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Truth about Credit Scores and FICO credit scores ranges

November 9, 2011 in Debt Relief

Truth about Credit Scores, When person apply for loan to creditor, the first question he asks is How much money i can get. The most obious answer by creditor is lets see how your credit history has been and fico credit scores ranges comes into major role.

The creditor asks credit reporting authorities, FICO credit scores credit bureaus for loan applicant’s information.

1. Credit reporting authority sends some data such as number about your past financial data to credit report Companies.

2. Fico uses data with equations such as payment history, mix of credit files, number of enquiries and other data that makes credit score.

3. Fico than provides data to credit report comapnies and finally to creditors to get your credit score.

4. After analysing your credit score money lender is able to give you interest rate and loan amount.

Credit reporting authorities have no idea at what interest rate your creditor is providing you loan, they just provide you data. Fico is the only company that every major money lender use in United States in order to give debtor an order of loan or denial.

Why there are so many errors on Credit Report

Your FICO credit report contains

first and last name, current address, previous address, employer, past employer, Social Security Number (SSN), Date of birth, Public records and credit history.

Fico credit scores ranges and Fico credit scores list
750 to 840 is considered as excellent credit score
660 to 749 is considered as good credit score
620 to 659 is considered as fair credit score
340 to 619 is considered as bad credit score
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Bad Credit Score 2012

How to get fast credit card approval 2012.

How to get fast credit card approval in 2012 depends on number of factors such as Credit score, number of credit enquiries, credit debt amount and active trade account.

One of the easiest credit card to get in 2012 are “Blue from American Express”. Blue credit card from American Express is accepted all over the globe with range of option for alomost all credit scores in 2012.

Fico credit scores and scoring is based on all factors that were discussed and certainly they have errors, we would recommed to have fico credit scores guide and adopt small ways about how to increase fico credit scores. Creditors only analyse data provided by Credit reporting authority to check whether you have good credit or bad credit history. So hiring a Credit Score Counselor is certainly a better way to increase score. 

Factors which affects credit score- Learn how to increase credit score, Fix Credit Score fast in 2012 and Credit report 2012

October 13, 2011 in Debt Relief

There are several factors which affects credit score, debtors need to learn how to fix credit score fast and increase credit score. There are many consumers who are turned down for credit and loans due to low credit score or credit score not high enough. There are certain practical and best tips to improve credit score fast from some of the widely used score known as Fico. The Fico credit card score 2012 is based on the related five areas of spending history, each of the category areas is important.

The Credit Score FICO range categories are

1. Credit Repayments:- The category with highest weight looks how you repay your debts, the single most important thing you could do to improve your credit score is to consistently pay your bills on the time.
2. The next thing is how you are charged relative to how much credit you have, keeping balances low signals that you are in control of your spending and will help in increasing your credit score.
3. Lenders are also interested in knowing how much you have keep your credit lines open. A long credit history demonstrates financial responsibility something that really impresses the lenders.
4. The fourth and one of the most important credit component considers how much new credit you have, attempting too much credit at once can indicate you don’t have cash to pay your purchases. Limit applying for more credit than you need it is one of the most important credit score FICO range factor.
5. Final try to have mix of credit lines, in other words have some involved in charged accounts for balance and payments changed from month to month with some fixed payments such as vehicle or mortgage payment. This shows that you can handle your credit responsibility regardless of financial structure, really building and maintaining a high credit score pays dividend in form of lower interest rates and loans. This is one game which really helps in building a high credit score.

FICO Credit Score range

FICO Credit Score range

Importance and building of High Credit Score 2012

1. High credit score is equal to low credit interest
2. Low Interest rate means money you borrow costs you low
3. A credit score is predictor of list that helps lender to determine whether or not you repay your debt.

All if the debt related information is based on your credit report. The consumers can obtain one free credit report every 12 months from each of the three credit bureaus, you can visit to begin the process. Once you have reviewed free credit report 2012, you can track your credit accuracy.

Credit report is track record of whom you borrowed from the past and how you paid re-payed loans. The consumers wants an accurate reflection of credit history, so it is important to learn how to examine the errors. The consumers are allowed to dispute for any information that is false but remember there is difference between inaccurate credit history information and negative credit history information. If the credit history has negative information but it is true, the consumer needs to stay away.

There is also a big difference between getting a credit report and understanding content, please stress on the elements that have affected your credit score.

The best tips to improve credit score 2012 and Fix Credit Score fast 2012 are

1. Negotiate with your creditors:- Consider credit card company such as Visa, Citi-Bank or MBNA, most visa card companies and other credit card companies have direct computers linking to the credit bureau. If debtors can negotiate with creditors to remove bad credit marks from their books, the credit score can increase substantially. Creditors can instantly clear poor credit score by just deleting your past credit record to improve your credit score.

2. We recommend to confirm with the credit bureau to check that credit history has been removed. The next step could be sell your auto loans or other loans and tell that you credit is fine now. Fixing credit score fast free is not tough but it needs a consistent credit watch.

3. Identify some resources who can identify that your bad credit has been cleared with credit bureau such as secret phone numbers to know credit report and as well as get updated credit report.

How to Fix Credit Score fast

How to Fix Credit Score fast








How to find Right credit counselor in 2012

Over the years people have collected overall 17 credit cards and it was so easy to get credit card. Everyone was into credit card with pretty high limit on it, encountered with same time income was getting lower every year. The income remain at same lower level every year and they have to stay protected as far as financial management plan was concerned. People with credit card don’t have idea how bad things are for them and with daughter’s marriage on the way and to put on the reception’s bill on credit card. The credit card users after some time will get a clue that something wasn’t right.

With more than $50,000 in debt, the people should look for debt counselor in 2012. The debt counselor to the point should be truthful, not abrasive, accusative or any related aggressive aim to people in debt. The debt counselors are very aggressive in order to pressurize people with debt in order to fill their pockets, so selection of right debt counselor seems to be very important for debt relief. The debt counselor should be very helpful and participative to identify debt program that will get out of the debt. Remember getting out of debt really takes own time.

People with debt are usually very hands own during planing debt program, they tend to make lots of phone calls and emails. Every month they try to keep in contact with debt counselor to run debt management plan run smoothly for them.

If one of the family member was out of the work after debt management plan, the debt counselor should consult credit card companies which debt management plan will work with debt. The debt counselor is the one who can negotiate with credit card companies whether they will take smaller amount for certain number of weeks or months. If the debt counselor keeps a provision for smaller amount it would certainly keep debtors on much safer side. During those years when people are undergoing debt management program, the whole family has to work as much as possible to save money and again do some extra things to minister the poor financials on the way.

Debt management plan is very tough as it breaks you emotionally, the family has to spend more time for earning and leaving love & family aside. After five years of hard work, you will get a wonderful phone call to congratulate debtors that you have completed debt management program. Really debt counselor can help debtors in achieving the goals of getting out of debts, only debt management plan can help you out save your life financially.

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Debt Free life

Debt Free life

What is Debt Management Plan? Learn how to plan effective DMP by Snowball method

October 8, 2011 in Debt Relief

Debt Management Plan or DMP is a financial plan that debtors come-up to creditors to pay debts at reduced interest rates. Debt Management Plan is suitable for people who are struggling to pay monthly bills of your credit cards, medical bills and other debts.

The question for effective Debt Management Plan is “Whom to approach and to know how Debt Management Plan works?” Debt Management Plan is usually offered by debt credit counseling companies and debt management companies which negotiate with lower interest rate with creditors and reduced monthly bill payments to degree of your manageable level.

Debt management companies also works together with creditors in order to reduce or waive late fees, penalties and other county charges. As soon as creditors come to know about your debt management plans they will soon, creditors will stop making harassing calls as they are aware that you are trying to pay off your debts. So when debtors opt for DMP, creditors agree for single monthly payment for all your bills.

The monthly payment is divided and than sent to your creditors, this process continuous for 3 to 4 years until you are debt free. Debt management plans help you to stay out of debts and avoid bankruptcy, debt management plans also helps as DMP do not affect your credit so much as debt management plan is not considered while calculating your credit score.

Debtors needs to ensure that creditors receive their payments on time and debtors knows their fees under debt management plans, Now another questions is Can debtors manage debt management plans on their own? Well truth is that debtors can manage debt management plans on their own, debtors needs to contact creditors as soon as they have problem in paying off their debts.

Debtors needs to budget their income and expenses to propose a payment plan to their creditors. recommends not to hesitate in asking for lower interest rates because only lower interest rates can ensure repayments and remove stress out of debtor’s life.

Steps for Do it yourself Debt Management Plans
1. Find out the total outstanding debt on each account.
2. List income and daily expense to pay your monthly bill repayments. (This list will help debtor in order to know how much debtors can repay debts each month)
3. Apply Snowball Method in order to get rid of high interest rates. (What is Snowball Method- Snowball method is the paying minimum monthly payments except the one with the smallest debt amount).

Snowball method of paying off debt is best method to get rid of accumulated debts. In snowball method, debtors pays minimum amount repayment due on all bills except one with lowest debt amount. In Snowball debt repayment method, debtor repays and clears the smallest debt extra or first in order to clear the debt fast. As soon as debtor gets rid of smallest debt than debtor considers the next largest debt to repay extra money on this debt while continuing minimum repayment on other debt accounts. In Snowball debt repayment method, debtors repeat same steps 2 to 5 times until debtors are out of debts and become debt free.

Whether debtor choose professional debt management companies or plan debt management on their own, debtor needs to make sure they propose debt repayment plan that they can afford. Also earn1money recommends to get written agreements from creditors stating “Creditors have agreed and approved Debt Management Plan”. So if anyone who is in debts, reduction in interest rates and debts can make things easy for debt repayment, than try for debt management. There is no obligation and debtors should go for free debt counseling and let your training financial consultant help debtors how to manage debt and bring finances back on track.

What is Debt Management Plan? Learn how to plan effective DMP by Snowball method

Learn how to plan effective Debt Management Plan by Snowball method

Related Terminologies for Snowball Method for debt reduction are

snowball method writing
snowball method debt reduction
snowball method on credit cards
snowball method of debt repayment

With Debt Management and Consolidated Loans- Can You buy a Car?

October 5, 2011 in Debt Relief

The big question about people who currently have consolidated their debts and loans, With their Consolidated Loans can they buy a car? The general answer for buying a car with consolidated loans is usually negative however in today’s environment the correct answer would be it depends. The people with consolidated loans can buy car, yes with your consolidated loans you can buy car.

When we are talking about consolidation loans, are you talking about you have great credit now or good credit now or you have simply consolidated loans to different outstanding loans into one new loan at better interest rate. If this is the case before you actually do it, talk with the car dealership that you are looking at; also make sure that you what the price of car it is, what you are looking for and than off-course you have to negotiate with the people and companies who are giving you the car loan with your current consolidated loan.

If you are talking about the debt consolidation or debt settlement loans that involves court system, well in this case people in debt have to talk with the authority. Talking to the authority is highly advisable to do or speak actual judge in the case, so on the surface the answer to buy a car with consolidated loan still isn’t clear as it might be.

Can you buy a car on consolidation loan? If it makes sense than answer is “Yes”. Yes, you can buy car only when the car can actually help you make money most likely. However people with consolidated loan needs to do their homework first, advice seeking outside counselor and if you are struggling with that just take a breath, sharp around just find a legitimate counselor is going to be the toughest thing you are going to do.

After consulting legitimate counselor for car loan it is simply a matter of looking where you at, simply putting things the prospective; negotiating with those whom owe you money just honor your commitments from that point forward. It always helps people with consolidated loans to seek outside counselor. has consulted 25 year experienced financial consultant in New York

Buying a car with consolidated loan

Buying a car with consolidated loan

before Publishing this article related to buying a car with consolidated debt.

The reason behind increase cases of Bankruptcies, Debt settlement and Debt Management Plans in 2012

September 15, 2011 in Debt Relief

People have lost job, but do you think that only loosing the job will be only reason behind increased cases of Bankruptcies, Debt settlement and Debt Management Plans in 2012. The recent survey has displayed that people who have lost their job in early 2011 and middle 2011 have been found to be affected by heart problem, diabetes or high blood pressure. More than 47.67% of people who lost their job are actually found to be affected by medical debt, most of the people who will file for bankruptcy in 2012 are mentally harassed and health issues are adding problems to it.

2011 was year when highest numbers of Bankruptcy cases have been filed only due to unpaid monthly health insurance payment. Most of them have not been covered with health insurance plan and people in debt have further increase their debt due to their hospital bills and medical bills. The people who have lost their jobs recently have not paid their monthly insurance payments which have increased their medical debts 2012 with other financial debts.

Medical debts 2012

Medical debts 2012


The best way to handle debt management plan is to avoid further debts especially medical debts. One of most prestigious debt management counseling with growing unemployment people are unable to pay monthly health coverage payments which are increasing and increasing their due financial debts day by day. We also recommend all our debt affected clients to first cover their health insurance plans and than start repaying your due financials to your creditors in 2012. Medical debts are best way to pay off bad financials for future to safeguard your family from further financial trouble.

The best tip to decrease debt in 2012 would be to pay health insurance annual payment to cover under medical plans to avoid further financial debts and medical debts in 2012. It is necessary for people in debt to act smart and how to avoid further debts, medical debts cases are on top list of the reasons behind financial debts and Bankruptcy in 2012. would recommend to pay minimum health insurance bills so that you can avoid heavily paid medical and hospital bills in 2012. This is only and best way to avoid Bankruptcy and avoid debts in 2012.

The people have been found to issues new credit cards to repay their medical bills of hospitals and doctor. The people with heavy debts know that they will need counseling of doctors and psychiatrist so they are more willing to pay medical bills and further increase their financial debts by issuing new credit cards. This medical debt situation and new credit card debt also worsen the situation of financial debt in 2012, we recommend not adding new credit card debt with your debt management plan 2012.

The conclusion of the research conducted by which has covered nearly 72,137 financial debt and Bankruptcy cases recommends to cover your further medical debts by health coverage to pay minimum health bills in 2012 for living stress free life and perfect debt relief program in 2012. Remember this is not just your personnel debt relief program this could result in national debt relief program 2012.

Why UK residents need to plan debt management in 2012 and pay off their debts?

September 1, 2011 in Debt Relief

UK residents are facing tough time recession, no job and are in debt 2012. It is very important to realize that all UK residents need to pay off their debts 2012 to avoid pressure on their future generations. The average age of people opted and filed for bankruptcy in UK is now much younger generation, 38 years. The debt in UK residents is stressing other UK residents to pay more taxes to recover their country from unseen financial crisis of future and era of recession. Bankruptcy means a pool of insolvency which forces other UK residents to work hard to help their country to recover from the unpaid debts in 2012.

 UK Debt management 2012

UK Debt management 2012

Bankruptcy is not just a way to get out of debts, this is your first step to open the gate of future financial trouble for your future generations. Insolvency and debts makes your family to suffer more than what you suffer from financial crisis, do you think with you unpaid debts, your son can get education loan for his further studies?

Unpaid debts whether they are secured or unsecured needs to be planned in 2012. The debt management plan 2012 is important and there are several charitable organizations such as Christians Against Poverty which helps UK residents to get debt free in 2012. There are many UK residents like Kathryn Bevan who got debt free by following suggestion of these free debt advisory companies 2012. UK residents who are in debt can certainly effective debt free advice from free Advice charities like CCCS to avoid their financial downturn in United Kingdom. These free debt counseling centers are very effective for right debt management plan 2012.

How credit card companies harass and torture the life for unpaid debt

Keith Harrison is an UK resident who had lost her mother because of threats from credit card companies rather than of financial depression. His mother got heart attack because of several calls for credit card debt recovery, the mental depression caused by debt recovery agents forced heart attack and death of his mother. We hope your unpaid debts will not be reason of death of your family member in 2012, learn how to save money and pay off your debts by these free counseling centers of UK in 2012.

The credit card companies not only calls you 10 times a day but also send UK residents threat letter and court notices to recover their unpaid loans. The creditors calls you by automated dialers and recording to recover their unpaid loan installments which affects your family more than you are affected in 2012. Unpaid debt installments are most stressful situations for your family and your country united kingdom.

United Kingdom government has also released new Debt Relief Orders 2012 to deal and reduce case of debts below £15000. The office of fair trading OFT has also laid new regulation to deal with creditors and debt management companies for 2012. There are many OFT debt management companies who deal with creditors to resolve individual debt free 2012 plan. The UK government financial plans 2012 has made amendments in budgetary plans to control case of insolvency and bankruptcy.

Best way to deal with credit card debt 2012

There are 99% of credit card companies who cannot provide that show you the terms and conditions for how to use their Credit Cards. Definitely this would give you upper hand on these credit card companies and certainly is the best way to deal your credit card debts in 2012. However our suggestion is to pay debts to not force situation of national debt in United Kingdom, use this best tip for debt negotiation 2012 only to negotiate your total debt amount not the whole debt. Pay off your debt installment in 2012 to live a stress free life for your family who needs you.

Debt settlement program 2012

August 24, 2011 in Debt Relief

Debt settlement program 2012 is program by US government to settle US Residents individual debts. Some of the debts companies are authorized by United States Government for providing debt relief 2012 to take care of poor financial planning. The authorized debt settlement companies negotiates on your behalf with your creditors or credit card companies to settle your credit card debts or another debts to much lower debt amount in 2012. These best debt settlement companies 2012 have budget plan which will help you in decreasing debt amount with also consideration how to increase your credit score in 2012.

For settling your debt you have to fill only your details about debt amount, you can click here to visit official debt settlement companies for debt relief.

Debt Relief companies 2012 also suggest how to make monthly budgets for paying off debts and monthly debt installments. So of the best debt relief points suggested by debt relief companies are

1. Monthly Income Track-The debt relief companies of debt settlement program 2012 suggest to track your minimum monthly that you can earn monthly and there after spending plan can be considered. The debt relief companies also suggest how to increase monthly income by other sources, they tell you monthly amount that you need to earn in order to settle debt and pay off debts in 2012.

United States Consumer Credit Card Relief 2012 program

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2. Food Cost- The debt relief companies also asks for your monthly spending on food daily, they suggest to avoid eating lunch or dinner in restaurants and food courts to save 30% to 50% of daily spending on food in 2012. You can better debt relief 2012 if you spend wisely on food.

3. Avoid Drinks- It is advisable for people with and without debt to quit habit of drinks as recession has yet not hit the market it hit the financial market in 2012. Try to avoid drinks and drugs if you are addicted to.

4. Forget Credit Cards- If you have debts and you are using credit cards in 2012. The best way to settle debts with regular monthly installments would be forget Credit Cards so that you do not curtail any further debts. We do not want to look for another credit card settlement after paying off current debts in 2012.

5. Shop only when necessary- The you spending most when you shop whether it is for personnel use or for family. If you look for economical  substitutes than definitely you can save some money in 2012 debt relief program.

6. Car and Automobiles-Cost of gas has increased 3 times since last few years and if you are in debt than you can save some money by using public transport to save money on gas and automobiles maintainence in 2012.

Free quotes Debt consolidation loans for bad credit

Debt Relief program 2012

7. Make Envelopes- It is suggested to make envelopes for money spending. For example you can choose 400$ for spending on food, make a envelope and put in that so that you can know what is left to spend on food. You wont get over-budget with envelope budgeting 2012.

8. Stop Spending- Please please please do not spend unnecessarily, yo have debts and remember you are not only sufferer. Your son, your daughter and your family always suffer with you, spend wisely if you have debts and looking to pay off debts in 2012.

These are best steps for debt settlement 2012 and the authorized debt settlement companies are also going to suggest you same tips for debt settlement in 2012. Please spend wisely and settle you debts.

United States Consumer Credit Card Relief 2012 program

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