Advanced seo strategies 2012 for best Social Bookmarking practices to get first page ranking on Google

September 27, 2011 in Learn SEO, Search Engine Optimization 2012, Seo Udaipur

For Advanced seo strategies 2012, Social Bookmarking is fantastic way to getting quick and easy links. For Social Bookmarking seo, variety of good services are available to make it easy and we are now going to talk about seo leverage. Social Bookmarking is the only seo strategy for which we use automated seo tools to speed up the complete process, Social Bookmarking is the process of marking website favorites on some bookmarking websites, computer, internet explorer or any other related Internet browser.

Now the new concept of seo bookmarking is social booking, which is more effective just bookmarking on website. In seo social bookmarking instead of just bookmarking on your computer, you bookmark your website on some social networks and benefit you get them from is “Inbound links”.‘s SEO expert suggest you to outsource social bookmarking process to stress on other SEO projects. suggest social bookmarking for website between a range of 100-150, SEO expert should begin social bookmarking after when you have completed article bookmarking, blog network, directory submission and Web 2.0 seo completion.

Social bookmarking is further down seo process as directory submission, blog network, article submission and web 2.0 are starting to get established and can display initial SEO results. What’s SEO export do now is working with junior seo assistants, seo assistants will provide url of different seo blog network where blogs were published such as which blogs were submit and where were they submitted. All the details of url of seo blog network, seo directory submissions and other initial seo work’s url is provided to’s SEO export in a excel sheet.

SEO expert than provides details to the seo social bookmarking person, he will mix up the blog networks and pages of websites. Seo social bookmarking person will use just basic keywords in the title of social bookmarks with details of what article was all about for basic rules of the search engine optimization.

For seo social bookmarking there are several services but seo expert needs to select best 15-20 different social bookmarking services to complete target of 150 social bookmarks for seo. The SEO expert need to fire social bookmarks at few places rather than firing them everywhere such as web 2.0, blog network, some to targeted seo website page. This seo job you are going to ask your seo assistant to bookmark each page to 10 different social bookmarking websites every day and seo expert has to spread structure of social bookmarking at time.

Whatever seo expert is going to bookmark, he has to give a look at what keyword you are going to rank for. Use targeted seo keyword as anchor text and also try to use that seo targeted keyword in URL.

Best social bookmarking practices


The next part of social bookmarking services is about the services that we should use for seo bookmarking. The best social bookmarking services are Bookmarking demon, Immediate edge (Immediate edge has network apart from their doing automated social bookmarking, seo expert has to just load seo targeted website page and links are automatically pushed out to social bookmarking websites). There are also several social bookmarking services which bookmarks each other’s website which seo expert do not consider to be of more worth. We really want to automate whole seo bookmarking process, so our primarily bookmarking focus in on Bookmarking demon, Imidiate edge and social marker. There are lots of bookmarking services, it is just a matter of with whole seo process when we recommend some of these seo services don’t let your seo process caught up in the which to choose. If earn1money is recommending any automated seo services, it means that we have used them and checked their seo services out.

Even for doing seo of website you are going to apply even 50% or half of what we tell you in the entire seo process, your website will be noticed and able to start see results. Your seo expert need not to absolutely everything unless you are going for keywords such as credit card, mortgages and other seo targeted keywords that are more competitive in the market.

This is all about social bookmarking and if you are looking for seo services in india, you can hire us to do seo for your company website. Our SEO team can be reached on +91-9828083985 or email us at, also offers web development services and seo services in udaipur and all across the globe.

Social Bookmarking services for seo

Best social bookmarking practices



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Advanced seo strategies 2012 for best Social Bookmarking practices to get first page ranking on Google