google Plus and Google Plus Wallpaper

List of Google Plus Emoticons or call it Google Plus Emotions

July 21, 2011 in Google Plus

Emoticons are now available on Google plus, you can call them Google Plus Emoticons or Google Plus Emotions. Currently only 12 emotions or Emoticons or emotion icons are available on Google plus one social networking website.

Google plus chat emotions are used as virtual expressions while communicating online. Emotions on Google plus are one of the best way for interactive chat on google social network, Emoticons are certainly best way to display all of your feelings just by single symbol.

List of Google Plus Emoticons and Google Plus Emotions

Google Plus Emotions

Google Plus EmoticonsGoogle Plus emotion icons list for 2012


List for Google Plus emotion icons 2012

Google Plus emotion icons list for 2012




Integrate Google Places on Google Plus for Local Business review

July 20, 2011 in Google Places, Google Plus

Google places on Google plus can be integrated now for Local Business review. We have just tested how to share a present location on Google plus, there is red icon available on Google plus status Bar. Only by clicking on red symbol that represents Google Places you can share your location on Google plus.

Google plus with Google places is now getting better and better with local search. Google maps on Google plus is also now available; Business can share location on Google Plus. People can check live reviews of business place on Google Place, People on Google Circles can share their location.

Google Places review of local search would be readily available on Google Plus. Integration of Google Place on Google Plus is added advantage to check reviews of Local Places. Google places are already a hot topic for search engine optimizer and really it is challenge for Social Media Optimizers to cope with Google Plus.


Google plus location share

Google plus location

Google Plus  location share

Google Plus share location

Google Plus and Google Places are added to advantage to find real reviews about local Place or Local Business.

Zynga Ready with Google Plus Games, Google plus game features

July 18, 2011 in Google Plus

Zynga is ready with Google Plus Games. Google plus’s social game “Ocean Plus” is ready to be launched by Zynga. This Google plus’s first game “Ocean Plus” is about creating home for fishes under water and feeding them.

Google plus’s first game is equipped with all social game feature to connect users. the main feature of Google Plus social gaming can be seen with graphic card which are going to provide you 3D effects.

Google plus game features

“Ocean Plus” is Google plus game to feed fishes and their family. The most healthy fish will be awarded recognition on Zynga and Google plus gamer will be featured as leader on game on Google Plus gaming zone. The best performer on Google plus games will be also awarded with prize which is not disclosed now.

Google Plus Games, Google plus game features

Google Plus's first social Games

Hope game lovers will enjoy gaming experience on Google Plus Game zone.