Buy Facebook Ipo Stock 2012 before Pre Facebook Ipo date 2012

July 7, 2011 in Facebook, Financial Services

Facebook IPO Stock proposed in 2012 can be bought before Facebook IPO date 14 May 2012. Facebook investors have hyped facebook ipo to list facebook share price above $14, but many of facebook initial investors are ready to sell their share in facebook before facebook ipo launch.

How to buy facebook pre ipo stock

Ipo of Facebook

Facebook ipo stock

Buy facebook ipo stock directly from facebook investors only if you are ready to take risk to invest in facebook ipo stock. Facebook pre ipo stock are ready to be sold behind doors if you know facebook investors personelly.


Facebook Investors are not willing to take risk

It is truth that Facebook Investors are not willing to take risk, Facebook investors have risk in case facebook ipo stock price is listed at low price. There are more risk in facebook ipo than gain.


Facebook has suffcient Funds than why IPO?

Yes facebook has more than sufficient funds, facebook in total has 2.34 billion US dollar in funding. The only question is why facebook going for IPO, answer is simple facebook investors do not believe Facebook to have correct Money making model. Facebook is not making money what they have expected from it. Facebook has also completed mezzaine funding round.


Why facebook delay Ipo launch date to 2012?

Facebook Ipo launch date is delayed everytime to create hype in financial market for IPO of Facebook. Investors know late they will list facebook on stock exchange more are chances of getting money. Do you believe facebook to be as competitive as Google? I believe no will be answer.


Facebook ipo price-

Facebook ipo price is around $3 Billion, investors want to cover their investment and keep little share in Facebook.

If you believe in facebook get to know how to buy Facebook pre ipo stock from facebook investors. Is facebook ipo stock going to be a big Financial fun or a big Financial F**K.

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Buy Facebook Ipo Stock 2012 before Pre Facebook Ipo date 2012