Arthritis Cure, Is there is really a treatment for arthritis in 2012

November 16, 2011 in Arthritis

Arthritis Cure is most searched term on internet to find right treatment of arthritis, but the only question which lies in mind of arthritis patient, Do you have really any cure for arthritis. has asked question from founder of arthritis treatment website Founder of says “I answer is in one word than it is No”, however there are certain foods, if you can include in your diet can certainly help you in curing arthritis or recovering from arthritis joint pain in 2012.

The primary reason for arthritis in 2012 will be “Movement and position of legs”. founder says, We have noticed arthritis problems in ladies wearing heals casually. The positioning of legs is one of the major reason behind Osteoarthritis in female and as well as males. The positioning of legs and ankles is major factor which leads to slowly and steadily diminish cartilage between the knees. So if you can avoid high heals in 2012, you can avoid arthritis knee pain in 2012.

There is no best medicine for arthritis, however people can use ayurvedic oil for arthritis, which is provided by and is not available for sale outside India. is based in Udaipur, Rajasthan and is making efforts to open offices in other cities in order to provide effective treatment of arthritis to people. ayurvedic Oil is 100% natural which helps in rejuvination of cartilage and atleast help in not increasing the join pain. founder also mentioned that “If pain is not increasing it is also a sign of improvement in arthritis joint pain.” There are several exercise which arthritis patients should in order to minimize their arthritis joint pain in knees, arthritis neck and arthritis back.

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Arthritis Cure, Is there is really a treatment for arthritis in 2012