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Google Plus for android

July 9, 2011 in Google Plus, Google plus +1 vs Facebook

Google plus for anroid is ready  to be officially launched, google plus application for android is ready and already got one minor update. Google plus for android phones are ready to provide amazing social experience.


Google plus for anroid phones have been successfully tested and ready on

Google plus for anroid application

Google plus for anroid

samsung android phones. Google plus is available on all versions of android, but the most recommended android version will be android 2.2.

Free Download Google Plus Android Apps

Google plus home screen looks great on android phones, Google Plus for android is amazing features which will certainly boost up sales of android based phone in 2011. Google Plus Stream and Google Plus Huddle all working smoothly on Google Plus for android phones.

Games for google plus, Google plus social games

July 9, 2011 in Google plus +1 vs Facebook

Games for google plus are equipped with for social games features. Google plus social games are also available in 3D Technology which gives google plus gamers a live experience of google plus games.


Games for google plus can be shared with users and can be passed to other users if you are not able to clear one stage. Google plus gamers would need help of google plus users to complete games.   Free Download Google Plus Android Apps


Scores of google plus games would be shared between users. Really google plus social games have killer features with 3D technology and graphic card support. Google Plus social games application are ready to kill other online games. There are lost and lots of top games on google plus which would take gamers to next level.


Google has not compromised on quality of games on google plus social network. These are really top class games which will involve and allow a better social games interaction between google plus game players.

Google plus games, Best google plus games, Google plus social games

July 9, 2011 in Google plus +1 vs Facebook

Google plus games are far better than its social network competitor facebook. Google plus games are multiplayer games with all social game features. Games for google plus are 3D games with latest graphic technology to give users better experience.


Best Google plus games list are


1. Age of Armor

2. Allods Online

3. Dragon Fable              Free Download Google Plus Android Apps

4. Dragon Nest

5. Need for speed

6. Black and white

7. Dreamland Online

8. City Creator

9. Empire Craft

10. FreeWorld


These are top 10 games for google plus and games lover would find a far better experience while playing games on google plus.

Create Google plus application, Google plus application development

July 9, 2011 in Google plus +1 vs Facebook

How to create google plus application is question among application developers. Google plus application development will be different from facebook, application developers need to submit their google plus application to google apps center (


The google plus application would be reviewed by google app center and after that it would be made available on google plus social network. The google plus application will be better than facebook application due to low spam issues with application. Applications for google plus would be better with javescript, php, flash and


Steps for creating google application

1. Develop application for google plus

2. Submit your google plus application to google apps center

3. Application would be reviewd by google apps center

4. After approval available on google plus social network.

5. Choose circles where you want to run your google plus applications.


Google apps center would control google plus spam application to give google plyus social network users a better experience.

Google Plus plugin for Chrome and Firefox google plus plugin

July 8, 2011 in Google plus +1 vs Facebook

Google plus plugin is now available for chrome browser. Google plus plugin for firefox browser is also available on  Mozilla Add-ons, you can download google plus and access google plus social network account directly on the browser.

Google plus extension have been created to access all the features of google plus social network directly from your web-browser. Google plus plugin for chrome is very light and you can access your google plus social network at very fast speed directly from chrome web browser. You can download google plus plugin from chrome addons, chrome plugins and mozilla add-ons for fast access. Free Download Google Plus Android Apps

The add-ons for google plus for browsers are tested and are running without any issues. You can download free plugins for google plus directly from chrome shop and mozilla add-ons without spending a single cent.


Google Plus chrome extension will not affect speed of web browser. They are tend to only connect you with your social circles 24 hours a day.

Note:- Google plus add-ons are available free on Mozilla Addons and Chrome extensions

Google Plus application for iOS, iphone and iPad

July 8, 2011 in Google plus +1 vs Facebook

Google plus application is now available on ios based operating system. You can now use google’s social network google plus one on ios operating system. Apple is planning to appprove google plus application for its iPad also, Google plus application is approved by apple app store and now google plus application is available on apple app store.

Google plus ios application can be downloaded from Apple’s app store and used on all iOS operating system. You can use and stream google’s social network on your iPad and iphone to saty connected with your google social network. Download Google Plus Application for iPad, iPhone and MAC

Google plus iPhone application is working great and there are no issues have been noticed with iOS operating. Simply log in to download Google plus ios application to connect google social network on iPad.

Access google Circles on Ipad and start getting your google circle notifications from google plus ipad application.

Google Plus Android Application Download

July 8, 2011 in Google plus +1 vs Facebook

Google plus android application is hot cake for android phones. Everyone can now Download Google Plus Android Application and streaming on android phones is fast and secured. You can access and integrate all Google account on google plus android application.

Google + supports android phones very well and there is no problem with android phone. Google plus one supports every version of android, best part is you need to purchase new android phone to download Google Plus Android Application. Google Plus Android Application works fine with every phone and almost all platform, such as symbian, IOS and others.

Google Plus Android Application is going to be choice of every android phone user. Every-one can use google plus android download without any issue. Google plus android application is ready to update android phone users about their google social circles. So get ready to update your android phone with google plus android application.