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August 5, 2011 in Web Hosting Company

Best shared hosting 2012 can be well understood after knowing what shared web hosting will in 2012. Shared web hosting means for those hosting service providers and companies who hosts many websites on just one server or same server. Website hosted on Shared web hosting are uploaded slow when compared to dedicated server which host only limited number of websites.

Advantages of Shared Web hosting 2012

1. Unlimited Bandwidth- Now most of the best shared hosting provider have option of unlimited bandwidth with very cheap hosting plans 2012. Certainly unlimited bandwidth is the feature to look for in best shared hosting service 2012.

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2. Unlimited Server Space- Now website that mostly knowledge based requires more space than general websites such as wordpress websites and wordpress blogs. Best shared hosting for wordpress 2012 and best shared hosting drupal 2012 would be shared web hosting with unlimited space.

3. Automatic applications or One click hosting installation and pre-installed server software- The best thing about shared web hosting 2012 is that website owner needs not to have deeep knowledge about website hosting. You can host website with just very basic knowledge rather than deep knowledge of website hosting. You can install drupal on website by shared web hosts by just one click in 2012. One click hosting applications in 2012 includes Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Mambo, PixelPost, ZenPhoto, Coppermine, Gbook, phpBB, osCommerce, ZenCart, Moodle and other several website platforms and applications. These are one of pre-installed server software 2012 to look for in best hosting company 2012.

4. Best shared hosting plans 2012- Best shared hosting 2012 plans are very economical plans and affordable website hosting plans in 2012. You can host unlimited website on single hosting license with all unlimited hosting features such as bandwidth, speed and space.

5. Best shared hosting servers 2012- It is also very important to look for type of servers web hosting service providers are using in 2012. The size of web hosting servers in 2012 are very important to select Best shared hosting servers.

6. Unlimited Server Speed- The advantage of shared hosting servers in 2012 is unlimited speed. The website can run on best speed and upload at rapid pace on these shared hosting companies of 2012.

How Shared Web Hosting Works?

Many websites are hosted on same server and provide particular space or section or area in the webserver to separate websites hosted on same server.

Types of Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting are of two types.

1. IP based Shared Web Hosting- In IP based Shared Web Hosting different webservers have several IP address or network interface and software of web server utilizes and connects to client through IP address. Webmaster uses dedicated IP address when they do want to share SSL Certificate on web server.

2. Name based Shared Web Hosting- Name based Shared Web Hosting is most common among shared web hosting. In Name based Shared Web Hosting websites are hosted on single web-server with multiple server hostnames.

We would recommend webmasters to select shared hosting after reading best shared hosting reviews 2012. We would like to share three of most economical and cheap shared hosting 2012 companies with great hosting services

1. Blue host- Recommended by IT giants like Automattic Inc.

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2. Fatcow- One of the best green web host 2012 and 2011.
3. Hostgator- The most rapid growing shared web hosting company of 2012.

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Best hosting plans

Best hosting plans


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