Best seo methods 2012 and learn how to run successful seo campaign 2012

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In this article seo experts are going to know more about the initial seo methods that we use to rank website high on search engine results. The step by step seo process to help website, how to climb up on the search engines whether it is your eCommerce website, Blogging website, corporate profile website or Information products websites. Your seo expert 2012 will know about seo tools that we use for targeted seo keywords and as well as non targeted secondary keywords. There are quite different range of optimization tools that are recommended paid seo tools but once you get used to these seo tools the whole seo process would be automated.

The automated seo tools are useful when you are going to use website at large scale, it is not possible to do seo process hand by hand especially advanced seo techniques when you are running a bigger seo campaign on big website. The actual seo strategy and seo method that we are going to use is the idea of seo focus “Why we are doin and why it is done”. It is very easy to see a whole bunch of websites and whole Google network for seo, even social bookmarking and distributing article for higher seo rank do not work unless you don’t have seo focus Why this you are doing. It is of no point unless for seo expert until he knows why he is doing some social booking and putting some web-page for targeted seo keywords on search engine.

For doing seo for website, website owner need to understand that this is an money making website and that what this seo article is all about. believe that you have pre existing business that works to get most money out of your website . The initial step to look for starting seo of website is to understand what are basic keywords for website seo and primary seo keywords for website that you are targeting to rank high on search engine and as well as consideration of secondary keywords for seo of website.

The website consists of internal pages that are associated with some secondary keywords which are related to primary seo. The best seo method 2012 is to start publishing articles to, we recommend to publish some high quality targeted keyword articles on ezine articles and bookmarking some hundred of websites. There is no particular way in which search engine works and there is no rule of thumbs for search engine ranking. We are going to replicate search engine’s nature in the following deo steps.

Steps of seo method 2012 and SEO Campaign 2012

1. Ezinearticles- Ezinearticles is one of the premier article publishing website that publishes original articles. Ezinearticles is the place where website seo startegists should be submitting their best article stuff there. When you have published 20 articles on Ezinearticles, each article will be redirecting a link to your website. The best way to utilize to put relevant keywords on webpage from articles written on and hyperlink anchor text on articles of Ezinearticles for best seo practices.

2. Article Distribution- Submit article to other article directories such articlemark, unique articles and other article distribution services. These article distribution website do not requires premium articles what Ezinearticles requires, the article distribution websites again provide multiple link to your websites with primary keywords and secondary keywords. recommends to give seo link not just to targeted seo homepage but also to some internal pages for onsite seo so that appropriate seo link pass through one page to required secondary seo page.

3. Choose Primary keywords for homepage and secondary keywords for internal pages for best onsite seo practices. Just write 10 to 12 articles on ezinearticles and republish them to other article distribution services which can be used to create maximum links. We recommend to republish each of 10 to 12 articles on 25 article distribution services to get (25 article distribution services * 10 articles) 250 unique links from internet web to create a perfect seo link building 2012.

4. Use Blog Networks- Your seo expert need to sign up to the different network of blogs and post different articles on these blog websites. The blog networks are supposed to be grey seo marketing techniques but they are not black seo techniques. The blog networks are more aggressive seo marketing style, the blog networks are second seo marketing tier whereas Article Distribution services are first seo marketing tier. recommends to choose a wise blog network service so that you are not dropped out of search engine results, so it is important to pick a good blog network. Remember that your seo expert do not link all directories and blog network to same page, we recommend blog networks to be linked on the internal pages of website that have secondary keywords. The internal pages of websites should be again linked up to the homepage or targeted seo webs-page, these are good seo practices and good seo thumbs rule.

The whole process depends on what keywords are you looking forward, say for an example if you looking for mortgages, debt management and credit card, seo experts have to be more specific and aggressive on selection of keywords. You have to optimize each article for specific keyword which links to internal pages with secondary keywords. The secondary page or internal pages of website should homepage or targeted seo page should be linked by primary keyword which are looking for search engine optimization. The blog networks are very good for optimizing second tier website internal pages which are again re-targted to your targeted seo website page.

Seo method 2012, SEO Camapaign 2012, seo link building 2012

Seo method 2012 and search engine strategies 2012









If the quality of blog network is extremely well and your seo engine expert is confident in linking on right keyword on money making website page the seo method 2012 will be successfully achieved. Connected each of article to at-least 150 blog network websites, you can also break articles into small pieces and publish them to blog networks. recommends not to use any automated article submission services as automated article submission is considered as spam practices by all major search engines when it comes to seo.

Seo method 2012 is all posting low quality articles to the internal pages of the website and high quality articles to the primary page of website or targeted seo page in the website. These are the best initial steps to run SEO Campaign 2012 and search engine strategies 2012, these best steps for successful seo in 2012.

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