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Top ten applications for Google plus 1

July 8, 2011 in Google plus +1 vs Facebook, Google Ranking Factors

Top ten application for Google plus 1 that are rated as best applications for Google plus 1. These are authorized top google plus one applications.

  1. 1. Google circle optimizer
  2. 2. Google plus one seo
  3. 3. Google plus one auto answer tool
  4. 4. Google plus one seo pack
  5. 5. Google plus auto friend
  6. 6. Google plus auto status update
  7. 7. Google plus one auto blog publish
  8. 8. Google plus one social media marketing application
  9. 9. Seo Boost

10. Google plus on seo code
11. Google plus seo application

These applications for google plus one will help increase website ranking on search engine results.

Google Plus +1 button, Google social media answer to facebook. Google plus +1 review and Google Plus vs facebook comparision

July 6, 2011 in Google plus +1 vs Facebook, Social Media Marketing tools

Google plus button or Google +1 button is answer to facebook for social media and social data, a war of Google plus (+1) button vs facebook like button. Google plus button and Google +1 button is new product and future of Google’s social media strategy 2012.

Comparison of Google Plus +1 button vs facebook features

Here is comparison of features of google plus +1 button and facebook features

1. Facebook Like Button and Google +1 button

Facebook like button is used to appreciate or recommend Website link, status of friends, Video, Movie, Company, Organisation or any related link. Users recommend pages or links to other friends by liking them by facebook like button.

Google +1 button is used to rate every website and link that appears on Google Search Engine along with all facebook features. You can recommend every link that appears on search result by logging with any Google email account.

Google take lead of +1 point on this point

Facebook likes

Facebook like button

Google plus button

Google plus +1 button








2. Share Videos, audio and other Stuff

Both Facebook and Google plus +1 have almost same features in sharing video, audio, pictures, links and other stuff. Friends and users can check each other links, post comment and can also share friends links on their profile page.

Both facebook and Google plus +1 have tied here with 1 point

3. User Profile Page

Facebook Profile page includes personnel information such as pictures, albums, education, work, people who inspire you, quotations, political views, religious views, contact information, activities, likes, interests, arts & entertainment and other basic information.

Google profile has exactly same features as facebook, but Google profile has more space for sharing your personnel overview such as about us and other features like bragging rights.

Google take lead of +1 point on this point

Google User Profile Page

Google Profile Page

Facebook Profile page

Facebook Profile








4. Friends Update

Facebook runs News feed for viewing updates from friends, liked pages and groups. Viewers can comment and see latest and popular news feeds from friends, groups and liked pages.


Google plus +1 button has all feature of facebook along with new concept like Google Circle, which allows user to share information with only those people who have access to circle, which is similar facebook groups but Google Social Circle far more interactive than Facebook.

Facebook friends update

Facebook friends update

Google plus Updates

Google plus +1 Friend Updates


Google take lead of +1 point on this point


5. Chat

Facebook Chatzone is very popular and is used to for interaction. The problem with facebook chat is you cannot chat to single user when are invisible.

However this is not case with Google plus, you can chat to individual user while on invisible mode.

Again Google take lead of +1 point on this point over facebook

Facebook friends and groups

Facebook friends and groups

Google plus friends and groups

Google plus +1 friends and groups








6. Privacy Concern

Facebook is very secured when it comes to privacy. There are various options which allows you to customize your privacy settings.

Google Plus +1 has already faced serious privacy concerns within few days.

Facebook take lead of +1 point on this point

7. Organized

Facebook website is very organized with all features on single domain. Plugins and every other stuff on single domain.

Google Plus +1 is not organized, features seems to be clumsy. All features are scattered and need to be more organized.

Facebook take lead of +1 point on this point

8. Data to be liked

Facebook has only limited data which entered by users.

Google Plus +1 has unlimited data crawled by search engine to be liked or recommended by users

Google got 6 points out of 8 and Facebook has only 2 points out of 8 which makes Google a winner in Google Plus +1 vs facebook war. But on practical ground facebook is winner today and Google plus will take lot of time to beat them on social data. Google plus button and Google +1 button is just a result of Google vs facebook which is now turning into Google plus (+1) button vs facebook like button. Google plus +1 is answer to critics of google on social media integration features.

Mark Zuckerberg you have challenging task this time to don’t let your facebook down in war of Google Plus +1 vs facebook. In tWhoever wins between Google Plus +1 vs facebook war, users are going to be winners, social winners.